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2019-07-25hostapd/hostapd_cli: Update hostapd service configurationLA.HB.1.1.9_1Nirav Shah2-6/+17
Update hostapd service configuration in and control path for hostapd_cli. Change-Id: I11212a9aab035a5a439ac14c6eee26b812ebd977 CRs-Fixed: 2495387
2019-07-17wpa_supplicant/hostapd: Update install path and cntrl socket pathnakul kachhwaha2-7/+6
Updating the default wpa_cli/hostapd_cli socket path to /data/misc/wifi/sockets Updating the default executable install path for hostapd to /vendor/bin Change-Id: I33530780fd9e93c07a8b75f3861c1cb0dff70c6d
2019-07-15Increase hostapd log level to DEBUGKrishna Reddy1-4/+4
Change-Id: Ibfcbdf9f5ed6980b7d7c135a391e3917217fbbda CRs-Fixed: 2467264
2019-07-15P2P: Fix ACS offloading behavior with p2p_no_group_iface=1Jayachandran Sreekumaran2-0/+3
wpa_s->p2p_go_do_acs was not cleared during P2P group deletion and that resulted in the case of no separate group interface continuing to assume ACS was to be used for consecutive GO starts even if they tried to specify a frequency. Fix this by explicitly clearing wpa_s->p2p_go_do_acs during P2P group deletion and also clear this when processing the P2P_GROUP_ADD if the parameters do not request ACS to be used. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <> Git-commit: 2b7fa03559c3acd945b9fe369af97a7992afa03d Git-repo: giit:// Change-Id: Ia422996c7f4a00a33267230644e3205956d13bde
2019-07-15P2P: ACS offload for the autonomous GOSunil Dutt1-0/+18
This commit introduces the ACS functionality for the autonomous GO. The optional parameter <freq> in p2p_group_add is enhanced to carry a value "acs" with the intention to select the channels among any supported band. freq = 2 / 5 carry the need to select the channels only in the respective bands 2.4 / 5 GHz. This functionality is on top of the host driver's capability to offload ACS, which is advertized through WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_ACS_OFFLOAD. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <> Git-commit: 37ed3254de226ad1627b71c453460b4411afb39f Git-repo: giit:// Change-Id: Ie665dfb3584f6adcf7dfa1c7a812d5b058a017af
2019-05-14wpa_supplicant: Enable HIDL v1.0 and SAEnakul kachhwaha8-21/+42
1. Revert "Remove direct dependencies on libhwbinder." This reverts commit 631ba4da97ee609e55a507b33f1babda4a6847c9. This is to fallback on HIDL v1.0. 2. Fix compilation error related to HIDLv1.0 and DPP. 3. Disable HIDL for hostapd 4. Enable SAE for wpa_supplicant Change-Id: Ib1cca4569056663b98eb07c0db4bd182e86e36a3
2019-05-14Merge "Reset beacon_set_done on disabling interface" into LA.HB.1.1.9_1CNSS_WLAN Service1-0/+1
2019-05-14Reset beacon_set_done on disabling interfacenakul kachhwaha1-0/+1
beacon_set_done did not get reset to zero on disabling interface using DISABLE control interface command and the subsequent ENABLE command will caused configuration of Beacon/Probe Response/Association Response frame IEs twice. The unnecessary two step configuration can be avoided by resetting beacon_set_done on DISABLE so that ENABLE can bring up the interface in a single step with fully updated IEs. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <> Change-Id: I1b573e1ad63974ba7e91a87b7244e37ada1a5928 CRs-Fixed: 2438442 Git-commit: 2ab19f4be9ea6573caf2864581fd474e2265f7d1 Git-repo : git://
2019-05-14wpa_supplicant: WFA P2P TC 5.1.9nakul kachhwaha2-3/+21
Increase delay for disconnecting client to 1 sec as 10ms is too aggressive for stations. Cancel disconnect timer from Deauth/Disassoc Event handler. Change-Id: Id7ae9336433e12c9e7a8ef9f4d5b3fb00b6ebbd1
2019-05-14wpa_supplicant: enable EAP-PSK support in supplicantnakul kachhwaha1-1/+1
Enabling eap-psk support to test it with FILS 11ai Change-Id: I060d07edea28acda071561e79e5434f57fc469ac
2019-02-21Merge 3b1be7c7526f722903d2210423e1db2669ed6149 on remote branchLA.UM.7.8.r4-00800-SDM710.0LA.UM.7.8.r4-00700-SDM710.0Linux Build Service Account1-1/+25
Change-Id: I817ee3cf9700e153274eb88cc81ca6f5b5fb8317
2019-01-05Snap for 5211016 from e7a33d1891b43c8850b9d6752bc1364bf1637ee1 to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod1-1/+25
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: If09c9be6cb54bdd27e1232793feb37f0b36c7bfd
2018-12-19Merge SPL-2018-12-05Eric Arseneau1-1/+25
Change-Id: I67e817a71ef82666847c0335ddf0ddf006a40390
2018-12-18Snap for 5188442 from 065c1ad64f29207c28383febe10e004c1f9e2d04 to ↵LA.UM.7.8.r4-00400-SDM710.0LA.UM.7.8.r4-00100-SDM710.0LA.UM.7.2.c1-00200-sdm660.0Android Build Role Account android-build-prod1-20/+15
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: Icea98f5827bb4be77b45627f5327de31774228e3
2018-12-18Merge "hostapd: Update HE Capabilities and Operation element definition" ↵Treehugger Robot1-20/+15
into p-keystone-qcom
2018-12-17Snap for 5186504 from 98b60648d0ad778afbb6ab1b9902a96a834e60a5 to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod1-15/+33
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: I41ba50e42d2ec448d30a95c34a3f3e3fc8bd6671
2018-12-10wifi: Enhance to copy required filesHu Wang1-15/+33
Commit I3b8c050878b0df3cc1cfcba27b7716ab0a9cde31 moves all the files from /data/misc/wifi to /data/vendor/wifi for OTA update. Not all files need to be moved, e.g. moving WifiConfigStore.xml makes saved networks lost. So use copy instead of move for required files only: - p2p_supplicant.conf: persistent p2p networks - hostapd.accept: mac whitelist (if present) - hostapd.deny: mac blacklist (if present) CRs-Fixed: 2357338 Change-Id: I736bf5e65b489d658e3cb3826a84a860fdae5bca
2018-12-07hostapd: Update HE Capabilities and Operation element definitionPeng Xu1-20/+15
Update HE Capabilities/Operation element definition based on IEEE P802.11ax/D3.0. Change-Id: I9969475ba6e8d5e74716a00649f48baf6b01713b Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <> Git-commit: 891e1668c0f9b31f1b04c14bebdab7dd58c48824 Git-repo: git:// CRs-fixed: 2363293
2018-11-28Merge pi-qpr1-release PQ1A.181105.017.A1 to pi-platform-releaseBill Yi1-1/+25
Change-Id: I74c62e52ceed7a79318da18410818114e1281777
2018-11-22Snap for 5145721 from 2956d2155c79e065b17d31f43ebab84ead2b5204 to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod1-1/+21
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: I59debab32ba8b97df0da59b82284655a21d74c1a
2018-11-21Merge "hostapd(hidl): Extend qsap_cmd to support parameter with spaces" into ↵Treehugger Robot1-1/+21
2018-11-19hostapd(hidl): Extend qsap_cmd to support parameter with spacesHu Wang1-1/+21
Qsap_cmd use space as delimeter to parse command. If parameter contains spaces, these spaces will be dropped during parse. e.g. INPUT below command: "softap qccmd set wpa_passphrase=PASS WORD" OUTPUT tokens: ["softap", "qccmd", "set", "wpa_passphrase=PASS", "WORD"] Ideally the "PASS WORD" shall be parsed to one token. Given qsap_cmd supports: "softap qccmd set <key>=<value>" "softap create <ifname>" "softap remove <ifname>" "softap bridge <action> <args>" "setsoftap <set> <ifname> <args>" Enhanced logic is to find if "=" present in INPUT command. If (not present), Use previous logic; else A substring of 0...indexOf("=") uses previous logic, and A substring of indexOf("=")...END is parsed to one token. CRs-Fixed: 2307633 Change-Id: Icc538414bbf6c6d5040df5923de538f7ce9a35fc
2018-11-08Snap for 5118969 from de1db3e4e5386fdc759e7692a6eeeab93674c596 to ↵LA.UM.7.8.r3-00500-SDM710.0LA.UM.7.5.2.r1-01000-8x96.0LA.UM.7.5.2.r1-00500-8x96.0Android Build Role Account android-build-prod3-3/+76
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: Ibe3cca13af7537f0807443496285bc153ecaa8f7
2018-11-08Merge "wpa_supplicant: use CONFIG_HIDL for hidl notifications" into ↵Treehugger Robot1-0/+70
2018-11-08Merge "hostapd: Set channel_width to 0 when HT40 is not supported" into ↵Treehugger Robot1-1/+4
2018-11-08Merge "nl80211: Disable the registration for the RRM frame" into p-keystone-qcomTreehugger Robot1-2/+2
2018-11-06wpa_supplicant: use CONFIG_HIDL for hidl notificationshangtian1-0/+70
Use CONFIG_HIDL for hidl notifications, which would fix compilation issues for Linux platforms. Change-Id: I79ae609753c65fbb8f105aa453d28fabdc4ce164 CRs-Fixed: 2333115
2018-11-06hostapd: Set channel_width to 0 when HT40 is not supportedAnurag Das1-1/+4
Currently, after ACS is complete and SAP is created, HT40 capability is set in the beacon ie even when the selected channel is not capable of HT40. This commit checks if secondary channel is not present after ACS and resets the HT40 capability in the ht_capab bitset. Change-Id: Icff7a80514a3e206e4fd254660bfb6aa0149d56b CRs-Fixed: 2336847
2018-11-05Snap for 5111545 from 1312bad8f692726d143a51a7d99b66def1b4f647 to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod6-2/+41
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: Ifcd5bd83d53df322d498076d872f676850c61cba
2018-11-05Merge "eap_proxy: build eap identity every time to avoid using stale entry." ↵Treehugger Robot3-2/+11
into p-keystone-qcom
2018-11-02nl80211: Disable the registration for the RRM framePurushottam Kushwaha1-2/+2
wpa_supplicant's registration for the RRM frame conflicts with the one done by the LOWI. Hence, disable the registration from wpa_supplicant as this functionaity of wpa_supplicant is not used by our architecture. The ideal way to disable this is to control through the ctrl parameter from the framework , which requires HIDL enhancements , which is a long poll. As an interim, we are disabling this by default, since the intention anyways is to disable this registration from wpa_supplicant. Change-Id: I197d40d1875b120f17347eaf5b2135a4bd7a322e CRs-Fixed: 2342472
2018-11-02eap_proxy: build eap identity every time to avoid using stale entry.Purushottam Kushwaha3-2/+11
Currently eap_proxy uses the identity as defined for the current network. If Identity is not defined then a new one is generated based on eap method, IMSI and 3GPP realm. In cases where configured identity doesn't match with IMSI, eap_proxy is still using configured identity for eap transactions. This commit is to bypass configured identity and let eap_proxy generate it every time if following build flag is not set: CONFIG_EAP_PROXY_USE_CONFIG_IDENTITY CRs-Fixed: 2330685 Change-Id: I05b86ac8e36b9a53de4b8516eae290ebb41bca31
2018-11-01Wifi: Add debug enhancement for hostapdJian Tang3-0/+30
The default log level of hostapd is MSG_INFO. We often need more logs to debug some problems. In this change, we add a API of set_log_level. Everytime launching hostapd, we will check the system property of "vendor.qcom.wifi.debug", if the value is 1, we will set log level to MSG_EXCESSIVE, otherwise,it will keep the default level MSG_INFO. CRs-Fixed: 2173654 Change-Id: I3fbcc282fafc12f8df6903b4a4fdae363cd1db97
2018-10-31Snap for 5102263 from 849db4ee85c76a451ab09f24782f4ff49abba8e6 to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod8-37/+69
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: Ib36351ea5cfd7de8d42fcbb528614174dcb0a9e4
2018-10-31OCE: Move OCE checks to IE formation from hostapd initializationAnkita Bajaj4-33/+18
Earlier, the OCE flags were checked during hostapd initialization. This doesn't address few cases like for example when the interface is added from control interface. Move the OCE flag checks to the functions that are forming the MBO/OCE IEs to cover all the different paths for enabling a BSS. Also use macros as appropriate for readability. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <> CRs-Fixed: 2331761 Git-commit: 0f0aa2a640ff1a1037c7f3323009bb1d12e7a6cd Git-repo : git:// Change-Id: I29e3d34aa6e4c199ada3e16f295c2d0e11b22005
2018-10-31Merge "wpa_supplicant: Add WSC Vendor Information Element" into p-keystone-qcomShammi Khattar3-4/+49
2018-10-31Merge "hostapd(hidl): configure accept_mac_file/deny_mac_file path" into ↵Shammi Khattar1-0/+2
2018-10-27Snap for 5095823 from 7a16c46b2b3295e139bdec5a895f924ab3553f2e to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod1-0/+7
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: I31501d03cbf1cf7f37c8bd1de8f218d1e7520634
2018-10-26Snap for 5094366 from 8079c1ea37b94a0cd061f532beff6580df16c886 to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod2-0/+5
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: I6b25310fc602ff5a360322e27e7eb78d8ce87f97
2018-10-25nl80211: Read reg-domain information from a specific wiphyPeng Xu1-0/+7
If driver supports self-managed regulatory domain, read reg-domain information for that specific wiphy interface instead the global information which may be different which such drivers. This fixes issues where a regulatory update with a self-managed regulatory domain driver ended up building incorrect list of supported channels for upper layer hostapd/wpa_supplicant operations. Change-Id: I7fbad0fe8dd5e8818eba0b56f8d13902648e85ef Git-commit: 224eddb03b95434cdd1efbbb1aed1c1d81b019eb Git-repo: git:// Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <> CRs-fixed: 2332689
2018-10-25nl80211: Add support for self-managed regulatory devicePeng Xu2-0/+5
Add a flag indicating if the device has the self-managed regulatory support. Set the flag if NL80211_ATTR_WIPHY_SELF_MANAGED_REG attribute is set when reading wiphy info. Change-Id: Ie1c0f6fa3317c6b6ff0aa6757f4bae160ba42f46 Git-commit: 8aa4d5521c9e515ab1f1b47f9dcccfba89f93f28 Git-repo: git:// Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <> CRs-fixed: 2332689
2018-10-24hostapd(hidl): configure accept_mac_file/deny_mac_file pathAbhishek Srivastava1-0/+2
In current android P, the accept_mac_file and deny_mac_file defaults to /data/hostapd/ which doesn't exist. Using Hostapd vendor hild qsap to update the accept_mac_file/deny_mac_file path hostapd.conf Change-Id: Ief8afa5ea55c51e05d34e22957f6048bd846e632 CRs-Fixed: 2335512
2018-10-23Snap for 5086056 from f028c7e88b851dfc28fc74627c419d022cd21829 to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod4-9/+19
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: I62ffb610ca24fcc09cdf5e34436257b39857d12a
2018-10-22OWE: Attempt more scans for OWE transition SSID if expected BSS not seenSunil Dutt4-0/+32
This commit introduces a threshold for OWE transition BSS selection, which signifies the maximum number of selection attempts (scans) done for finding OWE BSS. This aims to do more scan attempts for OWE BSS and eventually select the open BSS if the selection/scan attempts for OWE BSS exceed the configured threshold. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <> CRs-Fixed: 2336724 Git-repo : git:// Git-commit: 91073ccaaa9b3d7e3af750ea9a0d18f097df0d4c Change-Id: If5af68eea9c3147e7b3c3f72142657752a4db55e
2018-10-22Revert "OWE : Attempt more scans for OWE transition SSID."Purushottam Kushwaha3-22/+0
This reverts commit 59ce63df00037772e983cb77a13e2692b312f341. CRs-Fixed: 2336724 Change-Id: I815ddefd5e5f59d0a099ed6160f3386349a257a7
2018-10-16Snap for 5072318 from 327e7bbbb55cfb1d95ab82b7ff190c9a7d91bfd9 to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod3-6/+16
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: I3c7e8f88e2736c3a7fba8096a4e9ff379f1a25a3
2018-10-16HS 2.0: Use execve() with custom env PATH to launch browser using 'am'Purushottam Kushwaha1-2/+3
With new restriction in Android, if PATH env variable doesn't have correct path of 'am' binary, execv() fails to launch wpadebug browser (am starts, but something seems to fail within its internal processing). This commit is a workaround to use execve() with custom environment PATH which includes "/system/bin;/vendor/bin" to handle the cases where hs20-osu-client fails to launch wpadebug browser through /system/bin/am. CRs-Fixed: 2320130 Git-commit: e8581183f98d5fab6ba15b405564152d7161de7d Git-repo : git:// Change-Id: I229316c5de2bfd3295a6be2b3545a8dbe7f5c016 Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <>
2018-10-15Merge "eap_proxy: Use eloop context for re-initialization during modem ssr." ↵Treehugger Robot2-4/+13
into p-keystone-qcom
2018-10-09Snap for 5057695 from 8589e0017bcf56dd36d6a025249e9298c9a034f4 to ↵Android Build Role Account android-build-prod5-4/+19
p-keystone-qcom-release Change-Id: I5309bda34fc6fb7878c009e4824f36d014557e67
2018-10-09wpa_supplicant: Add WSC Vendor Information ElementLubin Yin3-4/+49
Add WSC Vendor Information Element for discovery over infrastructure network for Miracast.Send the Information to clients over callback CRs-Fixed: 2330523 Change-Id: I325ce15d5d19c2c454faf1d17a29871da751770c