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2015-08-04Audio HAL API: add bit for compressed audioPhil Burk1-0/+2
Add a bit to tell the HAL that the PCM data is really encoded audio wrapped in a data burst. Otherwise the device may try to play the encoded data directly which will sound like modulated white noise. Bug: 22576112 Change-Id: I8a68a9cf08b34f231c39e9f63283f868169744c0 Signed-off-by: Phil Burk <>
2015-07-09audio: fix audio_device_is_digital() function.Eric Laurent1-1/+1
audio_device_is_digital() was returning true for all input devices. Bug: 22381136. Change-Id: I6df4c415934faf6b73200e2a0a12caff02a0c86d
2015-07-06Merge "audio: add definitions for devices connected over IP" into mnc-devEric Laurent1-2/+8
2015-07-06audio: add definitions for devices connected over IPEric Laurent1-2/+8
Bug: 22068684. Change-Id: I9c11f54a1059a887833bd1d04499a39071ae458d
2015-07-02audio: introduce new audio flags for latencyGlenn Kasten1-4/+9
Bug: 10546170 Bug: 19230391 Change-Id: I62a8a2e4d5e607fade42d0a36068e8fe4eca5bba
2015-06-18Adding test for "Digital" devices to use in filter AudioDeviceInfo attributes.Paul McLean1-1/+14
Bug: 21903975 Change-Id: I767629f8a061815379352a077c5197b1dfece647
2015-06-09Merge "audio_channel_in_mask_from_count now handles up to 8 channels" into ↵Glenn Kasten1-3/+10
2015-06-09Merge "Move audio_channel_mask_for_index_assignment_from_count" into mnc-devGlenn Kasten1-19/+19
2015-06-08audio_channel_in_mask_from_count now handles up to 8 channelsGlenn Kasten1-3/+10
Bug: 21375533 Change-Id: I4b2fabd326e7cfd3d04ed83cf95e29bd91c99530
2015-06-08Move audio_channel_mask_for_index_assignment_from_countGlenn Kasten1-19/+19
Change-Id: I737b9cf9fdaa56eb8be33ea128c73a00ca2c8907
2015-06-08Add FCC_8 comments to indicate 8-channel assumptionsGlenn Kasten1-0/+4
Bug: 21656069 Change-Id: I411a5c83eec126bc6cda796bd4c9f842ed6ee762
2015-06-01system/audio.h: Make function inlineArman Uguray1-1/+1
This patch makes the audio_device_address_to_parameter inline. All of the other helpers defined in this header are inline functions except for this one and this causes compile failures when -Werror=unused-function is used. BUG=21339022 Change-Id: I7db58bf7bed3b89b6752ec2cd2c1f358ba2a4d89
2015-05-18Define new audio attribute flagsJean-Michel Trivi1-6/+8
Add AUDIO_FLAG_BYPASS_INTERRUPTION_POLICY and AUDIO_FLAG_BYPASS_MUTE. Bug 19407114 Change-Id: I79e4afc6050256fa6e73cf1df027c27e80b8cd95
2015-05-12audio: Fix false positives in audio_is_remote_submix_device()Misael Lopez Cruz1-2/+4
The audio_is_remote_submix_device() helper function incorrectly reported AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_BLUETOOTH_A2DP_HEADPHONES and AUDIO_DEVICE_IN_LINE as a submix devices. The cases where the confusion occurs are for devices whose bitwise value only differs in the direction bit. Change-Id: I3bb9fd1158a26a8f4b3b59246974e703ca5ba0f0 Signed-off-by: Misael Lopez Cruz <>
2015-05-11audio: Add new output flag to indicate TTS streamRavi Kumar Alamanda1-1/+5
Change-Id: I1d7a0094716acdd145f12365b82361bd46e751ae
2015-04-21Add canonical channel index masks for endpointsAndy Hung1-0/+16
Change-Id: I93f219bbcc9823855ef36bd01cf09450f44df929
2015-04-03Move audio includes to system/media/audioRom Lemarchand3-0/+1706
Change-Id: I26ed16aed7bea4f601367ff5610636cd6a91e3b3