BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
lk.lnx.1.0.r31-relMerge 91214847c80f2f77dc8e39cddf4c760087d57001 on remote branchLinux Build Service Account6 days
lk.lnx.1.0.c16app: aboot: Correct the max_download_sizelijuang10 days
lk.lnx.1.0.r38-relMerge 958689fea261475185eb42f5a97f2822175d1e9c on remote branchLinux Build Service Account12 days
LE.BR.1.2.1app: aboot: Read boot image header only once from mmc into RAMKishor PK3 weeks
lk.lnx.1.0.r27-relMerge 6d34bb524fd2ca7e5a7de19f1921b933ed51ab30 on remote branchLinux Build Service Account3 weeks
lk.lnx.1.0.r33-relMerge 33f8de3ddeb089e178ce402ed4becd79ea8c7508 on remote branchLinux Build Service Account4 weeks
LAW.BR.4.0.r1.1target: msm8952: Enable RM67162 edo qvga panel on SpyroXipeng Gu4 weeks
LF.BR.1.2.8.c2Check the device secure boot state from KAIOS frameworkMarco Zhang4 weeks
LE.UM.1.3.r1.42Enable DSI2DPI_TC358762 Macro for Feature Phone.Manjunatha Madana5 weeks
lk.lnx.1.0.c10Enable DSI2DPI_TC358762 Macro for Feature Phone.Manjunatha Madana5 weeks
LA.UM.7.7.r1-04300-8x09.0commit 98f1d94f86...Linux Build Service Account2 days
LA.UM.6.7.r3-02500-8x09.0commit c4d3ce1e18...Linux Build Service Account3 days
LA.UM.7.6.2.c1-00600-89xx.0commit 91214847c8...Linux Build Service Account4 days
LA.UM.7.5.2.r1-03300-8x96.0commit 2bc202595d...Linux Build Service Account4 days
LE.UM.1.3-07800-SDX20commit 33f8de3dde...Linux Build Service Account5 days
LF.BR.1.2.10-08700-8x09.0commit 3c9a14a736...Linux Build Service Account5 days
LNX.LE.5.2-75337-9x40commit 8fab37c3ec...Linux Build Service Account6 days
LA.HB.1.1.5.c2-04810-8x96.0commit 79bb58cbd3...Linux Build Service Account8 days
LE.BR.1.3.1-12510-9x50commit 0b8a2f1a90...Linux Build Service Account9 days
LA.BR.1.3.7.c25-04100-8976.0commit 541bc1d5cd...Linux Build Service Account9 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2009-08-18aboot: handle new base address (0x20000000) for qsd8kHEADgithub-kernel_lk/aosp/masteraosp/masteraosp-new/masterBrian Swetland1-7/+8
2009-03-18msm: currently qsd8k has the dsp image below the kernel imageBrian Swetland1-1/+8
2009-03-18msm: qsd8k has the shared memory region at a different addressBrian Swetland1-1/+4
2009-03-18[msm] nand: Add a verify-after-write option.Dima Zavin1-3/+16
2009-03-18[surf7k/surf8k] fix flash partition table init.Dima Zavin2-26/+38
2009-03-18[msm] nand: Add implementation for getting the flash layout.Dima Zavin1-6/+27
2009-03-18[dev] flash: Add interface to obtain flash layout infoDima Zavin1-0/+10
2009-03-18[dev] flash: Split up flash_init and set_ptable into separate functions.Dima Zavin4-9/+16
2009-03-18[scripts] trace32: make switching between 7k and 8k easier.Dima Zavin1-4/+14
2009-02-05[aboot] pass partition table through atagsDima Zavin1-0/+30