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2014-04-28audio_route: Add APIs to update mixer based on pathHaynes Mathew George1-0/+6
audio_route_apply_and_update_path audio_route_reset_and_update_path These routines allows updating the mixer controls for just the specified path. The controls will be updated in the order listed in the path. Change-Id: If193bc047ccbb8c6497926d6181c5c4541a9d6aa
2013-02-08Add audio_route_reset_path()Ravi Kumar Alamanda1-0/+3
Change-Id: I24905ef23f74673e1f97b591d7dcb04a54744f05
2013-01-28Put audio_route into its own librarySimon Wilson1-0/+41
The audio_route library allows mixer paths to be loaded from an XML file and can control a mixer via tinyalsa. It contains useful functions that can be factored out of the audio HAL. Change-Id: Iebcb2b492c5936dbf0e0b976aeaa4ffbab136588