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metering sequence when it processes this request.</description>
<details>This entry is normally set to IDLE, or is not
included at all in the request settings. When included and
- set to START, the camera device will trigger the autoexposure
+ set to START, the camera device will trigger the auto-exposure (AE)
precapture metering sequence.
- The precapture sequence should triggered before starting a
+ The precapture sequence should be triggered before starting a
high-quality still capture for final metering decisions to
be made, and for firing pre-capture flash pulses to estimate
scene brightness and required final capture flash power, when
@@ -718,6 +718,15 @@ xsi:schemaLocation=" metadata
single request, and the application should wait until the
sequence completes before starting a new one.
+ When a precapture metering sequence is finished, the camera device
+ may lock the auto-exposure routine internally to be able to accurately expose the
+ subsequent still capture image (`android.control.captureIntent == STILL_CAPTURE`).
+ For this case, the AE may not resume normal scan if no subsequent still capture is
+ submitted. To ensure that the AE routine restarts normal scan, the application should
+ submit a request with `android.control.aeLock == true`, followed by a request
+ with `android.control.aeLock == false`, if the application decides not to submit a
+ still capture request after the precapture sequence completes.
The exact effect of auto-exposure (AE) precapture trigger
depends on the current AE mode and state; see
android.control.aeState for AE precapture state transition