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2017-05-17Merge "make libaudioutils_fixedfft vendor_available:true" into oc-devandroid-vts-8.0_r1aosp-new/oreo-devTreeHugger Robot1-0/+1
2017-05-16Moved libalsautils to vendor. Marked libaudioutils and libaudioroute asVijay Venkatraman1-0/+1
2017-05-16make libaudioutils_fixedfft vendor_available:trueJiyong Park1-0/+1
2017-04-17Add option to flush the entire buffer on -EOVERFLOWGlenn Kasten2-9/+18
2017-03-31Fix endian defineAndy Hung2-9/+9
2017-03-29Add tests for ErrorLog SimpleLog PowerLogAndy Hung4-0/+360
2017-03-29Add time string objectAndy Hung4-12/+30
2017-03-28PowerLog: Add dump prefix to powerlogAndy Hung2-15/+19
2017-03-26Move error logging to audio utilsAndy Hung3-0/+307
2017-03-24Add SimpleLog to audio_utilsAndy Hung1-0/+212
2017-03-23Fix clock.h for Mac OS X buildAndy Hung1-2/+30
2017-03-20Revert "Revert "Add power logging""Andy Hung8-0/+1092
2017-03-18Merge "Revert "Add power logging""Jin Qian8-1092/+0
2017-03-18Revert "Add power logging"Jin Qian8-1092/+0
2017-03-18Merge "Add power logging"Andy Hung8-0/+1092
2017-03-17Add power loggingAndy Hung8-0/+1092
2017-03-10Rename audio_utils/conversion.h to mono_blend.hGlenn Kasten3-3/+3
2017-03-09fifo: handle overrun correctlyGlenn Kasten1-11/+22
2017-03-07fifo: Update documentation for non-NULL buffer pointersGlenn Kasten1-5/+8
2017-01-11Merge "liblog: use log/log.h when utilizing ALOG macros" am: 1fb716a12b am: b...Mark Salyzyn3-3/+5
2017-01-11liblog: use log/log.h when utilizing ALOG macrosMark Salyzyn3-3/+5
2016-12-27Merge "media: Replace cutils/log.h with android/log.h or log/log.h" am: c8a6e...Mark Salyzyn3-4/+6
2016-12-27media: Replace cutils/log.h with android/log.h or log/log.hMark Salyzyn3-4/+6
2016-12-16fifo: non-throttling reader doesn't see data already writtenGlenn Kasten4-1/+20
2016-12-13fifo: add index references with caching and deferred operationsGlenn Kasten3-1/+256
2016-12-07Fix build by removing symlinkGlenn Kasten3-2/+87
2016-12-03Merge "fifo: index is now a class instead of a struct"Glenn Kasten1-1/+4
2016-12-02fifo: Fix buildGlenn Kasten1-0/+1
2016-12-02fifo: index is now a class instead of a structGlenn Kasten1-1/+4
2016-12-01fifo: isolate atomic and futex operationsGlenn Kasten5-44/+104
2016-12-01fifo: pull out clock_nanosleep and futex to separate filesGlenn Kasten4-61/+120
2016-11-29fifo: add shutdown stateGlenn Kasten2-4/+46
2016-11-22fifo: update documentationGlenn Kasten1-3/+9
2016-11-22fifo: use const moreGlenn Kasten2-8/+8
2016-11-21Merge "Rename hysteresis-related symbols for clarity"Glenn Kasten2-71/+73
2016-11-21Merge "Fix a few clang-tidy warnings"Glenn Kasten5-12/+12
2016-11-18Fix a few clang-tidy warningsGlenn Kasten5-12/+12
2016-11-18Rename hysteresis-related symbols for clarityGlenn Kasten2-71/+73
2016-11-10fifo: add new APIs, and other cleanupGlenn Kasten2-17/+124
2016-11-03Fix build with MacOS 10.12 SDKDan Willemsen1-1/+4
2016-10-21fifo: fix bugs in lost frames calculationGlenn Kasten2-11/+23
2016-10-19fifo: address code review commentsGlenn Kasten2-6/+13
2016-10-17Handle futex status EWOULDBLOCKGlenn Kasten2-0/+25
2016-10-18Merge "Address code review comments"Glenn Kasten2-39/+34
2016-10-17Change struct timeout * to const struct timeout *Glenn Kasten2-12/+15
2016-10-14Address code review commentsGlenn Kasten2-39/+34
2016-10-14Fix buildGlenn Kasten1-0/+6
2016-10-14Merge "fifo: improve blocking and hysteresis"Glenn Kasten5-240/+729
2016-10-13Remove dependencies on hardware/audio_effects.hMikhail Naganov2-2/+2
2016-10-12fifo: improve blocking and hysteresisGlenn Kasten5-240/+729