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2012-03-01Enable debugging of RS code under GDBDaniel Malea1-0/+63
- Add/integrate GDBJITRegistrar support class for interfacing with GDB -- Once the GDBJITRegistrar is merged into LLVM trunk (and AOSP upgrades LLVM) all files GDB* should be removed, and replaced with appropriate includes - Basic [host|target]-side integration tests -- host-tests: use bcc driver and clang to verify gdb output -- target-tests: run skeleton apk on target and verify gdb output - Add support for optimization_level metadata in bcinfo, libbcc -- Disabled some LTO passes when optimization_level = 0 -- move register allocator registration after metadata inspection - Initial version of GDB plugin (for test infrastructure) -- relevant commands: load-android-app, run-android-app, start-android-app -- tested versions: gdb (7.2, 7.3), python (2.6, 2.7) - build 'bcc' driver tool by default in eng builds Change-Id: I99e0c11c8591c6d911632c1dcc82dd8fbe1244a8