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2015-08-19Camera: Fix spelling of quaternion, fix metadata ordering issueaosp-new/marshmallow-devEino-Ville Talvala2-29/+31
2015-08-07Merge "Add USB proxy_get_presentation_position() for timestamps" into mnc-devGlenn Kasten3-12/+56
2015-08-06Add USB proxy_get_presentation_position() for timestampsAndy Hung3-12/+56
2015-08-04Audio HAL API: add bit for compressed audioPhil Burk1-0/+2
2015-07-17Merge "Camera2: Update FAST mode for EE and NR" into mnc-devChien-Yu Chen2-24/+36
2015-07-15Camera2: Update FAST mode for EE and NRChien-Yu Chen2-24/+36
2015-07-14Merge "Camera: clarify largest JPEG dimension expectation" into mnc-devYin-Chia Yeh2-4/+36
2015-07-11Camera metadata: fix typos.Andy Huibers2-15/+15
2015-07-10Merge "audio: fix audio_device_is_digital() function." into mnc-devEric Laurent1-1/+1
2015-07-09audio: fix audio_device_is_digital() function.Eric Laurent1-1/+1
2015-07-10Camera: Update API references for high-speed recording refactorEino-Ville Talvala2-19/+18
2015-07-09Merge "SPDIFEncoder: EAC3 fixes from NVidia" into mnc-devPhil Burk4-4/+20
2015-07-08Camera: clarify largest JPEG dimension expectationYin-Chia Yeh2-4/+36
2015-07-08SPDIFEncoder: EAC3 fixes from NVidiaPhil Burk4-4/+20
2015-07-08Camera: Enforce ZERO_SHUTTER_LAG modeChien-Yu Chen2-8/+23
2015-07-07Camera: Add ZERO_SHUTTER_LAG modes to noise reduction and edge enhancementEino-Ville Talvala4-6/+200
2015-07-06Merge "audio: add definitions for devices connected over IP" into mnc-devEric Laurent1-2/+8
2015-07-06audio: add definitions for devices connected over IPEric Laurent1-2/+8
2015-07-06Merge "Camera: Remove FREEFORM cropping requirement from FULL" into mnc-devEino-Ville Talvala2-6/+11
2015-07-02Merge "audio: introduce new audio flags for latency" into mnc-devGlenn Kasten1-4/+9
2015-07-02audio: introduce new audio flags for latencyGlenn Kasten1-4/+9
2015-07-01Merge "camera2: Fix ABI for new tags." into mnc-devRuben Brunk4-208/+207
2015-07-01camera2: Fix ABI for new tags.Ruben Brunk4-208/+207
2015-06-30Camera: Remove FREEFORM cropping requirement from FULLEino-Ville Talvala2-6/+11
2015-06-26Merge "Camera2: Remove references to sync.frameNumber" into mnc-devChien-Yu Chen2-27/+20
2015-06-26Merge "Camera2: Add clarification about simultaneous trigger use" into mnc-devEino-Ville Talvala2-7/+117
2015-06-26Camera2: Remove references to sync.frameNumberChien-Yu Chen2-27/+20
2015-06-25Camera2: Add clarification about simultaneous trigger useEino-Ville Talvala2-7/+117
2015-06-24Merge "Update HAL notes for pre-correction array dimens." into mnc-devRuben Brunk2-0/+7
2015-06-24Update HAL notes for pre-correction array dimens.Ruben Brunk2-0/+7
2015-06-23Merge "camera_metadata: fix typo in high speed metadata" into mnc-devZhijun He2-2/+2
2015-06-23Merge "Camera: document expected thumbnail size in capture result" into mnc-devYin-Chia Yeh2-0/+36
2015-06-23Camera: document expected thumbnail size in capture resultYin-Chia Yeh2-0/+36
2015-06-23camera_metadata: fix typo in high speed metadataZhijun He2-2/+2
2015-06-22Remove HIGH_RESOLUTION level, adjust FULL requirements.Eino-Ville Talvala4-100/+59
2015-06-20Merge "SPDIFEncoder: add reset method for flush" into mnc-devPhil Burk2-3/+19
2015-06-19SPDIFEncoder: add reset method for flushPhil Burk2-3/+19
2015-06-19Merge "Add sf_writef_int to tiny libsndfile" into mnc-devGlenn Kasten2-1/+23
2015-06-19Add sf_writef_int to tiny libsndfileGlenn Kasten2-1/+23
2015-06-19Merge "camera_metadata: add FACE_PRIORITY_LOW_LIGHT" into mnc-devZhijun He4-30/+113
2015-06-19camera_metadata: add FACE_PRIORITY_LOW_LIGHTZhijun He4-30/+113
2015-06-18Adding test for "Digital" devices to use in filter AudioDeviceInfo attributes.Paul McLean1-1/+14
2015-06-16Camera: Adjust intrinsic transform coordinate system.Eino-Ville Talvala2-14/+54
2015-06-16Merge "Add metadata for pre-distortion dimensions." into mnc-devRuben Brunk4-44/+252
2015-06-15Add metadata for pre-distortion dimensions.Ruben Brunk4-44/+252
2015-06-15Merge "Add addional scale component for radialDistortion." into mnc-devRuben Brunk2-12/+12
2015-06-15Add addional scale component for radialDistortion.Ruben Brunk2-12/+12
2015-06-15Document RAW16 size restriction.Ruben Brunk2-0/+23
2015-06-12Merge "Update USB alsa to only use channel index masks for multichannel" into...Andy Hung2-4/+12
2015-06-12Update USB alsa to only use channel index masks for multichannelAndy Hung2-4/+12