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2017-01-09Cumulative patch from commit 05e5e615e6a26d7a9f5bd0569a0baeae1bcdee49Dmitry Shmidt1-1/+1
05e5e615e AP: Skip authentication/deauthentication phase for DMG/IEEE 802.11ad 0c4b9025c AP: Do not look for supported rates in DMG/IEEE 802.11ad e72faadb4 bgscan_simple: Fix short_scan_count comparison 517b5f928 nl80211: Zero num_modes if nl80211_get_hw_feature_data() fails 39c5da328 nl80211: Use correct attribute for scan flags in vendor scan c167662d7 eap_proxy: On SIM error flush PMKSAs only for SIM/AKA/AKA' networks 6657bb158 Fix OOM handling in neighbor report response handling 7187e2093 Allow LCI request with no subelements d73420143 RRM: Enable beacon report with active/passive scan for all drivers ec45927b8 Report received beacon report with BEACON-RESP-RX event f3383366a Report beacon request TX status as control interface event 90d9d7c32 Beacon request through hostapd control interface 73a27a634 Add hostapd configuration parameter rrm_beacon_report de6ec8b55 Enable Beacon Report using beacon table for all drivers 6774c6a9f Update copyright notices for the new year 2017 f56877414 Do not add own BSS in neighbor report with invalid op_class/channel aeff0645d FILS: Fix FILS Realm Information ANQP-element construction 76196ddb2 wpa_supplicant: Add support for Beacon Report Radio Measurement b3060bf99 common: Add helper function to convert RSSI to RCPI 1ac4dba31 wpa_supplicant: Extend verify_channel() and make it global c9ff8e5f6 common: Add function to get an operating class by its number and country e4f1d879c common: Add non-global to global operating classes conversion 96a5f14ee nl80211: Add support for additional scan parameters for beacon report c16b9f8d3 driver: Add scan support to beacon report 3c716fdbd wpa_supplicant: Refactor wpas_rrm_build_lci_report() e1b96e112 wpa_supplicant: Send rejection for unsupported radio measurements 0c73e410d wpa_supplicant: Limit RRM response size to MMPDU size 9664ab8b7 wpa_supplicant: Refactor Radio Measurement Request handling 332bf5d3f wpa_supplicant: Validate RRM request frame format ec493469f wpa_supplicant: Move RRM implementation to a dedicated file d1c74f8c9 Add RRM definitions for beacon report measurement 6a31440b8 Fix LCI request subelement processing ce691a8d9 Add CONFIG_MESH into wpa_supplicant defconfig 67129ab9e wpa_cli: Add commands to use PMKSA_GET/ADD bbad185c1 P2P: Fix compilation warning in p2p_add_device() 2977f5193 GAS: Remove unnecessarily duplicate gas_frag_limit configuration 1940559ea FT: Drop FT Action frames if ft_over_ds=0 d8de90487 Remove deprecated tx_queue_* params from hostapd.conf notes 78022c836 Fix memory leak on hostapd eap_user_file parsing error paths 02f999c6d hostapd: Remove unnecessary NULL check from parser functions fd5f29e7e Fix memory leak in hostapd BSS_TM_REQ error path handling 95de34a10 Remove trailing whitespace 45997cce4 hostapd: Add TERMINATE as per-interface command 546680f81 hostapd: Do not update dtim_period with invalid value 356773058 RADIUS server: Increase maximum number of sessions a5861afcb hostapd: Do not update invalid wep_key_len_unicast f78402ace hostapd: Do not update rejected wep_key_len_broadcast e0ba7efe5 hostapd: Do not update eapol_version with rejected value 9266d00bf hostapd: Reject invalid macaddr_acl value 8628555f9 hostapd: Check driver parameter before replacing previous value 1dfd25a68 Fix hostapd SIGHUP processing before interface is enabled 34e29dfd4 Remove unnecessary NULL check from hostapd_config_read_wpa_psk() call 65dfa8728 mka: Make MKA actor priority configurable 9bcfd5be8 Document new D-Bus WPS properties 77fcbf7ff D-Bus: Use a helper function to get possibly NULL strings dbf524946 D-Bus: Add DeviceType in WPS property 266097fda D-Bus: Add device serial number in WPS property 3ee6a3ab3 D-Bus: Add model number in WPS property ae66822cd D-Bus: Add WPS model name as property 318d4b5be D-Bus: Add WPS manufacturer as property b20f031c6 D-Bus: Add WPS device name as property 4a45dc192 mesh: Show [MESH] flag in print_bss_info() c04a67deb hostapd_cli: Add completion for get command bf4167b9d hostapd_cli: Add completion for set command 86adff09e hostapd_cli: Completion for further commands with STA parameter 4f59ad069 hostapd_cli: Use common completion for commands that use stations 62b95eb67 hostapd_cli: Add missing command help descriptions 04f02faac Fix wpa_cipher_to_alg() return type 9187b13ad wpa_supplicant: Add BSS CURRENT control interface command d7f12e4eb OpenSSL: Make sure local certificate auto chaining is enabled 4be02b71b OpenSSL: Remove SSL_{CTX_,}_clear_options ifdefs 7655bd738 P2P: Do not use wait_time for SD Response TX without fragmentation 1f0fdaf0e Fix race condition between AssocResp callback and 4addr event a6f3761f7 eap_proxy: Add support for SIM state change indication from eap_proxy 79a54ab9f eap_proxy: Fix eap_proxy_init() prototype to use const eapol_cb 4e118c847 D-Bus: Add 'freq' option to P2P Find method to specify starting channel e414f4f02 PeerKey: Fix STK 4-way handshake regression 28fb9bb19 PeerKey: Fix EAPOL-Key processing dfc773172 Android: Add p2p_add_cli_chan=1 option 7508c2ad9 PAE: Make KaY specific details available via control interface b54f43390 FILS: Make FILS Indication element information available in BSS output 8183aee6c FILS: Add support for building FILS Realm Information ANQP-element 9cad61867 FILS: Add Realm Information ANQP-element in BSS data 26bf70e3d FILS: Separate FILS realm configuration from ERP domain 42b847ac1 FILS: Fix hashed realm name derivation 29062f293 Update various definitions based on IEEE Std 802.11-2016 aaa9c60bc Fix preauth_test build by updating add_pmkid/remove_pmkid callbacks 0babae87a Fix wpa_supplicant build error with IEEE8021X_EAPOL unset 19810d29b Make Beacon IEs available in wpa_supplicant BSS command 274e76f22 mesh: Fix channel configuration in pri/sec switch case cebda0e3e Make debug print clearer for AP/mesh mode secondary channel issues 3459381dd External persistent storage for PMKSA cache entries c57931273 Add PMKSA-CACHE-ADDED/REMOVED events to wpa_supplicant 655dc4a43 Send "TERMINATING" event from hostapd 5149a0f04 P2P: Set p2p_persistent_group=1 at the time of reading disabled=2 065c029a5 Remove MBO dependency from Supported Operating Classes element 62cd9d792 nl80211: Specify the BSSID in the QCA vendor scan 444930e5b Define an attribute to do a specific BSSID QCA vendor scan cea761472 Add QCA vendor command definitions for IDs 61-73 cb0cc6efa Define QCA Beacon miss threshold attributes for 2.4 and 5 GHz bands c313c8a5d Fix QCA vendor command values for SAR power limits a5c723adc Interworking: Clear SCANNING state if no network selected a1836de64 SME: Fix IBSS setup after shared key/FT/FILS association f49c852b5 P2P: Fix a theoretical out of bounds read in wpas_p2p_select_go_freq() 944d48588 P2P: Fix a theoretical out of bounds read in wpas_p2p_setup_freqs() 0a6c9dc70 P2P: Send P2P-DEVICE-FOUND event on peer changing device name 9a431d493 WFD: Clear wfd_subelems when P2P peer stops sending them 6e374bd44 Ignore scan results from ongoing scan when FLUSH command is issued 71ac93453 Make update_idx available in BSS control interface command 49aa88bb5 P2P: Clear PEER_WAITING_RESPONSE on GO Negotiation success c79238b6a Define a QCA vendor command to configure SAR Power limits 0f5eb69f8 Use eloop timeout for post-EAP-Failure wait before disconnection 20b1a9e23 Allow hostapd wep_key# parameters to be cleared 5ec3d510e wpa_passphrase: Reject invalid passphrase Test: Wifi Suite Change-Id: Ida52ca4e43bbc326a89d4c9848529df2d545b692 Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <>
2016-01-07Cumulative patch from commit 21cb63fffd1e766c8b989125394ed0bfb05e5a4bDmitry Shmidt1-1/+1
21cb63f OpenSSL: Fix client certificate chain building after PKCS#12 use 12a81b6 ACS: Remove unreachable case from a debug print 896607d Remove a pointer check that can never be true a95cc47 ACS: Be more consistent with iface->current_mode checks 6014e59 P2P: Print find_start in debug log when ignoring old scan results 64845c1 l2_packet: Extend bridge workaround RX processing to cover two frames 4a539ab l2_packet: Improve bridge workaround RX processing 7a36f11 EAP-PAX: Check hmac_sha1_vector() return value 1d20c66 P2P: Clear groups first on FLUSH command 27446e4 mesh: Do not force another peering exchange on driver event cc64fe7 mesh: Do not clear link state on driver event if exchange was started b5f5c32 mesh: Add some more details to MPM debug messages 7d41907 nl80211: Add a missing space to a debug message 6174de6 mesh: Connection and group started/removed events into debug log 2da4a56 Add more hostapd.conf documentation for hw_mode with HT/VHT acc3943 EAP-PEAP peer: Cryptobinding in fast-reconnect case with inner EAP cba9ebf P2P: Try SD Query with each non-ACK peer only once per search iteration e9ccfc3 Clear wpa_supplicant state to DISCONNECTED on FLUSH command aeb408f HS 2.0: Add some documentation for OSEN and network block use 4f6cd3f Fix wpa_supplicant AP mode P2P IE handling if P2P is disabled 92acb40 Fix wpa_supplicant build with CONFIG_L2_PACKET=pcap 15c5606 Update copyright notices for the new year 2016 6e379c6 WPS: Testing mechanism to force auth/encr type flags ea31912 WPS: Add a workaround for WPA2PSK missing from Enrollee auth flags db671e0 WPS: Do not build Credential with unsupported encr combination on AP d7c3347 HS 2.0: Postpone WNM-Notification sending by 100 ms 750f5d9 EAP-FAST: Enable AES256-based TLS cipher suites with OpenSSL 1ebb24b OpenSSL: Share a single openssl_tls_prf() implementation dea2051 OpenSSL: Clean up function to fetch client/server random 9a42d85 OpenSSL: Drop support for OpenSSL 1.0.0 de213e8 OpenSSL: Drop support for OpenSSL 0.9.8 e79eb0c P2P: Fix P2P_FIND while waiting for listen ROC to start in the driver 944f693 P2P: Stop offchannel TX wait on P2P_STOP_FIND/P2P_LISTEN 8edd9f1 P2P: Add an option to specify group SSID in P2P_CONNECT join case 70e0cb3 P2P: Provide group SSID, if specified, to P2P Client join step 438be60 P2P: Do not accept any GO BSS entry if SSID is specified for join 35510d5 P2P: Use join SSID in the skip-PD cases 8b8d4f4 P2P: Do not accept any BSS entry for join if SSID is already known b875276 P2P: Use group SSID, if known, for join operation even if no BSS entry aa256cb P2PS: Add group SSID, if known, to the P2PS-PROV-DONE event 071e3bf FST: Fix handling of Rx FST Setup Request when session already exists Change-Id: Ia48764e8663232291160fb24153fa367b9ed3015 Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <>
2015-11-06Cumulative patch from commit f10ff62e4eda7917a8e28fe492fd98723a5e97c4Dmitry Shmidt1-0/+28
f10ff62 Describe preferred mechanism for submitting contributions fcdb359 Use "STATUS-NO_EVENTS" instead of "STATUS" in get_wpa_status function 73ed03f wpa_supplicant: Add GTK RSC relaxation workaround ea6030c Restore previous wpa_state in scan-only result handler 1e74ae4 WNM: Clear BSS TM data if already associated with preferred candidate d129b02 EAP-pwd: Add support for Brainpool Elliptic Curves a34eace dbus: Remove unused dict helper functions cdcb2d0 wpa_cli: Add support for vendor_elem_* commands 17b7032 EAP peer: Clear ignore flag in INITIALIZE state 1f1e619 Add test programs for checking libwpa_client linking 736b7cb wpa_supplicant/Makefile: Fix libwpa_client build 2e38079 TLS: Fix memory leak with multiple TLS server instances 7b0f550 eap_sim_db: Implement eap_sim_db_expire_pending() 45c3e72 Add frequency to operating class determination for 5 GHz 100..140 e50c50d dbus: Expose interface globals via D-Bus properties 1aa0fb7 dbus: Pass property description to getters/setters c93b7e1 RSN: Check result of EAPOL-Key frame send request 95be79f Allow -1 as value to disable frag_threshold bc50bb0 Extend the range of values for the RTS threshold 053693d hostapd: Add feature to start all interfaces at the same time in sync 9578413 Reserve QCA vendor specific nl80211 commands 110..114 5d4c508 Assign QCA commands and attributes for Tx power scaling and OTA testing 5d1d69a P2P: Filter control chars in group client device name similarly to peer f67d1a0 TDLS: Do not send error case of TPK M3 if TX fails 1248e58 wpa_supplicant: Reopen debug log file upon receipt of SIGHUP signal d8fd633 Do not write ERROR level log entries if debug file is not used 67deaa5 l2_packet: Add build option to disable Linux packet socket workaround fa46426 RSN: Do not try to connect if PMF disabled and AP requires it 8acbe7f WNM: Verify WNM Sleep Mode element length dacd789 WNM: Mark set TFS buffer const ... f24b979 OpenSSL: Merge error returns 84d6a17 TLS: Remove unused tls_capabilities() 7867227 ms_funcs: Merge similar return cases 3596361 hw_features: Merge similar return case in check_40mhz_2g4() aac1efe Reject the initial 4-way handshake if initial GTK setup fails 2da5256 Add backtrace-based error path testing mechanism 55413ce P2P: Do not allow 40 MHz co-ex PRI/SEC switch to force MCC Next patches were skipped due to explicit cherry-pick: bddc51e RSN: Stop connection attempt on apparent PMK mismatch 3fdaaa8 Throttle control interface event message bursts a530fe7 Add wpa_supplicant EVENT_TEST control interface command ee1e3f5 hostapd: Global control interface notifications 2e95cfc Add debug prints for wpa_supplicant ctrl_iface socket send operations ce7d0eb Update AP WPA/RSN IE on all associations if driver can select BSS 844dfeb QCA vendor command support to set band to driver Change-Id: I909996c5afcd3b5d123ea1e23c0e1212021f7625 Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <>
2015-01-27Cumulative patch from commit 3f56a2b7460a57a2b68b48b936be134bf04aa36dDmitry Shmidt1-1/+1
3f56a2b Ignore pmf=1 default if driver does not support PMF fa38860 nl80211: Fix build with libnl 1.1 937403b Update copyright notices for the new year 2015 399e613 Add Suite B AKMs to key_mgmt capability list 5e3b519 Add Suite B 192-bit AKM 97ae35a Add HMAC-SHA384 98cd3d1 Preparations for variable length KCK and KEK 30bff1d Extend AES-CMAC routines to support 256-bit keys 86f9b1c nl80211: Fix default group key management index configuration b5f045d Show supported group_mgmt capabilities 893e152 Interworking: More debug messages f45bae5 Interworking: Add logging to track nai_realm_find_eap failures 5a5aab7 Interworking: Remove unnecessary NULL check 400de9b hostapd: Debug messages for dodgy RADIUS servers ad905e4 wpa_gui: Sort frequency and signal numerically in the scan results dialog c35e35e Add passive_scan configuration parameter bff162a P2P: Fix NULL pointer dereference with SD query cancellation 630b323 nl80211: Increase netlink receive buffer size Change-Id: I32d4bd934ad76e24c646e9925bb839b1ba2a148e Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <>
2014-02-13Cumulative patch from commit 7ae7a84eefd43ed9385e2f8f520a918468f87178Dmitry Shmidt1-0/+143
7ae7a84 NFC: Workaround nfcpy message debug exception 6ceb95c Avoid NULL dereference in ieee802_1x_get_mib_sta() printf 97efe70 wpa_supplicant: Fix NULL dereference in tls_verify_cb() c0c11af wpa_supplicant: Fix NULL dereference in eap_fast_parse_end() 93a1cae Remove unnecessary NULL check 1e2ffc6 Fix theoretical NULL dereference in debug printf cbf21c7 P2P: Avoid compiler warning in p2p_supplicant.c 5479ff9 DFS: Avoid compiler warnings in src/ap/dfs.c 5e6aa04 wpa_supplicant: Fix memory leak in wfd_subelems error path 88853ae Fix CONFIG_WPS_NFC=y build without CONFIG_P2P=y 7ac7fd4 Add bssid/freq hint for driver-based BSS selection 92484e2 Start using unodified Developer Certificate of Origin v1.1 56ec49c Sync with wireless-testing.git include/uapi/linux/nl80211.h b64afe2 Fix SAE state validation on AP d6bfaaa NFC: Add summary and success file options for nfcpy scripts 25cfc6f P2P NFC: Add --handover-only option 7bea076 P2P NFC: Clean up error handling b0d18bc WPS: Make UUID-from-MAC Address easily available 825fb6b P2P: Do not indicate P2P_FIND failure if p2p_scan is in progress 8c18fcc WPS: Add more debug information to M7 AP Settings d7a15d5 WPS: Indicate current AP settings in M7 in unconfigurated state d55fc03 P2P: Handle unexpected GO Neg Req reject message more cleanly 062a7c0 Fix persistent P2P connection failure in case channel list changes Change-Id: I5c400a6503f9f00d259ff225999593958322a1ba Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <>