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2014-07-15Merge "DO NOT MERGE Virtualizer effect: add parameter to query ↵Jean-Michel Trivi1-1/+9
virtualization mode" into lmp-dev
2014-07-15DO NOT MERGE Virtualizer effect: add parameter to query virtualization modeJean-Michel Trivi1-1/+9
Change-Id: Ie3be4b20e9c7f1a1427b5ae21e6f6ea07c8e2886 (cherry picked from commit 2044f5c00fe126e9faaf03790478944222a353d6)
2014-07-15DO NOT MERGE Update virtualizer effect interface for elevation angleJean-Michel Trivi1-2/+8
Update the comments in the virtualization effect parameters to reflect how elevation angles are part of the virtual speaker angle query. Change-Id: Ic942cac40eea954a4f123729b92143a54518453c (cherry picked from commit 046dddfb4fbdbd8eda6f4f8ad0218cfde2b9a09e)
2014-07-14DO NOT MERGE Audio virtualizer effect: define new parameters for capability ↵Jean-Michel Trivi1-1/+22
query Change-Id: I8882e528047a74b425cfa10a1b10c4fef0286bc0 (cherry picked from commit 4f57d02bf3de631f88de1318f0e7e5258c50e0e2)
2014-06-30system: media: extended audio_effects.conf for post-processing based upon ↵bryant_liu1-0/+14
stream types Change-Id: I1e692731eaa0c1c3ae8e1f5713e1e8e3e3af28c6
2013-09-23Visualizer header update for level monitoringJean-Michel Trivi1-0/+11
Definition and command for measurement mode, and performing a measurement Bug 8413913 Change-Id: Id4e3cc6be89f6f706adb933fe14e3df7241236a9
2013-09-16Audio effect header for loudness enhancementJean-Michel Trivi1-0/+45
Not defined in OpenSL ES. Single parameter: target gain, in mB Bug 8413913 Change-Id: I088009b7471b21502cbeb84a668ebe3484aaea84
2012-11-02Line length 100Glenn Kasten5-7/+14
Change-Id: Ieecda2651cab0f4cfaef3a23454d3d852091be84
2012-07-24comments on FX tagsGlenn Kasten1-7/+9
Change-Id: Ic22c12c34303988c4a1616e49822859b975fe6c4
2012-06-07Add parameter for set visualizer latencyandroid-cts-4.1_r4android-cts-4.1_r2android-cts-4.1_r1aosp-new/jb-devMarco Nelissen1-0/+1
b/6522728 Change-Id: If30ba44d44e54fd0a514ce5357ac438f8ae3ec5b
2012-04-17Add new scaling mode parameter in Visualizer effectJean-Michel Trivi1-1/+6
Change-Id: I5c47f5a81891022ff409161aff34d7b2c4b0a2ea
2012-03-07Add downmix effect headerJean-Michel Trivi1-0/+53
Downmix effect header defines the only parameter currently defined, the type of downmix to apply, and the valid values for this parameter. Change-Id: I0beeefa7a35af0a2c6640eeb10efd2bab5992b9c
2011-07-13Header file for audio effects config file parserEric Laurent1-0/+52
Added header file with definitions for parsing audio effects configuration file (audio_effects.conf). Change-Id: Id0b29102020cdf6c228bdabc0088d1111f296760
2011-07-11Added audio pre processing headersEric Laurent3-0/+157
Added headers for AGC, AEC and NS audio pre processing APIs. Change-Id: Ie0053e2e6276b0d97dc76450bfef62b6eff8f3dd
2011-07-07Moved and renamed effect API header filesEric Laurent6-0/+324
Moved specific effect header files to system/media/audio_effects/include/audio_effects and renamed to lower case (effect_xxx.h). Change-Id: I8e8f6e3851f12ae8bb380fa714abe26da06d3b58