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2017-01-24Export llvm_3_2::WriteBitcodeToFile from libbcinfo.soPirama Arumuga Nainar1-0/+1
This function is used by a vendor driver. Test: Build and check that this symbol is exported. Change-Id: If8087cd6546bffeedfc0bd3b14790a043affc0dd
2016-11-22Do not link into libbcinfo.soPirama Arumuga Nainar1-0/+6
Bug: http://b/28866258 For the on-device, statically link required LLVM static libraries into and export just the symbols in the bcinfo namespace. After this change, should no longer get loaded during zygote initialization. increases by roughly 700K for 32-bit and 900K for 64-bit. Test: RenderScript CTS tests on Angler and libbcc lit tests pass (except for 1 known failure) Change-Id: If2f07336b09028b113086987f3ff02520b6aef92