AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-18iommu/iommu-debug: Make attachment directories uniqueMitchel Humpherys
2015-07-18iommu/iommu-debug: Add COHERENT_HTW_DISABLE to attach infoMitchel Humpherys
2015-07-14iommu/iommu-debug: Initialize debug device to 0Mitchel Humpherys
2015-07-13iommu: Add debugging infrastructureMitchel Humpherys
2015-04-04arm64: dma-mapping: avoid calling iommu_iova_to_physMitchel Humpherys
2015-03-14iommu/arm-smmu: print idr0 when translation support is not foundMitchel Humpherys
2015-03-14iommu/arm-smmu: avoid using ASID 0Mitchel Humpherys
2015-03-11arm64: dma-mapping: use correct type for iovaMitchel Humpherys
2015-03-11iopoll: avoid divisionMitchel Humpherys
2015-03-11ion: system_secure_heap: add DEFER_FREE heap flagMitchel Humpherys
2015-03-11iopoll: fix erroneous `might_sleep'Mitchel Humpherys
2015-03-05msm: ADSPRPC: Validate channel status before writeMitchel Humpherys
2015-03-05msm: ADSPRPC: Clear output buffers before cache invalidationMitchel Humpherys
2015-02-25ion: return a fresh sg_table from ion_map_dma_bufMitchel Humpherys
2015-02-21firmware: qcom: tz_log: don't truncate 64-bit physical addressesMitchel Humpherys
2015-02-18ion: improve ion_phys error messageMitchel Humpherys
2015-02-17iommu: Add DOMAIN_ATTR_PT_BASE_ADDR domain attributeMitchel Humpherys
2015-02-14ion: remove stale field from struct ion_bufferMitchel Humpherys
2015-02-07iommu/arm-smmu: use a threaded handler for global faultsMitchel Humpherys
2015-01-28msm: ADSPRPC: Invalidate buffers using physical addressMitchel Humpherys
2015-01-28ion: msm: fix cache maintenance on unmapped buffersMitchel Humpherys
2015-01-19ion: always initialize the free list parametersMitchel Humpherys
2015-01-15iommu: msm_iommu_sec: use dma_free_attrs to match dma_alloc_attrsMitchel Humpherys
2015-01-14iommu: msm: move msm_iommu_register_notifyMitchel Humpherys
2015-01-14iommu: msm: add msm_iommu_register_notify stub for CONFIG_MSM_IOMMU_V1=nMitchel Humpherys
2015-01-06iommu: msm: add notifier chain for IOMMU eventsMitchel Humpherys
2014-12-05arm64: dma-mapping: map sg lists into the SMMU as virtually contiguousMitchel Humpherys
2014-12-05iommu: msm: allow QSMMU driver to be used with DMA APIsMitchel Humpherys
2014-12-05arm64: dma-mapping: fix some issues with IOMMU mapperMitchel Humpherys
2014-12-03arm64: dma-mapping: swap arguments to __get_dma_pgprotMitchel Humpherys
2014-12-03iommu: msm: actually disable L2 redirect when CONFIG_IOMMU_PGTABLES_L2=nMitchel Humpherys
2014-12-03iommu: msm: move L2 redirect to a domain attributeMitchel Humpherys
2014-10-31msm: ADSPRPC: Copy entire non-ion buffersMitchel Humpherys
2014-10-23iommu: msm_iommu_sec: fix some overeager cache maintenanceMitchel Humpherys
2014-10-16msm: ADSPRPC: Free contexts for current channelMitchel Humpherys
2014-10-08msm: ADSPRPC: Validate address range of bufferMitchel Humpherys
2014-10-07msm: ADSPRPC: Do not duplicate non-ion memoryMitchel Humpherys
2014-09-30iommu/arm-smmu: select ARM64_DMA_USE_IOMMUMitchel Humpherys
2014-09-30arm64: dma-mapping: make dma_ops constMitchel Humpherys
2014-09-30arm64: dma-mapping: add support for IOMMU mapperMitchel Humpherys
2014-09-25firmware: qcom: tz_log: add error checking for ion_map_kernelMitchel Humpherys
2014-08-28iopoll: change uS to us in commentsMitchel Humpherys
2014-08-06msm: wfd: add stubs for when MDP is disabledMitchel Humpherys
2014-08-05iommu/arm-smmu: avoid calling request_irq in atomic contextMitchel Humpherys
2014-08-05iommu/arm-smmu: fix some checkpatch issuesMitchel Humpherys
2014-07-23slim_msm: fix LPAE builds (64-bit division)Mitchel Humpherys
2014-07-23msm: kgsl: rename iommu_ops to avoid clashing with generic codeMitchel Humpherys
2014-07-23msm: kgsl: flush cache by virtual addressMitchel Humpherys
2014-07-18coresight: use %pa for printing physical addressMitchel Humpherys
2014-07-18coresight: fix uninitialized variable warningMitchel Humpherys