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2017-02-15Export audio_effects headers into sysrootViswanath Kraleti1-2/+0
Export audio_effects header files into sysroot for other recipes usage during compilation. Change-Id: I93387d5d69071f0e344a4870becdee577bb00397
2016-07-01system/media: Add audio_route and audio_utils libraryIOT.LE.1.0-11400-8x96.0IOT.LE.1.0-11400-8x96IOT.LE.1.0-09900-8x53Arun Kumar Dasari3-4/+28
audio_route and audio_utils library is needed by HAL. Change-Id: Ibd0e3c082448e6e5b96f31280a86a7f2b7d4f0b7
2015-10-06Nullify non-initialized entries in the mixer control structureBaruch Eruchimovitch1-1/+5
While initialization process of some internal control structure, some entries can remain non-initialized. To avoid possible crash while the structure release, the non-initialized entries should be zeroed. Change-Id: I2450c9214eeb478cc57feef706d00b10c6897b60
2014-12-16Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.Ying Wang1-1/+0
Bug: 18675947 Change-Id: Ib79bf2e7f621532ccfb43d852a6e450932f080be
2014-04-30am ab03736c: am db7e74ec: am e0b59251: Merge "Added parsing of hexadecimal ↵Glenn Kasten1-1/+1
values" * commit 'ab03736c770d9d363a975cbacbc21f9864d460ee': Added parsing of hexadecimal values
2014-04-28audio_route: Add APIs to update mixer based on pathHaynes Mathew George2-0/+76
audio_route_apply_and_update_path audio_route_reset_and_update_path These routines allows updating the mixer controls for just the specified path. The controls will be updated in the order listed in the path. Change-Id: If193bc047ccbb8c6497926d6181c5c4541a9d6aa
2014-04-21Non API functions should be static.Eric Laurent1-1/+1
Change-Id: I89586e413ceb24c17a18e7dcf1241aefb274d573
2014-03-21Revert "Update 64-bit blacklist for libaudioroute"Colin Cross1-1/+0
This reverts commit b7bd550f054eb141d1e0b57effe614a0f6defd6a. libaudioroute builds fine for 64-bit
2014-03-10Update 64-bit blacklist for libaudiorouteGlenn Kasten1-0/+1
libaudioroute depends on tinyalsa, which are both 32-bit only since it is used by mediaserver Change-Id: If85741bdea73c4272ee751800a0a7f44e6f8efee
2014-03-07Added parsing of hexadecimal valuesJohan Gustavsson1-1/+1
Parsing of hexadecimal values enables expressing e.g. IIR filter values in hexadecimal format. Change-Id: Iaa2913777f96176cc4ffa62d9f44cf2e4a5b5c5b
2014-02-03audio_route: fix crash with unsupported control typesEric Laurent1-17/+60
Check if control type is supported before accessing xxx_value fields in mixer_state structure. Also remove unused parameter warning. Change-Id: I9005d4760e55f0798d576bd4507700e198900311
2013-06-25audio_route: use mixer_ctl_get/set_arrayRavi Kumar Alamanda1-122/+61
Rather than make individual calls to tinyalsa for every value in each mixer control, which is expensive for linked controls, use the array get/set functions instead. This reduces the number of system calls that tinyalsa has to make. The majority of controls are linked and have 1 or 2 values so the CPU overhead is small. Change-Id: If32cb8c639e113403641cab0d68b32799cebb059
2013-05-13audio_route: skip missing controlsSimon Wilson1-0/+6
Mixer controls that are in mixer_paths.xml but missing from the mixer should be skipped, otherwise arrays will be accessed out of bounds. This happened in b/8893515. Also print the missing control name to aid debugging. Change-Id: Ia808df48734f78a02281408a4025652dec9762c0
2013-02-12audio_route: use ctl_index instead of searchingSimon Wilson1-40/+42
Store the ctl_index instead of the ctl in the path so that path_apply() and path_reset() don't have to do a linear search through all the controls each time to locate the index. Change-Id: I0204310df55303dffdf10f68b652a820ca252d95
2013-02-08Add audio_route_reset_path()Ravi Kumar Alamanda2-0/+51
Change-Id: I24905ef23f74673e1f97b591d7dcb04a54744f05
2013-01-28Put audio_route into its own librarySimon Wilson5-0/+785
The audio_route library allows mixer paths to be loaded from an XML file and can control a mixer via tinyalsa. It contains useful functions that can be factored out of the audio HAL. Change-Id: Iebcb2b492c5936dbf0e0b976aeaa4ffbab136588