BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
01395981Customer patch release for case no 01395981Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
01402431SBA for customer case number 01402431Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
01417735SBA for customer case no 01417735Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
01422062Customer patch release for case no 01422062Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
cld_1.0_3.2.3wlan: release Kapparapu22 months
cld_1.0_3.8.0.0wlan : Revision Kapparapu2 years
cld_1.0_8.0.1wlan: HDD: Extended Scan ImplementationNaresh Jayaram2 years
cld_1.0_8.0.2Latest 378 Prima codeAnjaneeDevi Kapparapu2 years
cld_1.0_8.0.3wlan : Revision based on AU394AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu2 years
masterWlan: Release Dash20 hours
v3.0.11.48commit b5bdd4b08e...Satyanarayana Dash14 hours
v3.0.11.47commit a4749f6b61...Satyanarayana Dash36 hours
v3.0.11.46commit 79403896e1...Satyanarayana Dash6 days
v3.0.11.45commit bd5936ad85...Satyanarayana Dash13 days
v3.0.11.44commit 5e10102b4c...Satyanarayana Dash2 weeks
v3.0.11.43commit a4e4b96de1...Satyanarayana Dash2 weeks
v3.0.11.42commit 9683610cc7...Satyanarayana Dash3 weeks
v3.0.11.41commit aa63d37ad2...Satyanarayana Dash3 weeks
v3.0.11.40commit c9ef89082b...Satyanarayana Dash3 weeks
v3.0.11.39commit 81fbaee6af...Satyanarayana Dash4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
20 hoursWlan: Release Dash
20 hoursprima: Check for INDOOR flag in channels in case of SAPAgrawal Ashish
20 hourswlan: Trigger SSR if scan is blocked due to connection stateAgrawal Ashish
43 hoursWlan: Release Dash
43 hourswlan: Mark indoor only channels as passive in wiphyAgrawal Ashish
43 hourswlan: Treat indoor channels as passive channelsAgrawal Ashish
43 hourswlan: Return the cached rssi in get_station during roamingSachin Ahuja
43 hourswlan: Update correct regulatory flags for 3.14 kernelManjeet Singh
43 hourswlan: Fix overwrite of regulatory flagsRajeev Kumar Sirasanagandla
7 daysWlan: Release Dash