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2012-03-27Cleanup: Remove filterfw.jar from devices.Eino-Ville Talvala1-0/+1
The filter framework is now merged with frameworks.jar; remove it from the output of incremental builds so it's not taking up needless space on devices. Change-Id: I2d24cecb3e52d246853ada558b2e3015222b6f58
2012-03-27Multi-Project Commit: Move of filterfw out of system/media (1 of 7)Marius Renn1-0/+1
This is part of the multi-project commit to move the filter-framework from system/media/mca to frameworks/base/media/mca. Note that the filter-framework will soon be replaced with a refactored version currently under API review (also to go under frameworks/base). This move is done now to unblock the PDK efforts. Change-Id: Ia065ab69c2431886ae3a3db96290fa5e0f1e652d
2011-08-23Converted libaudioutils implementation to C.Eric Laurent1-0/+1
Converted libaudioutils implementation and interfaces from C++ to C and removed dependencies from frameworks/base classes so that it can be used by any audio HAL implementation. Change-Id: I3f7ce541be8495d41864661451540971b067359b
2011-07-01Rework mobile filter framework build rules to support docs/API inclusion.Eino-Ville Talvala1-0/+5
- Merge all Java compilation (core + filterpacks) into a single target. - Add to specify the Java source for both building and docs. - Remove package check in FilterFactory for now due to VM bug, classloader issues. - Minor cosmetic fix to MediaSource Change-Id: I250f679854bdd7d7e0090f2bd1661dd3e9a88f5d
2011-03-16Bug 4106199 Split & libOpenMAXAL.soGlenn Kasten1-0/+2
Change-Id: I718cf6bcfff51a6fb153928eb160a36b4ca9fc96
2010-08-13Add CleanSpec.mkJean-Baptiste Queru1-0/+49
Change-Id: Ie58a8059aa0259d1aa76880930bf15fdcfb8456f