BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jdl/masterdtc: Add -i option to support search pathsSimon Glass8 years
jdl/testingTest constant expressions in cell contexts.Jon Loeliger11 years
v1.3.0commit bc895d6d09...Jon Loeliger9 years
v1.2.0commit 52c356d81b...Jon Loeliger12 years
v1.2.0-rc2commit 17773b0e51...Jon Loeliger12 years
v1.2.0-rc1commit f8bf4bfc87...Jon Loeliger12 years
v1.1.0commit 202863e4dd...Jon Loeliger12 years
v1.1.0-rc1commit 7364cc79b5...Jon Loeliger13 years
v1.0.0commit 5cb1fbdd7c...Jon Loeliger13 years
v1.0.0-rc1commit 74ce242bf3...Jon Loeliger13 years
dwg-lastcommit f5aa792d81...David Gibson14 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2012-03-18dtc: Add -i option to support search pathsjdl/masterSimon Glass12-8/+168
2012-03-07fdtget: Add -d to provide a default valueSimon Glass2-3/+23
2012-03-07fdtget: Add -l to list the subnodes of a nodeSimon Glass1-12/+84
2012-03-07fdtget: Add -p to list the properties of a nodeSimon Glass1-6/+60
2012-03-07fdtget: Fix multiple arg bug and add test for itSimon Glass3-4/+7
2012-02-16dtc: Fix zero-length input segfaultHorst Kronstorfer1-0/+2
2012-02-03Fix uninitialized access bug in utilfdt_decode_typeDavid Gibson1-1/+4
2012-02-03Generate test data for fdtput more sensiblyDavid Gibson2-26/+41
2012-02-03Don't use diff to check fdt{get,put} resultsDavid Gibson2-12/+14
2012-02-03Clean up invocation of fdt{get,put} testsDavid Gibson4-86/+104