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2016-11-11 Update libnl to 3.2.25Paul Stewart1-0/+104
Commits: 2dbc1ca Generic Netlink multicast groups support 3229b32 - Prepare for 2.1.x tree - Bump interface number, we will break API in the development tree c0cd587 nl-qdisc-add tool fa89403 HTB: Append TCA_OPTIONS even if no options are set 757592e classid database 23c6191 remove obsolete nl-qdisc-add code 1884809 pfifo/bfifo qdisc support for cli libs 27883b0 nl-class-add tool a670ee5 make nl-qdisc-list installable 420438c Remove NL_DUMP_ENV code cefe7db Make nl-qdisc-delete installable 8699ba8 nl-class-delete tool 2a9c3ef nl-class-list tool 3a96527 nl-qdisc-add(8), nl-qdisc-delete(8), nl-qdisc-list(8) b9d965b Update include/linux header copies 4c6d1c5 Unified TC attributes interface b57a697 nl-cls-* tools 65e386c Packet location updates 0fe5b29 Extended pktloc to support nbyte locations for ipv6, etc. d0e5645 Avoid memcpy()/memset() when reserving space for nested attributes e1eacd6 Fix use of uninitialized data at the end of netlink message d7a561a Tons of ematch work 2f86768 basic: Only add ematches to message if available 691905b cgroup classifier improvements - enabled again - ematch support - cli tools module 897828d src/nf-queue: revert nonsensical change ee88c71 routing rules: mark support 6862c65 Include RTA_MARK in routing rule messages 6d43441 Updated arp and ethernet codes 873a64e Support for 64bit link counters IFLA_STATS64 2e6d497 Support neighbour flag NTF_USE 48cdb1f Support RT_TABLE_COMPAT 8585276 Revert "Include RTA_MARK in routing rule messages" 1eccb7b Revert "routing rules: mark support" f703192 routing rules: adapt to unified routing rules cc22992 Improved debugging messages while constructing messages/attributes 93f992e attr: Add padding if nested data does not end at an alignment boundry c7a6737 text ematch support 7903d6a Support for meta match 4267d8f classid auto generation if provided tc name does not exist 4e48d90 Correctly parse and generate classids 54e2539 nl-qdisc-list: --recursive - print tc objects recursively df36c25 nl-classid-lookup: Added --raw option to print classid without pretty printing it d95a419 ematch/meta: id definitions 738ee7f nl-qdisc-delete: Do not attempt to delete default qdiscs d283c8e Correctly state the process of sending a netlink message. A message passes through nl_send_iovec() before hitting nl_sendmsg() 59880cb pktloc: support to specify a shift operator for packet locations 8970c5c link: Support IFLA_IFALIAS attribute fd857ee link: Support IFLA_NUM_VF attribute - parses attribute if available - provides API to access value rtnl_link_get_num_vf(link, num_vf) 3fa6a6b link: API for address family specific link data 280d457 link/api: Check for null pointer in rtnl_link_af_ops_put() 800013b link: Support for AF_BRIDGE address family 67aeb74 link/api: Convert link info ops to use nl_list_head 12b82e4 link/api: Improve API documentation. 2847cf0 Make nl_str2af return a negative value if parsing fails 7ff4dee Extend rtnl_link_alloc_cache() to support address families f64ebab Add all libraries for libtool to improve linkage 407e9eb Add local copies of linux/ipv6.h and linux/snmp.h e69efad Add support for per interface ICMPv6 statistics a4efc65 link: Add support for IPv6 specific link data - parses IFLA_PROTINFO - dumps flags, cacheinfo, devconf and all statistics 2e3ca4d link: Support for IFLA_AF_SPEC 53015f8 link: AF_INET link module b6592cb link: Fix typo, use rtnl_link_af_alloc() to make sure data buffer is allocated e209971 link/inet: Fix array access 2575d03 link: Add missing IFLA_AF_SPEC container attribute ee57cc7 link: define RTM_SETLINK to allow pretty printing 01bc3c5 link/inet: documentation: add examples a3ea8a6 Make syntax of nl-link-list consistent and install it f56317f update Doxyfile to latest version 4d28cc5 link/inet: pretty printing, make output more readable 3a95620 sfq: perturb period is in seconds, not jiffies 10424b2 Rename nl_get_hz() to nl_get_user_hz() to indicate it's not the in-kernel HZ value d8eeb0a New function nl_size2str() 98ffede link/inet6: pretty printing cf5577d constify struct trans_tbl c32c3f3 socket: constify interface 09daef3 Don't build doc.c, there is no real code in it 063a2eb only perform automatic sequence checking if auto-ack mode is enabled 8a365db rename nl_send_auto_complete() -> nl_send_auto(), nl_auto_complete -> nl_complete_msg() 5a08c8f Inherit return code of NL_CB_MSG_OUT in nl_sendmsg() 6545206 Documentation updates - moved documentation from lib/doc.c to doc/src/ - splitted pages into separate files - worked over core sections, explaining the receiving and sending behaviour in much more details including the the available mechanisms to customize the behaviour - updated the html stylesheet file for increased readability, probably needs some doxygen patching to achieve what I am looking for. - enabled call graphs, not expanded by default e52a09c nl: rename nlmsg_msg_size() to nlmsg_size(), nlmsg_len() -> nlmsg_datalen() 9fbdf6c nl_recv(): Make passing creds pointer optional 4fb528b nl_recv(): Zero out sockaddr in case the caller forgot 9513d4c Rename nlmsg_for_each_msg() to nlmsg_for_each() c158d06 rename NL_AUTO_PID to NL_AUTO_PORT 7105aea addr: hide nl_addr_destroy() 5644578 Tons of documentation 82fe785 use linux/netlink.h instead of netlink/netlink-kernel.h 4b0126b prefix ipv6 link statistics identifiers with IP6 2d1626b Include <linux/pkt_cls.h> and <linux/pkt_sched.h> in <netlink/route/tc.h> for convenience 5f3dbf8 Fix function nfnl_ct_del name b5c474e allowing silent rules in build d8d67c0 Provide numeric version defines 59c3474 Add missing argument in rtnl_link_change example ae5dfb1 Make struct nl_object public, NLHDR_COMMON has been public anyway 5a9f50b __nlmsg_alloc(): Guarantee minimal message size of at least the header 2c75886 Fix off-by-one when reading IFLA_INET6_CONF and IFLA_INET6_STATS 33e9403 Print debugging info while iterating a cache based on a filter 552c85c Hold reference to obj while calling callback of cache iterator 5dc897d provide function to retrieve htb rate 8eb5b55 Unified TC API 45941f9 rename sch -> qdisc 722a227 fix module parent references 55f803c libnl-3.0 c1073d6 Documentation updates f0603a4 add missing checks for ROUTE_ATTR_MULTIPATH 38db636 add missing nl_cache_search in cache.h a0fe7a1 Omit empty nested attributes 913579b Fix out-of-tree build. 9f1abdd Fix "make distcheck". 14fa557 Set default MTU to 1500 93b6c11 Add NLE_NODEV error a62bfdb Check if all mandatory attributes are present in rtnl_tc_msg_build() 8d54934 Cleanup <netlink/route/qdisc.h> - remove dead prototypes - reformat f523f29 Allow NLSYSCONFDIR environment variable to overwrite built-in sysconfdir e4b507e Deprecate rtnl_qdisc_foreach_child() and rtnl_qdisc_foreach_cls() 7e9d5f6 correctly handle the object not found case 23845e9 Add nl_send_sync() 747b892 Qdisc API improvements and documentation 7c62050 trafic class/classifer API improvements and documentation 350b15f Move to asciidoc 475dffa Provide TC_HANDLE(maj, min) macro to generate tc handles 2dbe7d7 Initialize dump buffer in case caller missed it ef327ff Provide nl_object_dump_buf() to easily dump to buffers 23c27b4 Provide nl_cache_set_arg{1,2}() to specify cache args 0893aaf link: Make return and argument type match 41fb241 link: Provide rtnl_link_delete() to delete virtual links 48d543c API to issue direct GET requests to the kernel b5918b5 fix line removed by mistake 96bc6d6 Improve rtnl_link_change() behaviour e81814a Support for rtnl_link_add() 5a66101 dummy interface support 8ffab45 export rtnl_link_add() and rtnl_link_build_add_request() 3d70697 Add support for ARPHRD_NONE 36b0474 Support link info types with no payload 4c6dd3a Expose <netlink/route/link/inet.h> fac4885 Improve readability of classid string representation c18730d Set tc->tc_link if link cache is available 83f1411 Fix clone() of AF specific link data daefa76 Provide rtnl_tc_get_link() and fix link refcnt cc33b09 Add missing declaration of rtnl_tc_get_link() cb6a089 Adding rule with "From" option doesn't work d44c31d addr: store link object and provide rtnl_addr_get() 023c662 Use name "global" instead of "universe" for largest scope f443be6 python interface to netlink protocols 4cb1666 Provide silent variation of nl_cache_require() ed69b2a Add rtnl_tc_data_check() 58e0e1e Add nl_rate2str() aba3689 Provide documentation for rtnl_tc_data() and rtnl_tc_data_check() 053c93f Update local copies of include/linux 09210d9 HTB: Add support for level and direct pkt stats, complete access functions e56eb06 Work on libnl-python 4806c5c Don't redefine offsetof when already defined by e.g. stddef.h c881908 neigh: include ndm flags while building message ca0fc75 socket: Set SOCK_CLOEXEC if available 21d52ea Support for NLM_F_INTR 63548f5 documentation updates 7d48455 Documentation updates dea6de4 Include IFLA_LINK in link messages 5007473 more documentation updates - improved stylesheets for both doxygen and asciidoc - use of xml doxygen layout - python script to resolve <<foo>> asciidoc references to <<foo, title>> based on the target caption - graphics for netlink and netlink error headers - more link documentation 4d23836 bonding link module c79ab52 ignore various generated files 49d29e9 ignore python build directory 16d38a4 Use 'link type' instead of 'link info type' 8219cc7 VLAN: rtnl_link_is_vlan() function and API documentation bf1b5d2 removed autogenerated swig interface files from git tree 20e9797 use rtnl_link_set/get_type() f3ee216 include <linux/if.h> from <netlink/route/link.h> to export IFF_* flags 915a23f Hack doxygen CSS to avoid stupid margins in modules listing 70c9371 Updated link documentation f1c8d5b 3.1 release f999383 Remove write-only variables in lib/cache.c 7701c85 Make some functions and global variables static bbe5e94 Put "break" inside the "if" block in route_compare() d886de5 Allow building documentation out of the tree b5d081d Avoid freeing memory if vasprintf() failed 569bec5 make port map thread safe 7a46ef0 Include all files necessary to build documentation in distribution d8d96bb link: fix unaligned access to 64bit link stats 23333e5 python: Include python/ in distribution and provide a README on how to build & install cc9ae9b doc: need to include @srcdir@/src not @top_srcdir@/src 4be7adb htb: fix misplaced memset() overwriting already set htb prio option b367024 Local port leak on nl_socket_alloc/nl_socket_set_local_port(, 0) eabb753 nl-link-name2ifindex: fix usage text 6faeffe socket: introduce nl_socket_modify_err_cb 17781e4 socket: fix two typos 7adaad7 genl: genl_ctrl_grp_by_name: fix retval in case group id not found f1d9e9d 64bit unaligned access b4b853e Do not require python and swig to be present db6de56 fix license of lib/route/pktloc.c 7ac948c Remove GPL-3.0 license file. 80569bb remove dist lines for non existing files 2a37ab5 prepare for 3.2 release 5a59cf8 asciidoc xhtml stylesheet 7b0d063 lib: Use @MAJ_VERSION and @MAJ_MINOR@ for -version-info 226b387 Install headers in ${includedir}/libnl3 6e5332b Inform users about changed include location at end of configure script a73cb2f build: always install files into /etc/libnl 4c210ad Switch to libtool versioning system b50195c addr: Add missing header to <netlink/route/addr.h> 6d93b83 route: Remove dead link_cache variable 109ea68 tools: Use LDADD and link against .la files instead of LDFLAGS and -llib 67bd56f Fix a73cb2f26 fallout to allow building in separate directory 5151cbc link: Eat ACK followed by RTM_NEWLINK when requesting single link 96f17ce bonding: API to create/enslave/release 15b13dd bonding: Install <netlink/route/link/bonding.h> 076909a Bonding: Fix header guard of <netlink/route/link/bonding.h> 0d9958e Ingnore src/nl-link-enslave and nl-link-release 1c9b175 Provide micro version in <netlink/version.h> d3bb7c9 3.2.1 release f90dc63 Add libnl-cli-3.0 to pkg-config tool d17379d Fix rtnl_link object memory leak when freeing rtnl_addr objects. 6c70cf7 Don't install CLI header files when --disable-cli has been configured. 790966d Only use the MULTIPATH attribute when adding routes with more than one next hop. 30d3f8c utils: Initialize list head after freeing translation list 2bcd8ec cache: event_filter() cache operation to filter notifications 7f20c57 link: Ignore bridging notifications in link cache manager 9c7593c python: Link against nl-3 and nl-route-3 8104b52 Fix typo in debug message 659b6d6 bump to 3.2.2 03f3a58 link: generic link enslaving API bd70009 add missing IFLA_MASTER fillup 32f30b7 release 3.2.3 88940b7 build: simplify optional dirs/files in processing ef75c4e link: allow to add/get linkinfo of unknown type 847e269 rtnl_link_bond_add: allow to allocate bond name in case NULL is given 4a7791e dsmark: Add missing declarations for rtnl_class_dsmark_(get|set)_bitmask() 9819717 avoid dangling co_major_cache reference to NL_AUTO_PROVIDE caches d7222e5 3.2.4 release 794ac78 nl_addr_cmp(): handle prefix length during address comparison 4035e5b link: fix regression in link message parser 9015d11 3.2.5 release d111b1d cli: Use -avoid-version to link cli modules c857625 Update COPYING to fix FSF address 83ab0ae man: Remove bogus .LO macro in manpages 4cc1daa 3.2.6 release 9cbcbca 3.2.7 release a39bb56 add new function to provide neighbour event parsing a17970b Support plug qdisc - queue traffic until explicit release 0b40364 Add new nl_cache_clone() function. f7d0661 doc: Fix typos in autoconf example 965fd78 missing extended Table attribute for lib/route/ 7d47666 doc: Fix incorrect nl_socket_add_memberships() example f54ac3d Memory leak in classid.c 073ef6a genl-ctrl-list: Introduce -d|--details as a shortcut for --format=details 5399b3d genl-ctrl-list: Provide manual page 4a2962d genl-ctrl-list: fix copyright and summary 5f4d4d3 genl-ctrl-list: Mark for installation 653ea34 cache_mngr: document uncommon error codes 9af5469 tests: Convert tests/Makefile to use automake e78975a tests: fix test programs to compile again b320112 cache_mngr: Don't modify callback setup of socket c55acc4 cache_manager: Move documentation to doc/core.txt e34ed95 cache_mngr: Automatically allocate socket if needed a143037 test-cache-mngr: Let the cache manager allocate the socket adbc568 cache_mngr: Fix memory corruption after resizing e048279 nl: Make nl_recvmsgs() return the number of netlink messages processed a518a31 cache_mngr: Let nl_cache_mngr_data_ready() read multiple messages 743756f cache_mngr: API doc updates 5165366 cache_mngr: Provide nl_cache_mngr_info() to pring cache manager details 2ed371e test-cache-mngr: Allow for management of arbitary caches via argument string 2e93940 cache_mngr: Make providing the result pointer to nl_cache_mngr_add() optional 8bbcd22 genl: Make genl_unregister() a NOP if NULL pointer is passed 2e23491 cache: improve documentation of co_event_filter bd1e4d0 cache: Add co_include_event allowing caches to provide their own nl_cache_include() implementation ff3e9e3 object: Add functions to access the object type, cache and object ops ad5d2b7 3.2.8 release d726ecd Fix two bugs in 3.2.8/doc/ 6f156a7 nl: Fix return value of nl_recvmsgs() f8b4f92 3.2.9 release beb40e2 u32: add support for hashing 7b503a1 u32: example/test code for u32 hashing with HTB 183e869 doc: Check documentation generation requirements with autoconf 2fbab02 doc: add section about addressing 100403a route: Add FIXME to rtnl_route_nh_set_gateway() to fix return value 32057bc __str2flags fix fec10a2 doc: documentation restructuring 996b502 FTBFS with musl libc: Missing includes 6627ec3 tc: fix included headers 24d577c u32: fix various u32 hashing related warnings ca883b6 Fix for dumping objects to a buffer instead of file descriptor 9bb30a5 add fwmark mask support 970f5d0 correct HTB rtable/HZ calculations d733f8a use MSG_TRUNC flag to get recv message size at once 0b70de5 genl: updates to API reference documentation 71b442b genl: Add genlmsg_hdr() 3656b6f genl: Add genlmsg_user_hdr(), genlmsg_user_data(), and genlmsg_user_datalen() faef2fa genl: Support registration of families without depending on caches 8fad2e3 genl: Export genl_ops_resolve() and genl_mngt_resolve() in header 43eab46 genl: Update genl-ctrl-list(8) 0c408aa genl: modify genl_ctrl_resolve and friends to allow for module auto-loading 405d168 libnl 3.2.10 2275bb0 Fix compilation with clang d3dcde2 rtnl_netem_set_delay_distribution: fix possible segfault d8a25e4 netem: Use ARRAY_SIZE() bf54d6d Fixed address deletion 9d60ef0 Removed generated .pyc files from repository 1e75bd0 Make syntax highlighters happy f55ea7f Fix typo in still unused function that generate colored message 4be1ae2 Introduce Python's absolute_imports b369d22 Fix whitespaces at EOL 38fefc5 Fixed various str-related logick c1547d9 Flags properties description and implementation fixed fb890a5 Code cleanups 83f06bf Fix indentation (spaces vs tabs) 8959d95 Using only single quotes now and multi-line lists 454ea4a pylint's first review and trivial fixes 482c602 Refine some places 08e8b35 Remove unnecessary comments 139e3d3 nl_pickup removed from python binding 87d3709 netlink.nlattr re-implemented in more pythonic way dca358c rtnl_link_(get|set)_weight is deprecated in libnl. ffa461d Fixed memory leak in Cache destructor 3c53265 Add 'ingress' to the list of recognized TC handles. 84037be Correct missing fwmark mask proto. 69da6af genl: Wait for ACK after successful ctrl reply 49fe936 genl: cleanup genl_ctrl_resolve() 4f93364 link: rtnl_link_get_kernel() should only wait for ACK if AUTO-ACK is on 2bdcde7 Fix types-related warnings based on clang diagnostics 941ba95 libnl 3.2.11 9426d03 tbf: fix false missing attr 052a131 nl_cli_route_parse_table fixed typo in code a0f1c0e ct_dump_stats: detect when stats are not available 25d640d lib/utils.c: One kilobit now is a 1000bits (instead of 1024) 8222519 Fix the always false if (a->rt_nr_nh != a->rt_nr_nh) test 376a0e2 Fix build warning after const char ** convert 97d2460 route_clone : fix segmentation fault using nl_cache_subset to filter routes de28daf nl_addr_parse handling of 'default', 'any', and 'all' b62e019 single nexthop flags bug d10d963 Added lex.yy.c to .gitignore 582a324 Run-time version information is now available ab15d06 "%llu" replaced with "%" PRIu64 8cd2f57 Fix typo in textual description in ct_dump_stats() a2b23ff Fix warning "not checking return value of fscanf" in lib/utils.c: get_psched_settings 5eee974 Prevent potential socket file descriptor leak 717fabc configure: Check for graphviz and source-highlight before building documentation b377ab1 route: Document ROUTE_CACHE_CONTENT flag 5eeb3d3 doc: Update Doxyfile config to latest release 929bd01 configure: Check for pygmentize when building docs 3bf8712 3.2.12 release 8f2ce4d More clean NL_AUTO_PORT and NL_AUTO_SEQ usage in nl_complete_msg 0026125 Address comparison bug fixed 49c94c3 genl_ctrl_probe_by_name: fix checking of genlmsg_put() return value 49be8cd doc: Update to latest syntax b1e0a0c Remove auto-generated Doxyfile from git a820222 asprintf related fixed in yy parser fddba71 libnl-3.2.12 - ./configure --disable-doc: error: conditional "LINK_DOC" was never defined. \ Usually this means the macro was only invoked conditionally. ce72837 3.2.13 release 72c2cb9 Enabled the use of Links as context managers. e4192ff nl: Provide API to specify the default buffer size when receiving netlink messages 6ac0717 link: Support IFLA_PROMISCUITY link attribute d2876f8 link: correctly set LINK_ATTR_PROMISCUITY 36ed882 link: Support IFLA_NUM_TX_QUEUES and IFLA_NUM_RX_QUEUES 7f6880c link: Only print "promisc-mode" if users > 0 f2e2e7f link: Include IFLA_NUM_TX_QUEUES and IFLA_NUM_RX_QUEUES when building messages 36139cf doc: Provide documentation for link promis counter and rx/tx queues a35287a link: Support link grouping c3376e7 Conntrack Dump ICMP 2d674fe doc: mark route.txt as WIP db13843 doc: Split doc/ into separate packages 65c3919 Only include doc/ in dist 1fa61d1 3.2.14 release 5535f59 Don't include doc/ in toplevel dist 787f14d genl/family flags can be damaged during the auto-indentation. fedb862 ROUTE_DIFF result was not used in some place in route_compare e1b67fb Clang diagnostics e7ec197 nf-log example: correct copy-range parsing 9d6b104 nl_recv(): "else if" logick simplified and refined 6946851 nl_recv(): Memory allocation errors are handled properly now 2249eae nl_recv(): EWOULDBLOCK return value also checked da694e6 nl_recv(): small code cleanups 420e462 nl_recv(): work with credentials only if "creds" given and NL_SOCK_PASSCRED set 3c1ab42 add missing '}' in __cplusplus namespaces 40457db Exp checkpoint 20035ce Checkpoint: compare function e8b3356 "checkpoint" c675bf0 Checkpoint before compilation attempt f111efd Successful compilation of libnl-nf with expectation 4a702e6 Starting CLI work daf5f93 Compile CLI 453492c Expectation get cli tool 3cb581d update gitignore d3bec59 bugfixes 547c8f6 reinit port numers on tuple dump 4164595 Bugfixes 0741865 define advanced attributes out 2d70751 Updated nfnetlink includes; removed ifdefs; added delete exp program d2fff93 Source cleanup for upstream a8ef352 Add configure option to disable pthreads support 503270c Remove unreachable code 16e54c4 Add missing va_end() calls 3750e2a Set err and free ntbl when leaving neightbl_msg_parser 690264a Add new object op oo_id_attrs_get bc7c822 Add support for updating objects in the cache ceb8fb9 Document buffer size limitations of nl_recv() 6d52ae6 nl_recv: Don't update *buf in error path fb42f19 nl_recv: improve function documentation eb36066 nl_recv: return NLE_INVAL if buf is NULL 220d8e1 nl_recv: return NLE_INVAL if socket address pointer is NULL 65f97de nl_recv: fix indent style b25f26b socket: document nl_socket_get_fd() 8f47501 nl: improve nl_sendto() docs and error checks a721c1d doc: increase dot max graph nodes to 100 b132ee7 nl: improve API doc of transmit functions fd6f205 nl: Allow to overwrite nl_send() b28c25e nl: Improve API doc of nl_connect() and nl_close() 665464c nl: Improve API doc of nl_send_simple() a8741fa Add hash function c6f89ed Add nl hashtable structures and access functions 55c0e03 Add hash support in cache mngr e16e8fd Add hash support to link cache 6f24cf1 Add hash support to neigh cache a2207c7 Add hash support to route cache 5641c0e Hash: Properly prefix hash functions ae1e236 hashtable: Add API reference documentation 59a6b00 hashtable: Fix reference leak in nl_hashtable_free() b66d267 hashtable: remove doc section crashing doxygen 7e075c6 doc: update Doxygen layout file to latest format 5a04760 addr: Return -NLE_AF_NOSUPPORT when trying to set unsupported attributes 3132db5 addr: rtnl_addr_set_peer() is limited to IPv4 c83ecb3 doc: Revert to default stylesheet dd8a87d Add support for per cache flags 30d8626 New cache manager add cache api 0bd14aa Add NL_CACHE_AF_ITER support during refill and resync ce72565 cache: Move NL_CACHE_AF_ITER to <netlink/cache.h> 5734011 cache: Fix typo in API doc of nl_cache_set_flags() 8ffa257 cache: Move nl_cache_ops_set_flags() to cache_mngt.c ea79a76 addr: Support setting local/peer/anycast/multicast/broadcast address to NULL 125119a Add AF_BRIDGE support to link cache 64fcb47 Add AF_BRIDGE support to neigh cache cb25338 Add master support to rtnl_neigh for AF_BRIDGE objects c658a6e cache: Add reference counter to caches 3ed1f9a cache: Hold cache reference while a cache is being provided 20efa14 lock abstraction layer f5af5c5 cache: rwlock accesses to cache operations 74926f9 link: Protect registration of af and link ops with rwlock 1a2c3e3 cache: Add reference counter to cache operations 2b3912a cache: Provide safe versions of nl_cache_ops_associate() and nl_cache_ops_lookup() cb82c2a use safe cache lookup variants internally 235aa7f cache: hold a reference to the cache ops while a cache is provided over it 23c4ef6 Use NL_DBG() instead of printing warnings and errors to stderr 00132b4 cache: provide safe variant of nl_cache_mngt_require() and use it 4d94ed5 Bug Fix: Add new fill socket to cache manager a2c4bd8 Updated to make sure bison and lex are installed. 0a9d5fc configure: Replace broken AM_PROG_LEX with AC_CHECK_PROGS 3163fa7 cache: reserve room in cache_ops to avoid breaking module ABI too frequently ed3d706 Include the newly added header files in next release 05a6723 3.2.15 release 4149154 cache: only continue iterating over co_groups if it is available f535de3 3.2.16 release a96a3b6 build: rename -> .ac 9d92564 build: resolve automake-1.12 warnings f3cd3fe build: use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR 0ba9e99 build: use foreign mode ab7f42e build: resolve lex failure 5251188 link: basic socket-CAN support c86088f link: socket-CAN helper functions 68967eb Fix python detection code de14136 Fix make check when using --disable-cli 913a689 can: provide local copy of <linux/can/netlink.h> 7c85b8a netfilter: update local header files 89e1b30 Included defs.h so DISABLE_PTHREADS is visible. 25c407c Re-adding #defines for __aligned_be64 for older kernels 29b7137 route cache: Fix handling of ipv6 multipath routes 20a0512 Bug Fix: cache_include: Fix object ref release after successful object update 91ab1be make: automake provides a cscope target these days 96bb7c9 cache pickup: Avoid duplicates during cache pickup de21332 cache: Take cache_ops lock when modifying cache ops flags 6971932 Fix file descriptor leak on error 5d53626 nlmsg_ok comparison between signed and unsigned 6369e1f 3.2.17 release 00a5879 Add <netlink/route/link/can.h> to dist target ba38f39 cache: make sure the user has specified a callback de5744f build: Fix distribution to include 'nfnetlink_conntrack.h' 383ff94 fix include/ f123795 3.2.18 release 3540e44 link: add carrier support b1ebda9 cache: Add new nl_cache_find api 09213ee link af ops: Add new ao_compare op to compare link af_data 310ec86 Add ao_compare support to bridge family af_data 6b4a2cb 3.2.19 release 99399ca Add new rtnl_link_af_data_compare function to compare af_data 5c3f2f0 link: Add af data compare to link objects 5291af6 link: fix reference leak in rtnl_link_af_data_compare() 7559157 Undo soname bump f20bbe1 No longer install module API headers 2b96c33 Remove obsolete release notes at end of configure 1481f97 route cache: This patch adds route priority to route object oo_id_attrs 26e22d8 3.2.20 release 1419851 fix includes after removing some headers 9680f91 Move private header files to <netlink-private/*> 1b9de9a Provide compat headers for removed private API c6abb44 Fix test-cache-mngr test c4f8033 Fix build warnings of nl-(qdisc|class|cls)-add 776cde0 Remove obsolete warning from <netlink/object-api.h> as it breaks NM build b6afd0b Provide better help text when bumping CURRENT,AGE,REVISION 83c762d 3.2.21 release 56352ab netfilter: expectation NAT direction is 32 bit attribute 87244f7 netfilter: keep 8-bit API for 32-bit NAT dir attribute 6cc5fdc can: add helper function to get CAN bus state b06c23a link cache: remove AF_UNSPEC check in rtnl_get_link and rtnl_get_link_by_name 4f088d3 netfilter: correct error in construction of NAT tuple 87458ab Fix mask calculation in nl_addr_cmp_prefix() 2005c2e cache: Make NL_ACT_* and nl_cache_ops_(get|put)() available 8571f58 neigh: Remove check for AF_UNSPEC in rtnl_neigh_get() 1c24480 can: Include "linux/can/netlink.h" in the distribution 506020a can: Fix nested message creation in can_put_attrs() 8b8e26b link: Fix af_ops leak on ENOMEM 2d36371 link: Keep reference to af_ops during lifetime of link object e576768 link: Modify link policy on the stack 4a793a4 link: Hold af_ops reference for each AF_SPEC block during lifetime of link object 8026fe2 link: Free and realloc af specific data upon rtnl_link_set_family() 9f8548b attr: Provide nla_is_nested() function fd19dae bridge: Support the new bridging attributes 5a5aa73 bridge: Provide rtnl_link_bridge_alloc() bb9911b netlink: Forward declare frequent libnl types to ease inclusion deps ee4122a vlan: Provide rtnl_link_vlan_alloc() 1ecf98a bond: Provide rtnl_link_bond_alloc() 8f151fa link: move af_data_compare to the end ded2048 link: Fix rtnl_link_af_data_compare return value 4d7680c Use thread-safe strerror_r() instead of strerror() 9e6cdbf attr: Add nla_nest_cancel() to remove partially added nested attributes 60b370d attr: Do not enforce maximum length for NLA_FLAG attributes 64315f7 attr: No longer warn about attribute of type 0 1395c69 attr: Warn application if nla_parse() observes same attribute multiple times c608b4d msg: Pretty print padding attributes in nl_msg_dump() f72bfc7 msg: Pretty print error message header even if incomplete f0f33c3 addr: Reset unused portion of binary address in nl_addr_set_binary_addr() 8852753 addr: improve API reference documentation for nl_addr_*() 780a042 addr: Update to latest address familiy definition for translation e09e7f1 tests: Add check based unit test system 549d26d rtnl-addr: Inherit prefix length to nl_addr objs in rtnl_addr_set_prefixlen() b39c9f7 rtnl-addr: Fix invalid call to nl_addr_set_prefixlen() if neither local or peer address are present 4db1151 Remove superfluous declaration of rtnl_route_put() 23e26e9 Remove rtnl_link_free() declaration from the header file. 6c9be5a nl-route-add: Add NLM_F_EXCL flag to route add aad041c genl: Provide internal function to resolve name to id ad545f2 genl: Update mt_id of cache ops when resolving genl id f9241d5 cache: Improve debugging messages of cache operations ff56710 nl: Print file:line:func in debugging messages and provide --disable-debug to disable debugging 18152ca ct: add ICMPv6 type,code and ID df66b0f genl: Fix cb reference leak in genl_ctrl_probe_by_name() 375a629 nl: Return -NLE_AGAIN if non-blocking socket would block 56eb22f msg: Pretty print generic netlink header in nl_msg_dump() ea43644 Perform no operation on nl_object_free(NULL). d3cf89e addr: only translate more recent address family names and ARP types if defined d505165 autoconf: Use PKG_CHECK_MODULES() instead of AM_PATH_CHECK() ead4cde tests: Make unit test building optional c07a6a3 attr: nla_is_nested() must access nla_type directly 59db7fb dump_attrs: "NLA_F_NESTED" => nla_is_nested(nla) 33396fa Fix leak of cb if nl_socket_alloc_cb() failed to allocate socket 3a6d256 attr: Fix typo in nla_is_nested() 979ea33 Wrong calcultation in nla_reserve ffc0ee3 configure: Convert ENABLE_UNIT_TESTS to a mere AM conditional 4e9aa6a tests: Add basic attribute unit tests ed1f4cb tests: Include util.h in dist 183052d Prepare for 3.2.22-rc1 release 8983fa9 rtnl_link_af_unregister: fix locking 807fddc nl: Increase receive buffer size to 4 pages c4d846f 3.2.22 release c76393e Add macvlan support 87bbfb6 Default to comparing all attributes if no oo_id_attrs defined 53ac502 Handle -NLE_AGAIN in nl_cache_mngr_data_ready 34a96ba netfilter/queue: generalize nfnl_queue_msg_build_verdict() d612180 netfilter/queue: introduce nfnl_queue_msg_send_verdict_batch() 01cfa9c msg: Avoid returning a negative value for nlmsg_attrlen() cd1c1e1 tests: use AM_CFLAGS instead of CFLAGS directly 2d0810e socket: Warn via debug message if local port namespace is exhausted 408a1b8 cache: Return -NLE_PROTO_MISMATCH if socket provided mismatches cache protocol c08aacc handle the case where 0 is passed to nl_size2str e77ea93 add support functions for attributes and callback handlers 7dc033f add python module for generic netlink library 89b0011 add generic netlink functions to swig 81d2b1d Add support for inet diag Netlink protocol. b3fb89f Handle the case where nl_msec2str is passed 0 msecs 162c906 Add VXLAN support. 57f1d9f link: add support for IFLA_PHYS_PORT_ID c97c8c2 Add idiag-socket-details 2ef91da More safely parse vegas info and mem info. 0eb665c Enable linker versioning 6f37b43 fix double free caused by freeing link af_data in rtnl_link_set_family() c31467e Priority of the '<' operator is higher than that of the '=' operator 8a4f16b Call to_msg_fill_raw when defined to_msg_fill is NULL 56d2bbe netfilter/ct: support optional CTA_TIMESTAMP attribute db08ef4 netfilter/ct: support optional CTA_ZONE attribute 9828326 add python examples using swig provided api 9346269 nl_cb: store nl_cb_type in struct nl_cb 86207d4 python: rework netlink callback handling 2d55872 use Callback object constructing Socket 522cf98 python: allow callback function to be a class method fa23414 python: remove unnecessary callback type definitions 6726895 python: fix typo in Socket::__str__() function b9284bc python: add send and receive functions to Socket class ae7f8cc python: remove use of PyArg_ParseTuple() for callback result f2e6f50 python: fixup VLANLink() initialization a4e588d Fixed ObjIterator for python3, fixed output of _color and added missing parameter to nl_cache_resync 1daa48c nl: Fix comment typo on recvmsgs 27019c5 nl-link-set: Add --state option fdd1ba2 route/link: fixup link->l_af_ops must be set for some kind of links cb034e1 test: add bridge creation sample defebe3 python: add basic netlink protocol bridge interface support 07669b0 test: add python bridge testing sample 978bb85 python: add bridge flags API d976e2e obj: Check for NULL pointer in nl_object_clone() 549010c rtnl-addr: set ifa_flags when creating/updating address 74db300 libnl-3.2.23-rc1 release 72bf363 doxygen-link: Be python3 compatible 3151eda doc: Add instructions on how to build docs 7f066d0 Fix up -rc1 versioning to not be included in libnl_micro_version 71ad234 include: Provide <netlink/route/link/vxlan.h> in distribution f44b82f libnl-3.2.23-rc2 release ac344b9 tests: fix make test-create-vxlan 60ceeef 3.2.23 release 43e9438 add ingress qdisc 1f3511c factor out rtnl_link_fill_info() 4263106 add veth link support 760bfab add link netns support 678753b factor out rtnl_link_info_parse() 2ae5298 python: Include all files in distribution 2d20d09 Remove extra memset from __nlmsg_alloc 4f075a4 do not compile some address families when not available d6cfd04 add initial tc action support 9073aaf add mirred tc action 6cdc32d add u32 action support 2e90ed5 add u32 action test 24e8b52 basic: add action support ff94045 add veth.h into include/ 0404011 link: Fall back to global provisioned link cache if object is not a cache resident 3ddecb3 fix linux/pkt_act.h inclusion d969a19 add fq_codel qdisc ae19ac0 add fq_codel cli module bda0f66 build: separate compiler and linker flags 6a8d90f attr: Allow attribute type 0 b50a36b The commit 6a8d90f5fec4 "attr: Allow attribute type 0" intended to allow the parsing of {netlink,packet,unix}_diag, even if they are using type 0 for valid attributes. 8b87ae5 fix rtnl_link_info_parse() and rtnl_link_fill_info() aa1c562 add a parameter to rtnl_link_veth_add() 2b7d1d5 add declaration for rtnl_cls_change() b5309e1 fix a bug in rtnl_act_fill() 017c971 rename rtnl_mirred_set_index() to rtnl_mirred_set_ifindex() ffbfe92 add rtnl_mirred_get* functions 507897a u32: add action removal API efdde42 basic: add action removal API 4b84836 basic: Add missing declaration for rtnl_basic_add_action() 438e3ff fix some typo in lib/route/act.c a858d99 basic: Declare rtnl_act in basic.h to silence warning ea0eec9 add an assertion in rtnl_tc_set_link() 7744a5a Revert "basic: Declare rtnl_act in basic.h to silence warning" 85c0192 Revert "basic: Add missing declaration for rtnl_basic_add_action()" c855e4f add declaration for rtnl_basic_add_action() bc717a9 cache: Add missing declaration for nl_cache_find() d7aca17 u32: add rtnl_u32_get_key() 02c9c25 build: fix build failure when using different build dir (make distcheck) 62c37fa libnl-3.2.24-rc1 release 2cf635b route: add libnl name prefix to global variable link_policy 42c4133 add support for IFA_FLAGS nl attribute dcc0baa addr: add address flag IFA_F_MANAGETEMPADDR 8dabf9f bridge: add rtnl_link_add_bridge() function aa8877d act: remove rtnl_act_alloc_cache() b203c89 addr: add address flag IFA_F_NOPREFIXROUTE 815e192 python: fix build error for missing library_path in 894acf7 doc: fix typo in documentation 1a510c5 libnl-3.2.24 release 4c7a307 build: fix error when running `configure --disable-doc` b701746 route: fix return value of nl_rtgen_request() 7dbf4d5 remove the obsolete src/cls directory b3b8d72 remove nl_cache_lookup() from cache.h 3fb0aae utils: fix nl_msec2str() which always returned '0msec' for whole second durations 85ec9c7 route: rtnl_route_build_msg() should not overwrite the route scope 20aa732 basic: make BASIC_ATTR_TARGET optional 59547d2 fix comments for rtnl_act_add() cdfdfb1 remove some useless code in lib/route/cls/u32.c a126d66 fill prio and protocol attr bits when parsing cls message 68d6bd7 utils: add nl_has_capability() function 015c4ee utils: indicate capability NL_CAPABILITY_ROUTE_BUILD_MSG_SET_SCOPE 67a7046 link: document sk == NULL case for rtnl_link_alloc_cache() c0a5b39 u32: add const to rtnl_u32_add_key_in*_addr() dfd0a80 route: don't enforce minlen in inet6_parse_protinfo() (IFLA_PROTINFO) and inet_parse_af() (IFLA_AF_SPEC) 3584a7a route: detect missing cfgid in rtnl_link_inet_get_conf() 5981a39 route: update kernel header snmp.h and fix inet6_parse_protinfo() after kernel API breakage 1048a61 route: rename internal copy of kernel header file 'inetdevice.h' to 'ip.h' a593803 route: update copy of kernel header 'ip.h' baa2cad route: fix off-by-one in rtnl_act_parse() 34bfce6 link: Catch missing io_free() implementations 5206c05 route/addr: only sent IFA_FLAGS when needed to workaround picky older kernels 690545a act: fix policy range check ab55ea8 link: call rtnl_link_set_type() in link_msg_parser() 12bd035 veth: implement ->io_alloc 6c8f67b veth: implement ->io_free 3700bf5 veth: use nl_object_clone() to deep copy rtnl_link object 65f218b add NLM_F_EXCL to rtnl_link_veth_add() cb319e2 python: fix wrongly passing argument to function in 8ff1999 netfilter/ct: expand CT parameters that can be used in add/delete operations 69f4a03 gitignore: ignore ctags file 6722853 doc/core: reply message should send from kernel to app f55ef93 gitignore: ignore patch files 0ba7e66 veth: grab a reference for rtnl_link_veth_get_peer() e5d9b82 act: grab a reference when adding an action to a filter a5917da gitignore: ignore 'nf-ct-add' (netfilter/ct) 6d70d83 docs: add code comment to explain the meaning of the fields in rtnl_addr_cacheinfo b8d90d9 act: fix a pointer in rtnl_act_msg_parse() 35f4473 act: fix memory leak in rtnl_act_parse() a1c9915 doc: fix wrong name in documentation for rtnl_link_bridge_alloc() 0482cdc gitignore: ignore test binaries and artifacts in "tests/" 3a95fad introduce ipip tunnel support 57bdc4f introduce gre tunnel support d715b8a introduce sit tunnel support 737d5f0 ipgre: fix attribute IPGRE_ATTR_OKEY in ipgre_put_attrs() adb9f5d ipgre: rename new public API to avoid confusion 8f63014 ipvti: introduce vti tunnel support 657e257 gitignore: ignore test binaries and artifacts in "tests/" 0fd510b lib/socket: use proper typed constant UINT32_MAX for uint32_t typed port 0271578 lib/socket: don't fail if no more local ports can be assigned in nl_socket_alloc 4dd5fdd lib/socket: retry generate local port in nl_connect on ADDRINUSE 1f734a8 lib/socket: randomize the generated local port c797542 tunnel: add a copy of include/linux/if_tunnel.h 430eb40 vlan: add support for IFLA_VLAN_PROTOCOL 4dc7246 Explicitly create output directories for flex/yacc output. 425d3d6 Use paths relative to srcdir in 1087eb5 obj: Fix dereference before NULL check 872544c msg: Remove unnecessary call of nlmsg_free on known NULL pointer 6608cd5 act: fix the logic of parsing actions bb44548 route/link: pass proper type to sizeof() for calloc() in vlan_parse() 29a3894 lib: reorder free() after printf("%p") statements d50758c route: remove unnecessary non-null check in pktloc and ematch 87682a0 cli: add error checking to nl-route-get about out-of-memory 8532ac5 cls: fix array overrun in rtnl_ematch_opnd2txt() dae0a23 cache: fix crash in nl_cache_dump_filter() when omitting the params argument d7a9e74 route/link: fix dangling pointer after rtnl_link_get_ifalias(link, NULL) 90cfeee netfilter/ct: fix calling nfnl_*_put() on uninitialized memory after nfnlmsg_*_parse() 3d5e488 route/pktloc: read_pktlocs() always returned success status 11f9cc0 ip6tnl: introduce ip6 tunnel support f8144b1 build: fix error in include/ feda705 cli: Fix typo in error message 8f82270 cache_mngr: Return proper error code if nl_socket_alloc() fails b6cadfe cache_mngr: Fix assignment of error code in nl_cache_mngr_alloc() e4c94ea doc: fix error in core documentation for nl_cache_mngr_alloc() 2ca01af u32: prevent memcpy from NULL 8e052f5 attr: prevent garbage return value for NULL param a8b352a attr: fix compile warning in headers 853c045 cache: add missing declaration of nl_cache_move() in include/netlink/cache.h 940e5d5 doc: fix by skipping invalid entries in libnl.dict 558df52 attr: nla_get_u64() should return 0 if the attribute does not fully contain 64 bit 0446731 libnl-3.2.25-rc1 release 9e0960c doc: state in documentation that libnl3 is supposed to work with 3.x kernels 9c2dbdf ip6tnl: Use <netinet/in.h> for in6_addr and stuff c62cda9 build: let script change into top source directory 94e1345 build: embed the git commit id of HEAD in the configure script c4d7000 tc: add co_groups for tc qdisc and filter dcc5375 libnl-3.2.25 release Change-Id: I5c46e7d2b808ad7baf037a49523ad69191450cbf Bug: 32255299 Test: Compile (fails)