tag name0.6.0 (436c97aaf3c94ab31d51d7ae05a2e5634481b3dd)
tag date2015-12-09 20:26:27 -0800
tagged byVijay Vasudevan <>
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TensorFlow 0.6.0
Major Features and Improvements * Python 3.3+ support via changes to python codebase and ability to specify python version via ./configure. * Some improvements to GPU performance and memory usage: [convnet benchmarks]( roughly equivalent with native cudnn v2 performance. Improvements mostly due to moving to 32-bit indices, faster shuffling kernels. More improvements to come in later releases. Bug fixes * Lots of fixes to documentation and tutorials, many contributed by the public. * 271 closed issues on github issues. Backwards-incompatible changes * tf.nn.fixed_unigram_candidate_sampler changed its default 'distortion' attribute from 0.0 to 1.0. This was a bug in the original release that is now fixed.