BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
chromium.org/masterUpdate German AM/PM marker to the previous valueJungshik Shin3 years
chromium.org/chromium/m63Cherry-pick the entire fix for Persian calendarJungshik Shin3 years
chromium.org/chromium/60stagingAdd Russian locale variantsJungshik Shin3 years
chromium.org/chromium/59_rbbiAdd missing source filesJungshik Shin3 years
chromium.org/chromium/59_rbbitUpdate ICU data files with ICU 60 rbbi rulesJungshik Shin3 years
chromium.org/chromium/char16tRemove libc++abi dependency on macTom Anderson3 years
m60Uplevel to 60.0.3112.0^Kulanthaivel Palanichamy3 years
chromium.org/chromium/59stagingFix ICU bug 13192Jungshik Shin3 years
m59Merge commit 'b34251f8b762f8e2112a89c587855ca4297fed96' into HEADZaheer Ahmad3 years
chromium.org/chromium/59_ucharptr2Try dropping both U_COMMON_API and U_EXPORT2 for toUCharPtrJungshik Shin4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-03-29Remove invalid filesHEADmasterJungshik Shin10-110/+0
2016-03-25Update timezone DB and apply miscellaneous locale data fixesJungshik Shin21-97290/+97376
2016-03-20Remove a static initializer in region.cppJungshik Shin3-6/+78
2016-03-18Set U_NOEXCEPT to empty to avoid C4577 from MSVCJungshik Shin2-0/+10
2016-03-11Use bundle_data and create_bundle to add support for iOS app bundle.Sylvain Defresne1-4/+3
2016-02-19Create OWNERS file and add myselfJungshik Shin1-0/+1
2016-02-08Update LICENSE file and README.chromiumJungshik Shin2-102/+76
2016-02-04Update timezone db and add minimal locale data for ast,an, and wa.Jungshik Shin21-200490/+200728
2016-02-04Add back UTF-32 for now and fix a MSVC build issueJungshik Shin6-13/+78
2016-02-03Apply an overlooked patch to brkitr/word.txtJungshik Shin7-139246/+139252