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2014-11-14[audio][eac3] Support EAC3 with small framesPhil Burk4-35/+78
2014-09-10Special-case handling of MONO to/from Multichannel conversions.Paul McLean1-32/+225
2014-08-11[audio][spdif] Add spdif AC3 make to audio_utils makePhil Burk1-0/+3
2014-08-06[audio][spdif] Move AC3/SPDIF wrapper from Molly HALPhil Burk5-0/+776
2014-07-28Update channel conversion to handle 1 and 3 byte samplesAndy Hung5-209/+157
2014-07-18Move channel expansion/contraction functions out of USB audio HAL.Paul McLean3-0/+349
2014-07-10Fix const in memcpy_by_audio_format parameterAndy Hung2-2/+2
2014-07-07Merge "Add float to uint volume conversion primitives"Andy Hung2-0/+98
2014-07-07Add float to uint volume conversion primitivesAndy Hung2-0/+98
2014-07-02Add memcpy_by_channel_mask and memcpy_by_index_arrayAndy Hung4-0/+395
2014-07-02Merge "Add memcpy_by_channel_mask and memcpy_by_index_array"Andy Hung4-0/+395
2014-06-17Fix shortened floating point WAV file writeAndy Hung1-2/+8
2014-06-04Add float to pcm16 writing capability to tinysndfileAndy Hung1-2/+10
2014-06-03Fix tinysndfile writeAndy Hung1-1/+3
2014-05-22Add sf_readf_int to read files as 32 bit PCM intAndy Hung2-0/+48
2014-05-22Update sf_readf_float to handle 16 and 32 bit PCMAndy Hung1-7/+14
2014-05-07Add ability to read multi-channel .wav filesGlenn Kasten1-2/+2
2014-05-05Merge "Change Endian compiler warning to error"Andy Hung1-6/+5
2014-05-05Fix comments: 3-byte packed 24 bits are native endianGlenn Kasten1-4/+4
2014-05-05Add memcpy_to_p24_from_q8_23 and clamp24_from_q8_23Glenn Kasten2-0/+46
2014-05-02audio utils: fix resampler bugEric Laurent1-8/+4
2014-04-17am 2c3197e3: am 3853fae2: Merge "media: echo_reference 64 bit compile issues"Mark Salyzyn1-21/+25
2014-04-16media: echo_reference 64 bit compile issuesMark Salyzyn1-21/+25
2014-04-10Update tinysndfile to write multichannel WAVAndy Hung1-1/+1
2014-04-07Merge "Add q4_27 conversion from float with tests"Andy Hung3-24/+112
2014-04-04Add q4_27 conversion from float with testsAndy Hung3-24/+112
2014-04-03Add typedefs and macros for simple and packed minifloatGlenn Kasten2-7/+46
2014-04-02Change references of Q19.12 to Q4.27 for clarityAndy Hung2-12/+15
2014-04-01Rename attenuation to gain, and update commentsGlenn Kasten2-8/+9
2014-04-01Represent attenuation using 16-bit minifloatGlenn Kasten3-0/+105
2014-03-26Change Endian compiler warning to errorAndy Hung1-6/+5
2014-03-26am 8818dd66: am 77828c90: Merge "Fixes for LP64"Glenn Kasten2-15/+19
2014-03-26Fixes for LP64Kévin PETIT2-15/+19
2014-03-18Add PCM_32_BIT and PCM_8_24_BIT to format conversionAndy Hung2-11/+64
2014-03-18Rename to clamp16_from_float for naming consistencyAndy Hung3-5/+5
2014-03-13Add primitives_tests to audio_utilsAndy Hung2-0/+207
2014-03-12Add support for Q8.23 data in audio primitivesAndy Hung2-0/+90
2014-03-12Add i32 Q0.31 support to audio primitivesAndy Hung2-4/+96
2014-03-11Add ability to read floats using libsndfileGlenn Kasten1-2/+38
2014-03-06Add memcpy based on audio_format to audio_utilsAndy Hung3-0/+127
2014-03-06Add additional audio format conversion for packed 24 bitAndy Hung2-3/+209
2014-02-28Add float_from_q19_12 inline primitiveAndy Hung2-3/+28
2014-02-27Merge "Add Q19.12 to float conversion"Andy Hung2-0/+22
2014-02-27Merge "Fix float to i16 conversion in primitives.c"Andy Hung2-12/+42
2014-02-26Add Q19.12 to float conversionAndy Hung2-0/+22
2014-02-26Fix float to i16 conversion in primitives.cAndy Hung2-12/+42
2014-02-21Add non-zero sample and frame counting functionsGlenn Kasten2-0/+62
2014-01-27fix compiling against 64-bit bionicColin Cross1-3/+16
2013-07-31Add support for writing float .wav to tinysndfileGlenn Kasten2-68/+265
2013-07-30Add memcpy_to_i16_from_i32 and memcpy_to_i16_from_floatGlenn Kasten2-0/+47