BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
googlesource/masterMerge "Fix filtering when multiple project detail lists"Becky Siegel5 years
googlesource/stable-2.14DeleteTagIT: Make TAG field staticEdwin Kempin5 years
googlesource/stable-2.13Set version to 2.13.9David Pursehouse5 years
googlesource/stable-2.12Set version to 2.12.8David Pursehouse5 years
googlesource/stable-2.11Merge "doc: add reference to Gerrit its-storyboard plugin" into stable-2.11David Pursehouse6 years
googlesource/stable-2.9Resource exhausted because of unclosed LDAP connectionJiang Xin6 years
googlesource/stable-2.10Fix link in 2.10.7 release notesDavid Pursehouse7 years
googlesource/stable-2.8Release notes for Gerrit Pursehouse8 years
googlesource/stable-2.7Fix broken link in 2.7 release notesDavid Pursehouse8 years
googlesource/stable-2.6Fix commit-msg hint to actually workDoug Kelly8 years
v2.13.9commit 9b93ff8b3e...David Pursehouse5 years
v2.14.1commit 873ffc483a...David Pursehouse5 years
v2.14commit cb303df897...David Pursehouse5 years
v2.13.8commit 3e1d4cde3f...David Pursehouse5 years
v2.14-rc1commit e8bf91efaf...Patrick Hiesel5 years
v2.14-rc0commit ee94d108fe...Patrick Hiesel5 years
v2.13.7commit 604cdb290a...David Pursehouse5 years
v2.13.6commit 43fe972939...David Pursehouse5 years
v2.13.5commit 481ba357bd...David Pursehouse5 years
v2.13.4commit 8140f0cb74...David Pursehouse5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-07-07Merge "Fix filtering when multiple project detail lists"googlesource/masterBecky Siegel7-6/+12
2017-07-07Change dotted to solid in header bottom borderBecky Siegel1-1/+1
2017-07-07Update handling of shadow domBecky Siegel2-11/+23
2017-07-07Merge "Do not truncate reviewer list in change metadata"Wyatt Allen3-10/+39
2017-07-07Merge "Recognize redirects with x-login as auth errors"Becky Siegel3-15/+66
2017-07-07Do not truncate reviewer list in change metadataKasper Nilsson3-10/+39
2017-07-07Merge "PolyGerrit: Add title to tab when on project page"Wyatt Allen2-0/+3
2017-07-07Merge "Fix indentation"Becky Siegel1-47/+46
2017-07-07Merge "PolyGerrit: Fix register links to use base url"Wyatt Allen1-5/+6
2017-07-07PolyGerrit: Add title to tab when on project pagePaladox none2-0/+3