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2015-02-06camera-metadata: clarify the AE precapture trigger API specandroid-5.1.1_r5android-5.1.1_r28android-5.1.1_r22android-5.1.1_r17android-5.1.1_r12aosp-new/lollipop-mr1-wfc-releaseaosp-new/lollipop-mr1-devZhijun He2-6/+31
2015-02-04camera_metadata: relax the EV compensation requirementsZhijun He2-5/+11
2015-01-06Camera2: update color aberration specYin-Chia Yeh2-6/+6
2014-12-05Camera: Make HDR scene mode public.Eino-Ville Talvala2-13/+102
2014-11-25Camera2: update antibanding specYin-Chia Yeh2-19/+29
2014-11-21Merge "Camera2: Doc updates for aeExposureCompensation." into lmp-mr1-devRuben Brunk2-0/+5
2014-11-20Merge "Camera: Add one more requirement to BURST_CAPTURE" into lmp-mr1-devEino-Ville Talvala2-6/+14
2014-11-20Camera2: Doc updates for aeExposureCompensation.Ruben Brunk2-0/+5
2014-11-17Merge "[audio][eac3] Support EAC3 with small frames" into lmp-mr1-devPhil Burk4-35/+78
2014-11-17Camera: Add one more requirement to BURST_CAPTUREEino-Ville Talvala2-6/+14
2014-11-17Camera: Add BURST_CAPTURE capability flagEino-Ville Talvala4-10/+55
2014-11-15Merge "camera2: Add READ_SETTINGS capability." into lmp-mr1-devRuben Brunk4-2/+56
2014-11-14[audio][eac3] Support EAC3 with small framesPhil Burk4-35/+78
2014-11-13camera2: Add READ_SETTINGS capability.Ruben Brunk4-2/+56
2014-11-13Camera: doc update for independent 3AYin-Chia Yeh2-6/+49
2014-10-08CameraMetadata: Docs cleanup, especially units and rangeaosp-new/lollipop-devEino-Ville Talvala4-1040/+1521
2014-10-03camera: Add a hwlevel attribute, annotate each metadata's hardware levelIgor Murashkin8-178/+862
2014-09-25Camera: Reduce maximum required ISO sensitivity to 800Eino-Ville Talvala2-6/+4
2014-09-22camera2: Docs update for available AF modes.Ruben Brunk2-6/+6
2014-09-12Merge "Special-case handling of MONO to/from Multichannel conversions." into ...Paul McLean1-32/+225
2014-09-10Special-case handling of MONO to/from Multichannel conversions.Paul McLean1-32/+225
2014-09-09camera2: make 3A regions null when not availableYin-Chia Yeh2-9/+30
2014-08-30Merge "camera2: Add back HDR scenemode." into lmp-devRuben Brunk4-0/+22
2014-08-28camera2: Add back HDR scenemode.Ruben Brunk4-0/+22
2014-08-28camera: Remove obsolete CameraCharacteristicsTestIgor Murashkin2-100/+0
2014-08-21Merge "camera_metadata: Update the aberration correction related tag names" i...Zhijun He4-43/+41
2014-08-21Camera2: update focusDistanceCalibration docYin-Chia Yeh2-3/+28
2014-08-18camera_metadata: Update the aberration correction related tag namesZhijun He4-45/+45
2014-08-11[audio][spdif] Add spdif AC3 make to audio_utils makePhil Burk1-0/+3
2014-08-06[audio][spdif] Move AC3/SPDIF wrapper from Molly HALPhil Burk5-0/+776
2014-07-29Camera: Rename timestampCalibration -> timestampSourceEino-Ville Talvala4-38/+41
2014-07-28Merge "camera2: @hide android.request.frameCount" into lmp-devIgor Murashkin3-10/+17
2014-07-28Merge "Update channel conversion to handle 1 and 3 byte samples" into lmp-devAndy Hung5-209/+157
2014-07-28Update channel conversion to handle 1 and 3 byte samplesAndy Hung5-209/+157
2014-07-28DO NOT MERGE: camera2: Move noise model to dynamic metadata.Ruben Brunk4-129/+129
2014-07-25camera2: @hide android.request.frameCountIgor Murashkin3-10/+17
2014-07-22Merge "camera: Annotate public/synthetic keys in the java code" into lmp-devIgor Murashkin1-0/+6
2014-07-22Camera2: replace int[] by HighSpeedVideoConfigurationYin-Chia Yeh2-5/+16
2014-07-17Merge "Move channel expansion/contraction functions out of USB audio HAL." in...Paul McLean3-0/+349
2014-07-18Move channel expansion/contraction functions out of USB audio HAL.Paul McLean3-0/+349
2014-07-17camera_metadata: partialResultCount should be optionalZhijun He3-6/+9
2014-07-17camera_metadata: Rename DNG capability to RAW.Eino-Ville Talvala4-82/+88
2014-07-16camera: Annotate public/synthetic keys in the java codeIgor Murashkin1-0/+6
2014-07-15Merge "DO NOT MERGE Virtualizer effect: add parameter to query virtualization...Jean-Michel Trivi1-1/+9
2014-07-15DO NOT MERGE Virtualizer effect: add parameter to query virtualization modeJean-Michel Trivi1-1/+9
2014-07-15DO NOT MERGE Update virtualizer effect interface for elevation angleJean-Michel Trivi1-2/+8
2014-07-14DO NOT MERGE Audio virtualizer effect: define new parameters for capability q...Jean-Michel Trivi1-1/+22
2014-07-10Merge "Fix const in memcpy_by_audio_format parameter"Andy Hung2-2/+2
2014-07-10Fix const in memcpy_by_audio_format parameterAndy Hung2-2/+2
2014-07-10camera2: Update medadata for BlackLevelPattern.Ruben Brunk2-8/+31