BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
01395981Customer patch release for case no 01395981Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
01402431SBA for customer case number 01402431Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
01417735SBA for customer case no 01417735Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
01422062Customer patch release for case no 01422062Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
cld_1.0_3.2.3wlan: release Kapparapu2 years
cld_1.0_3.8.0.0wlan : Revision Kapparapu3 years
cld_1.0_8.0.1wlan: HDD: Extended Scan ImplementationNaresh Jayaram3 years
cld_1.0_8.0.2Latest 378 Prima codeAnjaneeDevi Kapparapu3 years
cld_1.0_8.0.3wlan : Revision based on AU394AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu3 years
masterwlan: disable SAR Limit Feature when “0” is defined in nvHanumanth Reddy Pothula12 days
v3.0.11.84commit 66cdc3da0b...Ashish kumar goswami7 weeks
v3.0.11.83commit bb42ffff70...Ashish kumar goswami2 months
v3.0.11.81commit 885de479dc...AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu2 months
v3.0.11.80commit c3ac78d5aa...AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu3 months
v3.0.11.78commit 7e475cf477...AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu3 months
v3.0.11.77commit ce10752581...AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu3 months
v3.0.11.76commit e358ee379c...AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu3 months
v3.0.11.75commit ad607ad9a1...AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu3 months
v3.0.11.74commit 2f6a41e06e...AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu3 months
v3.0.11.73commit b5f661976d...AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 dayswlan: disable SAR Limit Feature when “0” is defined in nvHEADmasterHanumanth Reddy Pothula
12 daysprima: Add support for capture TSF requestManjeet Singh
12 dayswlan: Add NULL check for tail, probe response and assoc responsec_manjee
12 dayswlan: initialize proto_type in STA and SAP rx packet callbackc_manjee
12 dayswlan: Fix bssid hint logic to keep the AP on head of the listAbhishek Singh
12 dayswlan: Disconnect any existing session before new connectionAgrawal Ashish
12 daysprima: interface file changes for capture tsf requestManjeet Singh
12 dayswlan: Add support in driver to do sap restart during SSRHanumanth Reddy Pothula
12 daysprima: Resolve out of bound memory access, while processing setpnoHanumanth Reddy Pothula
12 dayswlan: Get debug information when the HAL_START_RSP failsArunk Khandavalli