BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aosp/android12-5.10ANDROID: dma-buf: fix return type mismatchMinchan Kim9 hours
korg/torvalds/mastermailmap: remove the "repo-abbrev" commentÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason12 hours
aosp/android-mainlineANDROID: x86: entry: revert LSL workaroundsNick Desaulniers12 hours
korg/kvalo/ath/master-pendingMerge branch 'pending' into master-pendingKalle Valo14 hours
korg/kvalo/ath/pendingath9k: fix build error with LEDS_CLASS=mArnd Bergmann14 hours
aosp/android11-5.4UPSTREAM: usb: xhci-mtk: fix unreleased bandwidth dataIkjoon Jang14 hours
korg/kvalo/ath/masterAdd localversion-wireless-testing-athKalle Valo15 hours
korg/kvalo/ath/ath-qcaMerge branch 'ath-next' into ath-qcaKalle Valo15 hours
korg/kvalo/ath/ath-nextwcn36xx: Remove unnecessary memsetZheng Yongjun15 hours
aosp/android12-5.4ANDROID: GKI: update .xml fileGreg Kroah-Hartman18 hours
aosp/android-4.19-stableANDROID: GKI: Update ABI for clang bumpAlistair Delva27 hours
aosp/upstream-masterMerge branch 'linus' of git:// Torvalds32 hours
korg/stable/masterMerge branch 'linus' of git:// Torvalds32 hours
aosp/android-mainline-trackingDROP ME: obsolete ION documentationMatthias Maennich41 hours
aosp/android11-5.4-ltsMerge 5.4.92 into android11-5.4-ltsGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-4.19-qMerge 4.19.170 into android-4.19-qGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-4.9-qMerge 4.9.253 into android-4.9-qGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-4.9-pMerge 4.9.253 into android-4.9-pGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-4.9-oMerge 4.9.253 into android-4.9-oGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-4.14-stableMerge 4.14.217 into android-4.14-stableGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-4.14-qMerge 4.14.217 into android-4.14-qGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-4.4-pMerge 4.4.253 into android-4.4-pGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-4.14-pMerge 4.14.217 into android-4.14-pGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-4.4-oMerge 4.4.253 into android-4.4-oGreg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/upstream-linux-5.10.yLinux 5.10.10Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
korg/stable/linux-5.10.yLinux 5.10.10Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
korg/stable/linux-rolling-ltsMerge v5.10.10Sasha Levin4 days
korg/stable/linux-rolling-stableMerge v5.10.10Sasha Levin4 days
aosp/upstream-linux-5.4.yLinux 5.4.92Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
korg/stable/linux-5.4.yLinux 5.4.92Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/upstream-linux-4.19.yLinux 4.19.170Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
korg/stable/linux-4.19.yLinux 4.19.170Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/upstream-linux-4.14.yLinux 4.14.217Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
korg/stable/linux-4.14.yLinux 4.14.217Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/upstream-linux-4.9.yLinux 4.9.253Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
korg/stable/linux-4.9.yLinux 4.9.253Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/upstream-linux-4.4.yLinux 4.4.253Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
korg/stable/linux-4.4.yLinux 4.4.253Greg Kroah-Hartman4 days
aosp/android-3.18spi: pxa2xx: Fix use-after-free on unbindLukas Wunner5 days
linaro-landing-teams/integration-linux-qcomltMerge remote-tracking branch 'sm8350-dts/tracking-qcomlt-sm8350-dts' into int...Linaro CI6 days
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sm8250arm64: dts: qcom: qrb5165-rb5: bind pwm pins in the lpg nodeDmitry Baryshkov6 days
aosp/android-trusty-5.4ANDROID: trusty_qemu_defconfig: Enable lock debugArve Hjønnevåg6 days
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-audioASoC: qcom: Fix broken support to MI2S TERTIARY and QUATERNARYSrinivas Kandagatla6 days
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-ov8856-bayer-modemedia: ov8856: Configure sensor for GRBG Bayer for all modesRobert Foss7 days
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdx55-driversinterconnect: qcom: Add SDX55 interconnect provider driverManivannan Sadhasivam7 days
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-arm64-defconfigarch/arm64/configs/defconfig: Enable UFS_FS{,_WRITE} needed by DB8{20,45}cAníbal Limón7 days
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdx55-dtsARM: dts: qcom: sdx55: Add interconnect nodesManivannan Sadhasivam8 days
linaro-landing-teams/release/qcomlt-5.10arch/arm64/configs/defconfig: Enable USB_DWC3_ULPI for db820cAníbal Limón8 days
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sm8350-driversdt-bindings: usb: qcom,dwc3: Add bindings for SM8150, SM8250, SM8350Jack Pham9 days
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sm8350-dtsarm64: dts: qcom: sm8350: make usb mode as hostVinod Koul11 days
aosp/android-4.4-o-mr1ANDROID: xt_qtaguid: Remove tag_entry from process list on untagKalesh Singh2 weeks
aosp/android-3.18-o-mr1ANDROID: xt_qtaguid: Remove tag_entry from process list on untagKalesh Singh2 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/alimon/trackingMerge tag 'v5.10.3' into alimon/trackingAníbal Limón2 weeks
kernel.lnx.4.4.r44-relMerge "net: ipv6: Use passed in table for nexthop lookups" into kernel.lnx.4....Linux Build Service Account2 weeks
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.28msm: kgsl: Protect the memdesc->gpuaddr in SVM use casesJordan Crouse3 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/release/qcomlt-5.9Merge tag 'v5.9.16' into release/qcomlt-5.9Aníbal Limón3 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-usb-renesasusb: renesas-xhci: Revert "usb: renesas-xhci: remove version check"Vinod Koul3 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-gsiarm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: enable dma for spiVinod Koul3 weeks
kernel.lnx.4.4.r42-relMerge "msm: kgsl: Correct the refcount on current process PID" into kernel.ln...Linux Build Service Account3 weeks
aosp/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-5.4.yfs-verity: move structs needed for file signing to UAPI headerEric Biggers3 weeks
LA.UM.6.2.c26msm: kgsl: Correct the refcount on current process PIDArchana Sriram3 weeks
LA.UM.7.2.c25msm: kgsl: Correct the refcount on current process PIDArchana Sriram3 weeks
LA.UM.8.2.c25msm: kgsl: Correct the refcount on current process PIDArchana Sriram3 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdx55-defconfigARM: configs: qcom_defconfig: Enable Command DB driverManivannan Sadhasivam4 weeks
LA.UM.6.1.c25msm: kgsl: Correct the refcount on current process PIDArchana Sriram4 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sm8350-defconfigarm64: defconfig: qcom: enable clock and pinctrl for SM8350Vinod Koul4 weeks
LA.UM.6.2.c27msm: kgsl: Correct the refcount on current process PIDArchana Sriram4 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-revert-plugin-checkRevert "gcc-plugins: simplify GCC plugin-dev capability test"Dmitry Baryshkov4 weeks
aosp/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-5.10.yfs-verity: move structs needed for file signing to UAPI headerEric Biggers4 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/masterLinux 5.11-rc1Linus Torvalds4 weeks
aosp/android-4.19-q-releasex86/speculation: Avoid force-disabling IBPB based on STIBP and enhanced IBRS.Anthony Steinhauser5 weeks
aosp/android-4.14-q-releasex86/speculation: Avoid force-disabling IBPB based on STIBP and enhanced IBRS.Anthony Steinhauser5 weeks
aosp/android-4.9-q-releasex86/speculation: Avoid force-disabling IBPB based on STIBP and enhanced IBRS.Anthony Steinhauser5 weeks
aosp/android-4.14-p-releasefs/binfmt_elf.c: allocate initialized memory in fill_thread_core_info()Alexander Potapenko5 weeks
aosp/android-4.9-p-releasefs/binfmt_elf.c: allocate initialized memory in fill_thread_core_info()Alexander Potapenko5 weeks
aosp/android-4.9-o-releasefs/binfmt_elf.c: allocate initialized memory in fill_thread_core_info()Alexander Potapenko5 weeks
aosp/android-4.4-p-releasefs/binfmt_elf.c: allocate initialized memory in fill_thread_core_info()Alexander Potapenko5 weeks
aosp/android-4.4-o-releasefs/binfmt_elf.c: allocate initialized memory in fill_thread_core_info()Alexander Potapenko5 weeks
aosp/android-3.18-o-releasefs/binfmt_elf.c: allocate initialized memory in fill_thread_core_info()Alexander Potapenko5 weeks
korg/stable/linux-5.9.yLinux 5.9.16Greg Kroah-Hartman5 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-db845c-fix-ov8856-nodearm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-db845c: Fix reset-pin of ov8856 nodeRobert Foss5 weeks
korg/kvalo/ath/pending-deferredath11k: dp: clean up a variable nameDan Carpenter6 weeks
korg/kvalo/ath/ath-currentath11k: pci: disable ASPM L0sLs before downloading firmwareCarl Huang6 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdm845-dpWIP: arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-db845c: enable DisplayPort supportDmitry Baryshkov6 weeks
korg/kvalo/ath/ath11k-qca6390-bringupHACK: Revert "mm/page_alloc: place pages to tail in __free_pages_core()"Kalle Valo6 weeks
aosp/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.14.yf2fs: compress: fix compression chksumChao Yu7 weeks
aosp/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.19.yf2fs: compress: fix compression chksumChao Yu7 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/release/rb5/qcomlt-5.10arm64: dts: qcom: sm8250: add ddrss_sf_tbu clock to PCIe device nodesDmitry Baryshkov7 weeks
kernel.lnx.4.4.r40-relasoc: msm: qdsp6v2: update passthru value for pcm streamGangadhar S7 weeks
aosp/mirror-pa-android12-5.10-stagingRevert "Revert "Revert "Revert "ANDROID: enable LLVM_IAS=1 for clang's integr...Nick Desaulniers7 weeks
aosp/android-4.9-o-mr1do_epoll_ctl(): clean the failure exits up a bitAl Viro8 weeks
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-cci-irq-errori2c: qcom: Fix IRQ error misassignementRobert Foss2 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-lt9611-fix-4kdrm/bridge: lt9611: Fix handling of 4k panelsRobert Foss2 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-audio-oldASoC: codec: lpass-va-macro: add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLEDmitry Baryshkov2 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-config-fragmentsdistro.config: Enable OV7251 and OV8856 driversRobert Foss2 months
iot-kernel.lnx.4.4.c1Merge "crypto: Fix possible stack out of bound error" into iot-kernel.lnx.4.4.c1Linux Build Service Account2 months
kernel.lnx.4.4.r43-relMerge 40c3d780e9fff1d48980227b4a47569b7811bf10 on remote branchLinux Build Service Account2 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-ov8856-remove-modemedia: ov8856: Remove 3280x2464 modeRobert Foss2 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.51crypto: Fix possible stack out of bound errorTanwee Kausar2 months
kernel.lnx.4.4.r39-relMerge 0ac4b189f1d32a8511f0f3aff88c77ccacc2ab46 on remote branchLinux Build Service Account2 months
kernel.lnx.4.4.r38-relMerge 0ac4b189f1d32a8511f0f3aff88c77ccacc2ab46 on remote branchLinux Build Service Account2 months
kernel.lnx.4.4.r41-relcrypto: Fix possible stack out of bound errorTanwee Kausar3 months
LA.UM.6.2.c25Merge "crypto: Fix possible stack out of bound error"Linux Build Service Account3 months
korg/stable/linux-5.8.yLinux 5.8.18Greg Kroah-Hartman3 months
kernel.lnx.4.4.r34-relcrypto: Fix possible stack out of bound errorTanwee Kausar3 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-interconnectarm64: defconfig: Enable interconnect driversGeorgi Djakov3 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-remoteprocremoteproc: qcom: wcnss: Add iris completion barrierLoic Poulain3 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-qcs404-defconfigarm64: defconfig: enable USB phy drivers for qcs404Shawn Guo3 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-iommuiommu/arm-smmu-qcom: Implement S2CR quirkBjorn Andersson3 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-fixes-alimonLinux 5.10-rc1Linus Torvalds3 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/rb5/qcomlt-5.9drm/msm/dsi_pll_7nm: fix VCO rate calculationDmitry Baryshkov3 months
LA.UM.5.7.c25Merge "crypto: Fix possible stack out of bound error"Linux Build Service Account4 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.50msm_serial_hs: Fix race between setup_timer and mod_timer callsVenkata Manasa Kakarla4 months
aosp/deprecated/android-5.4-stableANDROID: ABI: Update allowed list for GALAXYJeehong Kim4 months
aosp/deprecated/android-5.4ANDROID: mm: add generic __va_function and __pa_functionSami Tolvanen4 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-8996-power-domainarm64: dts: qcom: msm8996: Add VFE1_GDSC power domain to camss nodeRobert Foss4 months
LA.HB.1.1.8.c2Merge "msm: kgsl: Remove VM_MAYWRITE flag to restrict mprotect"Linux Build Service Account5 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-ov8856-modesmedia: ov8856: Add support for 3264x2448 modeRobert Foss5 months
auto-kernel.lnx.4.4.r1-relmsm: kgsl: Remove VM_MAYWRITE flag to restrict mprotectIndira Biruduraju5 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/qcomlt-5.8Merge tag 'v5.8.5' into release/qcomlt-5.8Aníbal Limón5 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/qcomlt-5.7Merge tag 'v5.7.19' into release/qcomlt-5.7Aníbal Limón5 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-lt9611arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-db845c: Fix hdmi nodesVinod Koul5 months
korg/stable/linux-5.7.yLinux 5.7.19Greg Kroah-Hartman5 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-camss-libcameramedia: camss: __video_try_fmt(): don't use hardcoded constantsAndrey Konovalov5 months
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.27Merge "msm: kgsl: Mark the scratch buffer as privileged"Linux Build Service Account5 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-msm8996-dtarm64: dts: pmi8994: fix regulator name to resolve dtsi conflictDmitry Baryshkov5 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdm845-db845c-dtsLinux 5.9-rc1Linus Torvalds5 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.49msm: kgsl: Mark the scratch buffer as privilegedAkhil P Oommen5 months
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.21msm: kgsl: Fix possible use-after-free while adding context to active listKamal Agrawal6 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/qcomlt-5.4Merge tag 'v5.4.54' into release/qcomlt-5.4Aníbal Limón6 months
linaro-landing-teams/ipa_lite_59-and-beyondarm64: defconfig: enable build of IPA (and RMNET) codeAlex Elder6 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.48Merge "usb: host: xhci-ring: Add NULL check for xhci->devs"Linux Build Service Account6 months
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.25Merge "msm: adsprpc: Fix array index underflow problem" into LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.25Linux Build Service Account7 months
aosp/deprecated/android-4.19Merge 4.19.132 into android-4.19Greg Kroah-Hartman7 months
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.14ARM: dts: msm: Remove cpu max frequency restriction on cold temp for msm8996.Dheeraj Kumar Chaudhary7 months
linaro-landing-teams/qcomlt/release/qcomlt-5.7arm64: dts: qcom: msm8996: Reduce vdd_apc voltageNicolas Dechesne7 months
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.20Revert "debugobjects: use kmemleak_not_leak for debug object memory"Jiacheng Zheng7 months
aosp/android-trusty-4.19trusty: Extend smc function and move to arch specific asm fileArve Hjønnevåg7 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/android/qcomlt-4.14qcom_defconfig: Disable CONFIG_ION_SYSTEM_HEAPAníbal Limón7 months
korg/stable/linux-5.6.yLinux 5.6.19Greg Kroah-Hartman7 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.47ARM: dts: msm: Disable builtin bridge position on auto 8996 boardsRahul Sharma7 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-fixes-without-devfreq-revertsdrm/msm/hdmi: Switch to DRM_CONNECTOR_POLL_HPDArchit Taneja7 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-cci-camssarm64: defconfig: Enable QCOM CAMSS and CCI driversLoic Poulain7 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-drm-msmdrm/msm/hdmi: Switch to DRM_CONNECTOR_POLL_HPDArchit Taneja7 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sm8150-gccLinux 5.8-rc1Linus Torvalds7 months
linaro-landing-teams/lumag/sm8250-testdrm/msm/a6xx: skip HFI set freq if GMU is powered downJonathan Marek8 months
korg/stable/linux-3.16.yLinux 3.16.85Ben Hutchings8 months
aosp/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.9.yf2fs: flush dirty meta pages when flushing themJaegeuk Kim8 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.46drm/msm/dsi: add builtin bridge pos support in dsi panelRahul Sharma8 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.27ARM: dts: msm: Remove cpu max frequency restriction on cold temp for msm8996.Dheeraj Kumar Chaudhary9 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-fastrpcWIP: misc: fastrpc: add support to mmap remote heapSrinivas Kandagatla9 months
LA.HB.1.1.8.r1Disable edrm in kernel for LA.HB.1.1.8.c1.Richard J K9 months
korg/stable/linux-5.5.yLinux 5.5.19Greg Kroah-Hartman9 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.r1asoc: msm-compress: Add missing mutex initialization for pdataJhansi Konathala9 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-wcd9335ASoC: wcd9335: add mbhc supportSrinivas Kandagatla10 months
aosp/deprecated/android-4.14ANDROID: power: wakeup_reason: wake reason enhancementsKelly Rossmoyer10 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdm845-pcieusb: xhci: provide a debugfs hook for erasing romVinod Koul10 months
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.23Merge "media: vivid: Fix wrong locking that causes race conditions on streami...Linux Build Service Account11 months
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.24Merge "media: vivid: Fix wrong locking that causes race conditions on streami...Linux Build Service Account11 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.44mm: get rid of vmacache_flush_all() entirelyLinus Torvalds11 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdm845-db845carm64: dts: db845c: add Low speed expansion i2c and spi nodesSrinivas Kandagatla11 months
auto-kernel.lnx.4.4.r2-reliommu: dma-mapping-fast: Add a check for count in fast_smmu_allocVijayanand Jitta11 months
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.18msm: vidc: remove additional checks in response_handlerGovindaraj Rajagopal11 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.43Revert "ASoC: msm: support 192KHz sample rate and 24bit for mi2s"Richard J K11 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-qcs404-dtarm64: dts: qcom: qcs404: Add fastrpc nodesThierry Escande12 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sm8150-dtLinux 5.6-rc1Linus Torvalds12 months
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb2.4msm: vidc: remove additional checks in response_handlerGovindaraj Rajagopal12 months
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.19diag: Update diag logging mask for log codesManoj Prabhu B12 months
kernel.lnx.4.4.r35-relMerge 6c47c43f873959a6c5e83232fc451858131be64b on remote branchLinux Build Service Account12 months
korg/kvalo/ath/ath11k-qca6390-mhiMerge branch 'mhi-upstream-wip' of Valo12 months
kernel.lnx.4.4.r27-relMerge 475ec0e1a51a024c9e0c37130ecf23eb349e561e on remote branchLinux Build Service Account12 months
LA.UM.6.1.1Merge "asoc: msm-compress: Replace goto with return in case of invalid value"Linux Build Service Account12 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.42Revert "ASoC: msm: support 192KHz sample rate and 24bit for mi2s"Richard J K12 months
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.13Merge "msm: pcie: Use local variable for manipulation" into LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.13Linux Build Service Account13 months
korg/stable/linux-5.3.yLinux 5.3.18Greg Kroah-Hartman13 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.41Merge "msm: ipa: add additional checks to prevent use-after free errors" into...Linux Build Service Account14 months
aosp/experimental/eas-devANDROID: sched/fair: Bias EAS placement for latencyQuentin Perret14 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-cpr-msm8916-wipdiffs for msm8916Niklas Cassel14 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-cpr-v7arm64: defconfig: enable CONFIG_ARM_QCOM_CPUFREQ_NVMEMNiklas Cassel14 months
aosp/deprecated/android-4-4-nMerge 4.4.205 into android-4.4-nGreg Kroah-Hartman14 months
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.22ASoC: Fix possible overflow in routing driverSoumya Managoli14 months
korg/kvalo/ath/ath11k-post-bringupath11k: fix indentation in ath11k_mac_prepare_he_mode()John Crispin14 months
korg/kvalo/ath/pending-ath11ktrivial: ath11k: fix indentation errorJohn Crispin14 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/db845c/qcomlt-5.2arm64: defconfig: Enable WiFi for db845cBjorn Andersson14 months
korg/kvalo/ath/ath11k-bringupdt: bindings: net: ath11k: change licenseKalle Valo15 months
aosp/deprecated/android-4-4-n-releaseext4: zero out the unused memory region in the extent tree blockSriram Rajagopalan15 months
aosp/deprecated/android-3.18-n-releaseext4: zero out the unused memory region in the extent tree blockSriram Rajagopalan15 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.40soc: msm-pcm: Add mutex lock to protect prvt dataSoumya Managoli15 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-ath10kath10k: qmi: Sleep for a while before assigning MSA memoryBjorn Andersson15 months
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.12Merge "PM / devfreq: gpubw_mon: Add null check for governor private data" int...Linux Build Service Account15 months
korg/stable/linux-5.2.yLinux 5.2.21Greg Kroah-Hartman16 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-qcs404-cpufreqclk: qcom: hfpll: CLK_IGNORE_UNUSEDJorge Ramirez-Ortiz16 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.39Merge changes Ic0dedbad,Ic0dedbad,Ic0dedbad,Ic0dedbad into LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.39Linux Build Service Account16 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.26msm_vidc: Add checks to avoid OOB access(refined)Sanjay Singh16 months
korg/kvalo/ath/ath10k-pending-sdio-usbHACK: ath10k: high latency fixes for beacon bufferAlagu Sankar16 months
auto-kernel.lnx.4.4.c6icnss: Correct condition to check invalid address rangeNaman Padhiar16 months
aosp/deprecated/android-4.4Merge 4.4.194 into android-4.4Greg Kroah-Hartman16 months
aosp/deprecated/android-4.9Merge 4.9.194 into android-4.9Greg Kroah-Hartman16 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-ufsarm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: Specify UFS device-reset GPIOBjorn Andersson16 months
linaro-landing-teams/chromeos-4.14-gw-arm64-errata/chromeos-4.14-gw-fixconfigCHROMIUM: config: Enable ARM64 erratasNiklas Cassel16 months
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.17Merge "msm: qcn: Change spin_lock api to synchronize clients"Linux Build Service Account16 months
kernel.lnx.4.4.r37-relRevert "msm: camera_v2: CPP AXI reset at close"Venu Raidu17 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/qcomlt-4.14media: venus: venc: Fix framerate/frameintervalLoic Poulain17 months
linaro-landing-teams/integration-experimentalenable cpufreq driversAmit Kucheria17 months
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.20Merge "serial: msm_serial_hs: Add bam pipe reset in bam initialization" into ...Linux Build Service Account17 months
linaro-landing-teams/chromiumos-4.14-iommu-mmap-gw/kmemleak-fixesCHROMIUM: WAR: rpmsg: glink: Fix reuse intents memory leak issueArun Kumar Neelakantam17 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.37Merge "drm/msm: fix re-entry problem for msm_atomic_commit"Linux Build Service Account17 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.24Merge "ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Remove param_size from pkt_size of apr header" int...Linux Build Service Account17 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.25Merge "arm64: kaslr: Reserve size of ARM64_MEMSTART_ALIGN in linear region"Linux Build Service Account17 months
linaro-landing-teams/msm8996-cpuidle[WIP] arm64: dts: msm8996: add deeper idle statesAmit Kucheria18 months
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.10scsi: ufs: sysfs: health descriptorStanislav Nijnikov18 months
aosp/deprecated/android-4.19-gki-devMerge 4.19.65 into android-4.19-gki-devGreg Kroah-Hartman18 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.36Merge changes I31c9a556,I68c0e8c4 into LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.36Linux Build Service Account18 months
LE.UM.1.3.r3.25msm: ais: jpegdma: Added missing lock for dqbuf and streamonE V Ravi18 months
aosp/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-3.18.yf2fs: use EINVAL for superblock with invalid magicIcenowy Zheng18 months
aosp/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.4.yf2fs: use EINVAL for superblock with invalid magicIcenowy Zheng18 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdm845-displayusb: xhci: handle uPD720201 and uPD720202 w/o ROMChristian Lamparter18 months
korg/stable/linux-5.1.yLinux 5.1.21Greg Kroah-Hartman18 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.23msm: vidc: add additional check to avoid out of bound accessGovindaraj Rajagopal18 months
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.18Merge "msm: jpeg: Change io dump logic"Linux Build Service Account19 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdm845-qmparm64: dts: sdm845: add support to hexagon dsp audio supportSrinivas Kandagatla19 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c2_rb1.10Merge "msm: sensor: actuator: fix out of bound read for bivcm region params"Linux Build Service Account19 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/db845c/qcomlt-5.1arm64: dts: sdm845: Set 'bi_tcxo' as ref clock of the DSI PHYsMatthias Kaehlcke19 months
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.18msm: ais: sensor: actuator: fix out of bound read for bivcm region paramsE V Ravi19 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.35msm: adsprpc: maintain local copy of rpra offloaded to DSPTharun Kumar Merugu19 months
aosp/cuttlefish-4.14ANDROID: Move from clang r349610 to clang-r353983d.Nick Desaulniers19 months
aosp/cuttlefish-4.4ANDROID: Move from clang r349610 to clang-r353983d.Nick Desaulniers19 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sm8150-tlmmpinctrl: qcom: Add SM8150 pinctrl driverPrasad Sodagudi19 months
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.9net: sockev: avoid races between sockev and socket_closeSharath Chandra Vurukala20 months
korg/stable/linux-5.0.yLinux 5.0.21Greg Kroah-Hartman20 months
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.16net: sockev: avoid races between sockev and socket_closeSharath Chandra Vurukala20 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.21Merge "msm: ipa: fix to validate input parameters" into LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.21Linux Build Service Account20 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.34net: sockev: avoid races between sockev and socket_closeSharath Chandra Vurukala20 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c2_rb1.8net: sockev: avoid races between sockev and socket_closeSharath Chandra Vurukala20 months
aosp/upstream-linux-3.18.yLinux 3.18.140Greg Kroah-Hartman20 months
korg/stable/linux-3.18.yLinux 3.18.140Greg Kroah-Hartman20 months
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.17dsp: afe: check for payload size before payload accessKarthikeyan Mani21 months
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.14Revert "ASoC: msm: Enable QUAT_MI2S and SEC_MI2S interface"Yong Zhang21 months
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.14msm: adm: validate ADSP payload size before accessVignesh Kulothungan21 months
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.17defconfig: msm: Enable MFSE QMI client driver on automotiveAjay Agarwal21 months
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9Merge tag 'v4.9.169' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9Mark Brown21 months
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14-rtMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14-rtMark Brown21 months
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14Merge tag 'v4.14.112' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14Mark Brown21 months
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.8dsp: afe: check for payload size before payload accessKarthikeyan Mani21 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.32Merge "msm: vidc: fix KCFI errors"Linux Build Service Account22 months
msm-4.4.c10soc: qcom: qmi_encdec: Restrict string length in decodeDeepak Kumar Singh22 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c2_rb1.7msm: ipa: fix to validate the ioctl WAN_IOC_SEND_LAN_CLIENT_MSG paramsChaitanya Pratapa22 months
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.12msm: asm: validate ADSP data before accessVignesh Kulothungan22 months
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.16Merge "iommu/iommu-debug: fix buffer overflows in debugfs read functions"Linux Build Service Account22 months
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.15msm: asm: validate ADSP data before accessVignesh Kulothungan22 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.19msm: asm: validate ADSP data before accessVignesh Kulothungan22 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-8996-dvfsarm64: defconfig: Enable options needed for cpufreq on 8996Amit Kucheria22 months
aosp/android-trusty-4.14trusty: Enable dynamic-debugArve Hjønnevåg22 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/chromiumos-4.14-r4INTERNAL: arm64: dts: qcom: qcs404: update trip temperaturesAmit Kucheria22 months
korg/stable/linux-4.20.yLinux 4.20.17Greg Kroah-Hartman22 months
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.7drivers: soc: qcom: Added check to avoid opening multiple instanceAjit Pandey22 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c2_rb1.6drivers: soc: qcom: Added check to avoid opening multiple instanceAjit Pandey23 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.18asoc: codecs: Fix out of bound register accessLaxminath Kasam23 months
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.13Merge "soc: qcom: subsystem_notif_virt: Add support for GHS platform"Linux Build Service Account23 months
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-soundwiresoundwire: add device tree support for adding slavesSrinivas Kandagatla23 months
linaro-landing-teams/chromiumos-4.14-r2-fastrpcFROMLIST: misc: fastrpc: increase max init file size to 64 MBSrinivas Kandagatla23 months
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.15dsp: asm: Add check for num_channels before calling q6asm_map_channelsRohit kumar23 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/chromiumos-4.14-r3INTERNAL: Change the compatible to distinguish platformsKhasim Syed Mohammed23 months
linaro-landing-teams/release/chromiumos-4.14-r2CHROMIUM: config: Enable FAN53555 regulator driverBjorn Andersson23 months
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.6msm: vidc: ensure codec count is in supported session rangeDikshita Agarwal23 months
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.31Merge "drm/msm/dsi-staging: add support to configure dsi clock"Linux Build Service Account23 months
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14-testARM: fix the cockup in the previous patchRussell King23 months
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.19-testARM: fix the cockup in the previous patchRussell King23 months
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9-testARM: fix the cockup in the previous patchRussell King23 months
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.11Merge "staging: android/sync: Signal fences if timeline is destroyed"Linux Build Service Account24 months
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.12Revert "i2c: add virtual i2c driver"xianzhu24 months
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9-androidMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9-androidAmit Pundir24 months
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.14msm: vidc: Ensure validity of shared Q indicesVikash Garodia24 months
LA.HB.1.1.5.c2_rb1.5ARM: dts: msm: Update lk-pool reserved memory nodeVivek Kumar2 years
aosp/android-trusty-4.9[trusty-virtio] Add null terminator to of_device_id tableRoberto Pereira2 years
aosp/android-trusty-4.4[trusty-virtio] Add null terminator to of_device_id tableRoberto Pereira2 years
rel/msm-4.4.r9Merge "Revert "UPSTREAM: binder: fix proc->files use-after-free"." into rel/m...Linux Build Service Account2 years
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdm845-dtarm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: Add UFS nodes for sdm845-mtpCan Guo2 years
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.11msm: vidc: ignore processing responses in invalid stateDarshan Kumsi Srinivasa2 years
linaro-landing-teams/release/chromiumos-4.14-r1arm64: dts: qcom: qcs404: sdcc1: enable HS400Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz2 years
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.5msm: drm: fix for static splash handoff problemRahul Sharma2 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r36-relmsm: camera: Fix invalid type conversionAbhishek Abbanaveni2 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9-rtMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9-rtMark Brown2 years
CogSystems-msm-44/msm-4.9-hypokl4_vtty: fix BUG_ON when tty buffer is fullFrank Bauer2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.16msm: ais: Fix for OOB security CRE V Ravi2 years
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.4msm: ais: Update request from kernel to lkE V Ravi2 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidMark Brown2 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-rtMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-rtMark Brown2 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4Merge tag 'v4.4.167' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4Mark Brown2 years
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.10Merge "msm: adsprpc: allocate all remote memory in kernel"Linux Build Service Account2 years
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.14msm: adsprpc: allocate all remote memory in kernelTharun Kumar Merugu2 years
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb2.1msm: adsprpc: allocate all remote memory in kernelTharun Kumar Merugu2 years
aosp/experimental/android-4.19BACKPORT: sched/fair: Fix cpu_util_wake() for 'execl' type workloadsPatrick Bellasi2 years
aosp/deprecated/android-3.10net: Set sk_prot_creator when cloning sockets to the right protoChristoph Paasch2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.30ASoC: msm: Refer to the correct pcm device for substream runtime infoPuneeth Prabhu2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c2_rb1.4msm: adsprpc: allocate all remote memory in kernelTharun Kumar Merugu2 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.13msm: ipa: Remove assert on ep emptyMohammed2 years
linaro-landing-teams/shawnguo/blsp1_uart3arm64: dts: qcom: Enable blsp1_uart3 for qcs404-evbShawn Guo2 years
linaro-landing-teams/dev/chromiumos-4.14CHROMIUM: config: enable LEDS_PCA9956Nicolas Dechesne2 years
korg/stable/linux-4.18.yLinux 4.18.20Greg Kroah-Hartman2 years
linaro-landing-teams/shawnguo/chromiumos-4.14-usbdebugging: dts: qcs404-evb: add extcon OF graph for ssphyShawn Guo2 years
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.3ASoC: Fix UBSAN warning at snd_soc_get/put_volsw_sx()Rohit kumar2 years
linaro-landing-teams/shawnguo/qcs404-usbdebugging: printk in extcon-usb-gpioShawn Guo2 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.47msm: ipa: Protect ipa default routing tableMohammed Javid2 years
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-8916-dvfsarm64: dts: add spmi-regulator nodesStephen Boyd2 years
LV.HB.1.1.6_rb1.10Merge "soc: qcom: Remove smp2p test support" into LV.HB.1.1.6_rb1.10Linux Build Service Account2 years
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.9Merge "ARM: dts: msm: Add pcie-ep device for msm8996"Linux Build Service Account2 years
linaro/v4.14/topic/opteetee: fix unbalanced context refcount in register shm from fdEtienne Carriere2 years
linaro-landing-teams/bjorn/qcs404-usbarm64: defconfig/distro.conf: Select USB configsBjorn Andersson2 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r29-relpage-flags: define PG_locked behavior on compound pagesKirill A. Shutemov2 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-testARM: spectre-v1: mitigate user accessesRussell King2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c2_rb1.3adv7481: Fix NULL dereference on errorSuprith Malligere Shankaregowda2 years
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.10Merge "soc: qcom: Remove smp2p test support"Linux Build Service Account2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.15Merge "cnss2: Update QMI files with cold cal data changes"Linux Build Service Account2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.29Merge "xfrm: validate template mode" into LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.29Linux Build Service Account2 years
LA.HB.1.1.8_rb1.1qseecom: fix kclient free issue in qseecom_removeZhen Kong2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.28Merge "qseecom: fix kclient free issue in qseecom_remove" into LA.HB.1.1.5_rb...Linux Build Service Account2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.14soc: hab: add more return error checkingYajun Li2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c2_rb1.2wcnss: Fix buffer overflow in wcnss_prealloc_getAnurag Chouhan2 years
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.7msm-pci: remove clock control at GreenHills PlatformChaoli Zhou2 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.12soc: qcom: glink_smem_native_xprt: init in_ssr before request IRQ.Yimin Peng2 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.44nl80211: nl80211_update_ft_ies to validate NL80211_ATTR_IEArunk Khandavalli2 years
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.9Merge "cnss2: Clear CNSS_DEV_ERR_NOTIFY after collecting firmware dump"Linux Build Service Account2 years
LV.HB.1.1.6_rb1.8Merge "ANDROID: Bluetooth: hidp: buffer overflow in hidp_process_report" into...Linux Build Service Account2 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.24diag: Prevent out of bound access while initializing msg maskManoj Prabhu B2 years
BosSen-msm-44/masterAdded support for BMI160.Bosch Sensortec2 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.23drm/msm: check HDMI HFVSDB block before adding formatsVidyasagar Pasmel2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.13msm: ipa3: Add mutex to prevent race conditionMohammed Javid2 years
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.13Revert "net: memset smsg to avoid the padding data"Guojun Qian2 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.27msm: ipa3: Add mutex to prevent race conditionMohammed Javid2 years
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-slimbusLinux 4.19-rc1Linus Torvalds2 years
korg/stable/linux-4.17.yLinux 4.17.19Greg Kroah-Hartman2 years
LV.HB.1.1.6_rb1.7Revert "msm: adsprpc: DSP device node to provide restricted access to ADSP/SLPI"Tharun Kumar Merugu2 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.22ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Fix rtac memory unmap issue in ASM driverAditya Bavanari2 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.20ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Add mutex protection for rtac cal apisRamprasad Katkam2 years
linaro/linux-linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9-testMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9-rtMark Brown2 years
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.6msm: support cnss & msm-pci driver at GreenHill platformChaoli Zhou2 years
LV.HB.0.0.1_rb1.11msm: camera: Fix out-of-bounds read in string class name.Trishansh Bhardwaj2 years
LV.HB.1.1.6_rb1.6msm: camera: Fix out-of-bounds read in string class name.Trishansh Bhardwaj3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.26drm/sde: report MDP underrun error only if not stabilizedRahul Sharma3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.18Merge "ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Add mutex protection for rtac cal apis" into LE.UM...Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.46Merge "msm: mpm: call of_mpm_init with specific irq domain" into LV.HB.1.1.1_...Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.12Merge "Merge android-4.4.139 (7ba5557) into msm-4.4"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LA.HB.1.5.2_rb1.18Merge "usb: misc: Fix incorrect use of keywords in Kconfig"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.25msm8996: pm: dt: suppress hs_usbphy interrupt to wake upVENKATA RAO KAKANI3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.17Merge changes I648e8641,I629c39ea,I01176ef9,Iacf42ca7,Ic0dedbad into LE.UM.1....Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.5BT/WIFI changes for the ghs lv gvm for D8 releaseGuojun Qian3 years
korg/stable/linux-4.16.yLinux 4.16.18Greg Kroah-Hartman3 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.11Merge "ion: invalidate the pool pointers after free" into LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.11Linux Build Service Account3 years
msm-4.4Merge "soc: qcom: hab: make LA compilation pass"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.1.1.6_rb1.5msm: sde: Add mutex unlock for debug buffer access in rotatorYunyun Cao3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1.c1_rb1.3Merge "defconfig: MSM8998: enable F2FS configs"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.8Merge "usb: core: Resume the devices on pm restore"Linux Build Service Account3 years
korg/stable/linux-3.2.yLinux 3.2.102Ben Hutchings3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.16msm: pcie: Add proper check before accessing variablesRama Krishna Phani A3 years
korg/stable/linux-4.1.yLinux 4.1.52Sasha Levin3 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.45Revert "msm: sde: Add mutex lock for debug buffer access in rotator"Yingzhong.Zha3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.24drm/msm : check buffer size before writing to user bufferHarsh Sahu3 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.10Revert "ARM: dts: msm: IPA clock switches to virtual clock on msm8996 vplatform"Zhiqiang Tu3 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9-rt-testMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9-rtMark Brown3 years
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.4ASoC: msm: Update channel mixer weight mixer controlCong Tang3 years
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.11msm:ais: Remove recursive locksSuprith Malligere Shankaregowda3 years
invensense/masterMA Lite 8.1.5Eiji Iwatsuki3 years
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-sdm845-miscmailbox: Add support for Qualcomm SDM845 SoCsSibi Sankar3 years
linaro-landing-teams/tracking/sdm845/defconfigarm64: defconfig: Enable GENI serial consoleBjorn Andersson3 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.9voice_svc: Avoid double free in voice_svc driverAditya Bavanari3 years
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-fixesarm64: msm8916: fix gic_irq_domain_translate warningsSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-apq8064-dtARM: dts: qcom-apq8064: fix gic_irq_domain_translate warningsThierry Escande3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.23ARM: dts: msm: Add ldo29 and ldo31 to neutrino device nodeBalachandra C S3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.7voice_svc: Avoid double free in voice_svc driverAditya Bavanari3 years
msm-4.4.c7Merge "usbnet: move the CDC parser into USB core"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.1.1.6_rb1.4Revert "drm/msm: Correctly retrieve gpu's active power level"Kasin Li3 years
linaro-landing-teams/tracking-qcomlt-tz-pilremoteproc: tz_pil: fixup for 4.16Srinivas Kandagatla3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1.c1_rb1.2voice_svc: Avoid double free in voice_svc driverAditya Bavanari3 years
korg/stable/linux-4.15.yLinux 4.15.18Greg Kroah-Hartman3 years
linaro-landing-teams/release/qcomlt-4.14-nextqrtr: add MODULE_ALIAS_NETPROTO macro to qrtrNicolas Dechesne3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1_rb1.10msm: ais: jpegdma: Fix for ASAN issues in jpegdma moduleSuprith Malligere Shankaregowda3 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r13-relMerge "msm: mdss: Fix for wrong length in copy_to_user" into kernel.lnx.4.4.r...Linux Build Service Account3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.15clk: msm: osm: Update maximum number of bytes to read from bufferTaniya Das3 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-rt-testMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-rtMark Brown3 years
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.3nf: xt_socket: Fix out-of-bounds in xt_socket_lookup_slow_v{4,6}Tejaswi Tanikella3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.6msm: vidc: Fix use after free issue in set_output_buffersChinmay Sawarkar3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.14drm/msm/sde: setup alpha and bit format on qseedv3Dhaval Patel3 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18 Merge tag 'v3.18.102' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18Alex Shi3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.22Merge "mm-camera2:isp2: Avoid use after free buffer" into LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.22Linux Build Service Account3 years
linaro/lsk-v4.4-spectre-in-processarm64: Add ARM_SMCCC_ARCH_WORKAROUND_1 BP hardening supportMarc Zyngier3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.13msm-4.4: camerav2: isp: Handling buffer use after getting it freedSuresh Reddy Yellala3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.14/tracking-qcomlt-rproc-rpmsg-qrtrrpmsg: glink: Use spinlock in tx pathBjorn Andersson3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.14/tracking-qcomlt-iommuiommu: Check the result of iommu_group_get() for NULLJordan Crouse3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.14/tracking-qcomlt-audioMAINTAINERS: Add myself as co-maintainer of qcom audioSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.14/tracking-qcomlt-msm8996-dtdts: arm64/msm8996: Update compatible as per new smmu bindingsVivek Gautam3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.14/tracking-qcomlt-rpmclkclk: qcom: rpmcc: Add support to XO buffered clocksSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.14/tracking-qcomlt-fixespcie: qcom: Add support to enable pcie refclkSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-fixespcie: qcom: Add support to enable pcie refclkSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
aosp/deprecated/android-4.9-llvmAdd README explaining branch deprecationGreg Hackmann3 years
aosp/deprecated/android-4.4-llvmAdd README explaining branch deprecationGreg Hackmann3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-apq8064-dtARM: dts: db600c: add support to HDMI audioSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
linaro/v4.9/topic/PANemulationarm64: SW PAN: Point saved ttbr0 at the zero page when switching to init_mmWill Deacon3 years
CogSystems-msm-44/msm-4.9Merge "ARM: dts: msm: delete bootargs which kernel not support"Linux Build Service Account3 years
linaro/v4.4-spectrearm64: Add ARM_SMCCC_ARCH_WORKAROUND_1 BP hardening supportMarc Zyngier3 years
aosp/deprecated/android-4.9-eas-devtrace/sched: Fix compilation for 32 bit systemsPavankumar Kondeti3 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.7soc: qcom: hab: add some pchans for BufferQ and FDEYong Ding3 years
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.10soc: qcom: scm_qcpe: Derive HAB id from HAB vmid dt nodeAmit Blay3 years
linaro/v4.9-all-branchesarm64: Add README describing the branchWill Deacon3 years
linaro/v4.9-all-branches-upstream-onlyarm64: Kill PSCI_GET_VERSION as a variant-2 workaroundMarc Zyngier3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.10Merge "msm: kgsl: Correct memory type update in IOCTL_KGSL_GPUOBJ_SET_INFO"Linux Build Service Account3 years
linaro/v4.9-meltdownarm64: idmap: Use "awx" flags for .idmap.text .pushsection directivesWill Deacon3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/arm64-defconfigarm64: defconfig: enable WCN36xx wireless and some cpufreq knobsAmit Kucheria3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-audioASoC: qcom: apq8064: add support to sound cardSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-tz-pilremoteproc: tz_pil: fixup for 4.16Srinivas Kandagatla3 years
linaro/v4.9-spectrearm64: Add README describing the branchWill Deacon3 years
linaro/v4.9-spectre-upstream-onlyarm64: Kill PSCI_GET_VERSION as a variant-2 workaroundMarc Zyngier3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.19arm64: cpu_errata: Allow an erratum to be match for all revisions of a coreMarc Zyngier3 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r15-relarm64: Move BP hardening to check_and_switch_contextMarc Zyngier3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-msm8996-dtARM: dts: apq8096-db820c: Fix hdmi phy cellsAmit Kucheria3 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r16-relarm64: Move BP hardening to check_and_switch_contextMarc Zyngier3 years
aosp/android-4.4-eas-testsched/fair: fix array out of bounds access in select_energy_cpu_idx()Pavankumar Kondeti3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1_rb1.8Merge branch 'msm-4.4' into LV.HB.0.0.1_rb1.8Yong Zhang3 years
LV.HB.1.1.6_rb1.3Merge branch from mainline.Yingzhong.Zha3 years
linaro/lsk-v4.9-all-branches-in-process[Variant */Spectre */Meltdown] arm64: Add README describing the branchWill Deacon3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.8Merge "diag: Fix possible use-after-free issue for mdlog session info"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.12clocksource: arch_timer: Disable user access to the physical counterNeeraj Upadhyay3 years
LV.HB.1.1.5_rb1.2soc: qcom: hab: remove extra logging for dequeueYong Ding3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-downstream-slimbusdownstream slimbus driversSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-wcd9335ASoC: codecs: add support to wcd9335 codecSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-qmisoc: qcom: Introduce QMI helpersBjorn Andersson3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-downstream-spsdownstream: sps driverSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.6ARM: dts: qcom: add wdog device to the baseline vplatformYimin Peng3 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.43clocksource: arch_timer: Disable user access to the physical counterNeeraj Upadhyay3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1.c2_rb1.5kernel: usb: comment out shutdown from xhci-platLei wang3 years
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.9ARM: dts: msm: enable usb2s on msm8996 vplatformYimin Peng3 years
LA.UM.6.4.r4defconfig: msm: enable mhi_netdev device driverSujeev Dias3 years
linaro-landing-teams/release/db820c/qcomlt-4.11clk: qcom: Add ACD path to CPU clock driver for msm8996Ilia Lin3 years
github/will/for-joerg/arm-smmu/fixesiommu/arm-smmu-v3: Cope with duplicated Stream IDsRobin Murphy3 years
github/will/iommu/develiommu/arm-smmu-v3: Cope with duplicated Stream IDsRobin Murphy3 years
github/will/for-next/perfperf: ARM DynamIQ Shared Unit PMU supportSuzuki K Poulose3 years
github/will/perf/updatesperf: ARM DynamIQ Shared Unit PMU supportSuzuki K Poulose3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.16Merge "msm: ipa: Remove unwanted gsi debug register reads"Linux Build Service Account3 years
github/will/masterLinux 4.15-rc6Linus Torvalds3 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.42Merge "ais: cci: increase cci wait timeout value to 800ms" into LV.HB.1.1.1_r...Linux Build Service Account3 years
aosp/experimental/android-4.14Merge branch 'android-4.14-eas-integration' into experimental-android-4.14Todd Kjos3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-drm-msmdrm/msm/hdmi: Switch to DRM_CONNECTOR_POLL_HPDArchit Taneja3 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.41diag: Free the memory in diagfwd_peripheral_exit()Sreelakshmi Gownipalli3 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14-rt-testsched: Limit the number of task migrations per batchThomas Gleixner3 years
github/will/kptiarm64: kaslr: Put kernel vectors address in separate data pageWill Deacon3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.10Merge "ANDROID: sdcardfs: Make WARN_RATELIMIT to pr_debug"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1_rb1.7Merge "defconfig: Add android-verity support for system"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.8msm: sps: Restore ipc log destroy commands.rbJishnu Prakash3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.15net: cnss2: restore pci config space before enable deviceKai Liu3 years
github/will/misc-patchesirqdesc: Use bool return type instead of intWill Deacon3 years
github/will/kaiserperf: arm_spe: Disallow userspace profiling when arm_kernel_unmapped_at_el0()Will Deacon3 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-cpufreq-8016cpr: Fix compilation warningsAmit Kucheria3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-iommuRevert "arm64/io: Allow I/O writes to use {W,X}ZR"Archit Taneja3 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r18-relswr-wcd-ctrl: add check for end of soundwire port listSurendar karka3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.15/tracking-qcomlt-apq8064-configsARM: qcom_defconfig: Enable Frambuffer console supportSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.5Merge "Bluetooth: Fix for checking proper user-supplied buffers" into LV.HB.1...Linux Build Service Account3 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-cpufreq-8064ARM: configs: qcom_defconfig: Enable cpu clock and cpufreq related optionsGeorgi Djakov3 years
korg/stable/linux-4.13.yLinux 4.13.16Greg Kroah-Hartman3 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18-androidMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18-androidAmit Pundir3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1_rb1.6msm: vidc: Fix memory leak issueMaheshwar Ajja3 years
linaro-landing-teams/v4.14/tracking-qcomlt-drm-msmHACK: drm/msm/iommu: Remove runtime_put calls in map/unmapArchit Taneja3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.5Merge "drm/msm: add SRM support for HDCP 1.4"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1_rb1.6Merge "drm/msm: add SRM support for HDCP 1.4"Linux Build Service Account3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.9Merge "drm/msm: add SRM support for HDCP 1.4" into LE.UM.1.3.r3.9Linux Build Service Account3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.13net:wireless:cnss2: Fix driver loading failureLiangwei Dong3 years
LA.HB.1.5.1_rb1.20net:wireless:cnss2: Fix driver loading failureLiangwei Dong3 years
korg/stable/linux-3.10.yLinux 3.10.108Willy Tarreau3 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.39msm: ipa: add null terminatorShihuan Liu3 years
LV.HB.1.1.3_rb1.7HAB: change camera pchan1's shmem region name as hab_camYong Ding3 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r22-reldrivers: media: demux: change default tspp descriptor size.Venkataraman Nerellapalli3 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/kexec-kdumpkdump: fix gdb macros work work with newer and 64-bit kernelsCorey Minyard3 years
LV.HB.1.1.2_rb1.16nl80211: Define policy for packet pattern attributesPeng Xu3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.8Merge "msm: mdss: dp: fix handling of device shutdown with cable connected"Linux Build Service Account3 years
github/will/for-joerg/arm-smmu/updatesiommu/arm-smmu-v3: Use burst-polling for sync completionRobin Murphy3 years
github/will/aarch64/develarm64: mm: Use READ_ONCE/WRITE_ONCE when accessing page tablesWill Deacon3 years
github/will/perf/spedrivers/perf: Add support for ARMv8.2 Statistical Profiling ExtensionWill Deacon3 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/optee-lsk-mainlineoptee: fix invalid of_node_put() in optee_driver_init()Jens Wiklander3 years
linaro/v4.9/topic/optee-lsk-mainlineoptee: fix invalid of_node_put() in optee_driver_init()Jens Wiklander3 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/opteeoptee: fix invalid of_node_put() in optee_driver_init()Jens Wiklander3 years
linaro/v4.9/topic/opteeoptee: fix invalid of_node_put() in optee_driver_init()Jens Wiklander3 years
linaro-landing-teams/release/qcomlt-4.9Merge tag 'v4.9.56' into release/qcomlt-4.9Nicolas Dechesne3 years
github/will/pgtablealpha: atomics: Add smp_read_barrier_depends() to release/relaxed atomicsWill Deacon3 years
github/will/qrwlockkernel/locking: Prevent slowpath writers getting held up by fastpathWill Deacon3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.12Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-171007.1.Linux Build Service Account3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.11defconfig: msm-auto: Enable CNSS2 platform driverYue Ma3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5.c1Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170928.Linux Build Service Account3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.7Merge "ASoC: msm: Add pan/scale & downmix control as platform mixer controls"...Linux Build Service Account3 years
linaro/v4.9/topic/ionMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.9' into v4.9/topic/ionAlex Shi3 years
LV.HB.1.1.2_rb1.15drm/msm: fix non-zero offset register dumpingAbhinav Kumar3 years
korg/stable/linux-4.12.yLinux 4.12.14Greg Kroah-Hartman3 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.4Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170918.Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.36ais: cci: increase cci wait timeout value to 800msAndy Sun3 years
rel/msm-4.4Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170916.Linux Build Service Account3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.9Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170915.Linux Build Service Account3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r4.3Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170912.Linux Build Service Account3 years
LV.HB.0.0.1_rb1.4msm: vidc: Avoid adding failed instance into listYigang Zheng3 years
caf/tsoft/sensor-drv/Synaptics_ctp_v2.7input: touchpanel: Add Synaptics latest version 2.7 touchpanel driverchenx3 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.3msm: sensor: Add mutex lock during ois power down operationsRahul Sharma3 years
LA.HB.1.1.5_rb1.8Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170829.Linux Build Service Account3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.6drm/msm/sde: add connector support for power modesRay Zhang3 years
LV.HB.1.1.2_rb1.14ASoc: msm: Add pm_qos_request_active condition checkCong Tang3 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.35Merge "msm: sensor: Fix crash when ioctl VIDIOC_MSM_SENSOR_INIT_CFG" into LV....Linux Build Service Account3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r4.2Merge "clk: osm: Check for valid acd offset for input from debugfs" into LE.U...Linux Build Service Account3 years
LE.UM.1.3.r3.1msm: sde: move early splash's node parsing code for msm8996 autoGuchun Chen3 years
LV.HB.1.1.2_rb1.13msm: ais: cpp changes to validate ioctl inputRahul Sharma4 years
korg/stable/linux-4.11.yLinux 4.11.12Greg Kroah-Hartman4 years
LE.UM.1.3.r1.8Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170716.Linux Build Service Account4 years
github/will/perf/fixesLinux v4.13-rc1Linus Torvalds4 years
LV.HB.1.1.4_rb1.2ARM: dts: msm: Enable modem over virtual platform.Yimin Peng4 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android-testMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidAlex Shi4 years
LE.UM.1.3.r4.1Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170710.Linux Build Service Account4 years
LV.HB.1.1.2_rb1.12msm: sde: fix unaligned access problemHarsh Sahu4 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.34ARM: dts: msm: Disable adv7481 on Mojave lite platformShiju Mathew4 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r21-relMerge 7fe2a8eb954270a2f09f6e0ee773a35ec3d9f33b on remote branchLinux Build Service Account4 years
LE.UM.1.3.r1.5msm: camera: validate num_streams in stream_cfg_cmd before using itTerence Ho4 years
github/will/hugetlbmm: migrate: Stabilise page count when migrating transparent hugepagesWill Deacon4 years
aosp/experimental/android-4.4-easINFO: Branch status update (no changes)Chris Redpath4 years
linaro/v4.9/topic/kexec-kdumpefi/libstub/arm*: Set default address and size cells values for an empty dtbSameer Goel4 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.1-androidMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.1' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.1-androidAlex Shi4 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.1 Merge tag 'v4.1.40' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.1Alex Shi4 years
LE.UM.1.3.r1.3msm: ais: Add regulator enable and disable independent of CSIDTerence Ho4 years
LV.HB.1.1.2_rb1.11ARM: dts: support noirq pcm platform driverDerek Chen4 years
korg/stable/linux-4.10.yLinux 4.10.17Greg Kroah-Hartman4 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r23-relPromotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170516.Linux Build Service Account4 years
github/will/smp-cond-waitlocking/mcs: Use smp_cond_load_acquire() in mcs spin loopJason Low4 years
LV.HB.1.1.2_rb1.9msm: camera: isp: Check userspace parametersShubhraprakash Das4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-msm8996-cpuclkclk: qcom: cpu-8996: flag critical clksSrinivas Kandagatla4 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r17-relmsm: mdss: fix race condition during mdp debugfs releaseHarsh Sahu4 years
korg/stable/linux-3.12.yLinux 3.12.74Jiri Slaby4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-audiosound: qcom: select ASOC topologySrinivas Kandagatla4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-qcom-configsarm64: defconfig: enable 8996 cpu clksSrinivas Kandagatla4 years
aosp/deprecated/android-4.1net: pppolac/pppopns: Add back the msg_flagsSubash Abhinov Kasiviswanathan4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-apq8064-dtARM: dts: add support to DB600cSrinivas Kandagatla4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-fixesphy: apq8064: add clkoe pin supportSrinivas Kandagatla4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-config-fragmentsdistro.config: add bluetooth module(s)Michael Scott4 years
LV.HB.1.1.1_rb1.33ARM: dtsi: Add memory regions info for early splash feature.Guchun Chen4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-cpu-regulatorsregulator: smd: fixup fallback corner regulator dummy functionsSrinivas Kandagatla4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-msm8996-usbphy: qcom-qmp: new qmp phy driver for qcom-chipsetsVivek Gautam4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-msm8996-dtHACK: arm64: dts: db820c: add bt-en-gpio setting to pcie0 dtsMichael Scott4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-apq8016-dtarm64: dts: pm8916: Mark the s2 regulator as always-onGeorgi Djakov4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-glink-smdsmd: add device node to edge deviceSrinivas Kandagatla4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-gdscclk: gcc-msm8996: Add lpass smmu clksSrinivas Kandagatla4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-drm-msmHACK: make audio work on my monitorSrinivas Kandagatla4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-iommuRevert "arm64/io: Allow I/O writes to use {W,X}ZR"Archit Taneja4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-cpufreqcpufreq-dt: Drop RCU for OPPsGeorgi Djakov4 years
LE.UM.1.2.7.r1.2Merge 6a5177b7bf481c6f5ffc6e00176901e0a028ef3a on remote branchLinux Build Service Account4 years
LE.UM.1.3.r1.1Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170413.Linux Build Service Account4 years
aosp/android-trusty-3.18trusty: switch to use version 3 of TRUSTY_APIMichael Ryleev4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-clkclk: qcom: Add A53 clock driverGeorgi Djakov4 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/mm-kaslrarm64: move {PAGE,CONT}_SHIFT into KconfigMark Rutland4 years
linaro/hikey-hibernate-v4.4Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v4.4/topic/hibernate' into hikey-mainlin...Alex Shi4 years
linaro-landing-teams/legacy/tracking-qcomlt-rpmclkclk: qcom: gcc-msm8996: Remove RPM controlled clocksRajendra Nayak4 years
kernel.lnx.4.4.r14-relMerge "drivers: soc: add size check" into kernel.lnx.4.4.r14-relLinux Build Service Account4 years
LE.UM.1.2.8.r1Merge 8dc28432ba03271c1bc0fc878e0facc08d9fae3e on remote branchLinux Build Service Account4 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/hibernatearm64: kernel: Fix unmasked debug exceptions when restoring mdscr_el1James Morse4 years
rel/msm-4.4.c3.2Merge "msm: ADSPRPC: init global gfa maps"Linux Build Service Account4 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/ro-vdsoarm64: enable CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA by defaultArd Biesheuvel4 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/perf-opencsd-4.4-githubperf/core: Use this_cpu_ptr() when stopping AUX eventsWill Deacon4 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/mm-kaslr-pax_usercopyfs/proc/kcore.c: Add bounce buffer for ktext dataJiri Olsa4 years
rel/msm-4.4.c3Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4.c3-170322.1.Linux Build Service Account4 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/OPPv2PM / OPP: Remove useless checkViresh Kumar4 years
linaro/v4.4/topic/coresightcoresight: Remove erroneous dma_free_coherent in tmc_probeSuzuki K Poulose4 years
github/will/iommu/passthroughiommu: Allow default domain type to be set on the kernel command lineWill Deacon4 years
linaro/linux-linaro-lsk-v4.1-rtMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.1' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.1-rtAlex Shi4 years
linaro/v3.18/topic/opteetee: apply v16 deltaJens Wiklander4 years
linaro-landing-teams/release/db820c/qcomlt-4.9iommu/arm-smmu: fix runtime pm in .unmap iommu opStanimir Varbanov4 years
github/will/icachearm64: KVM: Add support for VPIPT I-cachesWill Deacon4 years
LE.UM.1.3_rb1.2Promotion of kernel.lnx.4.4-170306.1.Linux Build Service Account4 years
aosp/deprecated/android-3.4input: evdev: Move wake_lock_destroy callAnurag Singh4 years
LE.UM.1.1.4.r1ath10k: fix copyright year for copy engine driverRakesh Pillai4 years
aosp/deprecated/android-4.4.yMerge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.yDmitry Shmidt