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2014-07-16Deprecate rs_fp_imprecise.Jean-Luc Brouillet1-1/+0
If rs_fp_imprecise is specified, issue a warning and use rs_fp_relaxed instead. Change-Id: I054fa32128bda60a6d22a0a6a590cd9f3575a2ca
2014-06-26am e17454cf: am 17d3aed6: Merge "Use build fingerprint and compile command ↵Jean-Luc Brouillet2-17/+43
for caching." * commit 'e17454cf6ecdf4c14e9118712b63488e106b580f': Use build fingerprint and compile command for caching.
2014-06-26Use build fingerprint and compile command for caching.Jean-Luc Brouillet2-17/+43
If either of those have changed, we need to invalidate the compiled bit code. Change-Id: I9b5cdc19e29237dc7fb2ec1627a167f3f8987702
2014-06-20am 3108f9c6: am cd399bad: Merge "Change cache dependency tracking."Jean-Luc Brouillet2-55/+14
* commit '3108f9c6773c764396a644dc78eeb090c901cc5e': Change cache dependency tracking.
2014-06-19Change cache dependency tracking.Jean-Luc Brouillet2-55/+14
Remove the fix dependencies and make it depend only on the source hash. More changes coming soon to add dependencies on the Android build fingerprint and the command line used to compile. Change-Id: I8964044affccf52326ce286f879307eca79d0b24
2014-05-23am 79e8a844: am b579d30a: am da0c1ea4: Merge "Separate out the symbol ↵Stephen Hines1-12/+3
resolver from RSCompilerDriver." * commit '79e8a844e119e595d3aeed024f959c97a2310e37': Separate out the symbol resolver from RSCompilerDriver.
2014-05-21Separate out the symbol resolver from RSCompilerDriver.Stephen Hines1-12/+3
This change makes compilation distinct from loading. The symbol resolvers now need to be instantiated directly by the RS driver. Change-Id: I37ce409f1b2e538d9091c025895e639a250d6466
2014-05-14am e995ae93: am 1a9b5b61: am d3493fab: Merge "Switch RSForEachExpandPass to ↵Stephen Hines1-4/+1
use MetadataExtractor." * commit 'e995ae93aa5ed062aede5df96f809cca7de3037c': Switch RSForEachExpandPass to use MetadataExtractor.
2014-05-14am f141a77c: am 16601acb: am 30bfe8cc: Merge "Switch to MetadataExtractor path."Stephen Hines1-1/+1
* commit 'f141a77cdfdda8b1e2c5ae08bfd7e795df7ffd77': Switch to MetadataExtractor path.
2014-05-14Switch RSForEachExpandPass to use MetadataExtractor.Stephen Hines1-4/+1
Change-Id: I442054e7aa2329b369f578052bd41c7a973cc822
2014-05-13Switch to MetadataExtractor path.Stephen Hines1-1/+1
Change-Id: Iabef9abb1c770ffe1e753cfd2fac808f60c19d8a
2014-04-30am ccb44c38: am 4c694e07: am ca48f581: Merge "Improve standalone bcc for ↵Stephen Hines1-0/+17
on-device compilation." * commit 'ccb44c3834b760b8f4a8c849cdcfe3944dd7a6f7': Improve standalone bcc for on-device compilation.
2014-04-30Improve standalone bcc for on-device compilation.Stephen Hines1-0/+17
Bug: 7342767 This adds functionality for driver-writers to dynamically load plugins. If such a plugin is loaded, we then execute any function called rsCompilerDriverInit() from it. This function can initialize any other state the driver-writer wants. Change-Id: I733a6a3fc59c429a542cfcaf59a57ad231a19d01
2014-04-17am 773dab58: am 70a7671e: Merge "Change 64bit library path from /system/lib/ ↵Tim Murray1-1/+1
to /system/lib64" * commit '773dab582991cba84fb90c0e11c2c04f2104d1b8': Change 64bit library path from /system/lib/ to /system/lib64
2014-04-09Change 64bit library path from /system/lib/ to /system/lib64WeiTang1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ie2ec537bb71ca6573588bcaf893d871ba9b5c051
2013-10-03am 4face7bf: resolved conflicts for merge of 8d972a6f to klp-dev-plus-aospStephen Hines1-1/+1
* commit '4face7bf943d93ee91ca94f05df2034550f318fd': Remove references/use of ARCH_X86_HAVE_*.
2013-10-03resolved conflicts for merge of 8d972a6f to klp-dev-plus-aospStephen Hines1-1/+1
Change-Id: I7d1f460a1b6de08b11b430f90c7bf2534e5cca31
2013-10-03resolved conflicts for merge of 4293770c to stage-aosp-masterStephen Hines1-1/+1
2013-10-03Remove references/use of ARCH_X86_HAVE_*.Stephen Hines1-1/+1
Bug: 11048298 These SSE-related defines are unnecessary because all x86 Android devices have these features. We switch all the checks to __i386__ instead. This also fixes an issue where non-ARM bitcode files were being created with the ARM defines present. This is problematic when we then try to do things that would be arch-specific (i.e. the presence of SSE-enabled functions for clamp(), ...). This also cleans up the different target architecture specified in the x86 bitcode files so that they match the platform target (i686-unknown-linux). Change-Id: Ibbead4aecba2c90bdbe6ff362960079cb7a9e4dc
2013-08-26DO NOT MERGE - Only support EnableGlobalMerge on ARM architectures.Stephen Hines1-1/+4
Change-Id: I5c4c236c306e120c5aa24fbc91815cc27d7aab0f Conflicts: include/bcc/Renderscript/RSCompilerDriver.h
2013-08-26DO NOT MERGE - Provide a way to disable LLVM's global merge optimization.Stephen Hines1-0/+15
Change-Id: I92dff2a208c821722f057dd8c26bd12a1cb5a794 Conflicts: include/bcc/Renderscript/RSCompilerDriver.h lib/Renderscript/RSCompilerDriver.cpp
2013-08-19Remove unused codeTobias Grosser1-4/+0
Change-Id: Iea9198c5ce78db933883ac4adab1332f4d2fc430
2013-07-23Remove beforeExecuteLTOPasses callbackTobias Grosser1-1/+2
This callback had very unclear semantics and the current use was suprising. Specifically, it took a PassManager parameter, but adding anything to this pass manager would cause the passes to be executed after the other LTO passes The only way to execute passes before the LTO passes, was to create a new pass manager that executes a pass right before all LTO passes (that have already being queued in the pass manager passed in as a parameter) will be executed. The very same behavior can be achieved by just adding our passes to the normal pass manager using the "BeforeAddLTOPasses" callback. We used this callback to schedule the ForEachExpand pass. This pass is now moved to the beforeAddLTOPasses callback. Change-Id: I3916543a4ee282e403174b90dc7b7588baab9ea3
2013-07-12Only support EnableGlobalMerge on ARM architectures.Stephen Hines1-1/+4
Change-Id: I5c4c236c306e120c5aa24fbc91815cc27d7aab0f
2013-07-11Provide a way to disable LLVM's global merge optimization.Stephen Hines1-0/+15
Change-Id: I92dff2a208c821722f057dd8c26bd12a1cb5a794
2013-06-20bcc: Add option -emit-llvmTobias Grosser1-2/+3
Change-Id: I98470c6573b216518f77d338f4659d5b9fbcc3d3
2013-06-05Further separate build (compile) and load in libbcc.Stephen Hines1-17/+18
Bug: 7342767 Change-Id: Ia6000d6c3557280126c6bb7f945c922528adeedc
2013-06-04Load scripts from cached files every time.Stephen Hines3-7/+15
Bug: 7342767 Having an separate in-memory (vs. file-based) loader makes little sense as we refactor libbcc (to separate it into its own process space). This change is a first step in cleanly separating the compile and link steps. Change-Id: Iad67527329171f18475ced0f0b2652a0aa060259
2013-04-18Improve caching for debug contexts.Stephen Hines1-0/+7
Bug: 7343201 We now skip caching on debug contexts and destroy the cached script copy when we are finished with it. This is a temporary fix until we can refactor libbcc caching. Change-Id: I356b67419dc246209c7b5e077264b0cf2e42578c
2013-04-17Build debug version version of runtime (libclcore_debug.bc).Stephen Hines1-0/+2
Bug: 7343201 Change-Id: I9ca9acd7b0e23762d28de3af0aa60d4a6d75e5dd
2013-03-05am e323991d: Merge "Start to add X86/SSE2+ optimized clcore library"Jason Sams1-0/+3
* commit 'e323991d04284925ff7aea8387bc55c1ed57a061': Start to add X86/SSE2+ optimized clcore library
2013-02-14Add LinkRuntimeCallback() and supporting functions to RS compiler.Stephen Hines2-1/+15
Change-Id: I7745406a94ba74896ee98752a3de106d2672159d
2013-02-07Increase RSInfo version number.Shih-wei Liao1-1/+1
The recent change on adding to library dependencies changes the format of RSInfo (one entry is added.) Change-Id: I690010f4b8ff2ff6f636583faba52eec327f0acd
2013-02-07Fix bcc_compat symbol resolution with Hines1-2/+2
Change-Id: Id6177e53ec9647b560a73de566d2d8a95d860200
2013-02-07Switch to use libcompiler_rt for compiler runtimes.Shih-wei Liao1-2/+2
Change-Id: I64b3d4ba80343bc592fa0df72242b33b2d2ae0ed
2013-02-07Add as built-in dependencies for RS.Shih-wei Liao1-0/+2
Change-Id: I376616ffbe26813a8341e87c965a27666d35b9a6
2013-01-06Start to add X86/SSE2+ optimized clcore libraryMichael Liao1-0/+3
'sqrt' and 'clamp' are optimized on x86/sse2 target. Change-Id: Ia8f1b12c666828de88c49699006e44b17431a9ac Author: Michael Liao <> Signed-off-by: Yong Chen <> Signed-off-by: Xiaokang Qin <> Signed-off-by: Bruce Beare <> Signed-off-by: Jack Ren <> Author-tracking-BZ: 61893
2012-11-13Embed RS metadata info directly in emitted object code.Stephen Hines2-12/+30
Bug: 7419958 Change-Id: Ibd82e503c006532aa74013a46dd13ec3e9473daa
2012-10-30bcc_compat - convert bitcode to shared object files.Stephen Hines3-4/+17
BUG: 7419958 Change-Id: Ie81203b460d60425780657b51ba3aba2b2b77e05
2012-07-30Use known strides instead of input args when possible.Stephen Hines1-1/+2
BUG=6892059 Change-Id: I15b3726624ff0eeca5e30aaa6de928f1c9912471
2012-07-27Rename RenderScript -> Renderscript.Stephen Hines6-0/+591
Change-Id: I187928033b47f3e3f4cb811a0b3562f479cfe417