BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
01395981Customer patch release for case no 01395981Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
01402431SBA for customer case number 01402431Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
01417735SBA for customer case no 01417735Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
01422062Customer patch release for case no 01422062Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi3 years
cld_1.0_3.2.3wlan: release Kapparapu21 months
cld_1.0_3.8.0.0wlan : Revision Kapparapu2 years
cld_1.0_8.0.1wlan: HDD: Extended Scan ImplementationNaresh Jayaram2 years
cld_1.0_8.0.2Latest 378 Prima codeAnjaneeDevi Kapparapu2 years
cld_1.0_8.0.3wlan : Revision based on AU394AnjaneeDevi Kapparapu2 years
masterWlan: Release Dash2 days
v3.0.11.38commit 2ae15b7711...Satyanarayana Dash2 days
v3.0.11.37commit 3c0cd096be...Satyanarayana Dash3 days
v3.0.11.36commit db487e0750...Satyanarayana Dash4 days
v3.0.11.35commit a138ad7c5b...Satyanarayana Dash4 days
v3.0.11.34commit 2739c62320...Satyanarayana Dash8 days
v3.0.11.33commit d0396823f0...Satyanarayana Dash12 days
v3.0.11.32commit d358031687...Satyanarayana Dash2 weeks
v3.0.11.31commit adea841203...Satyanarayana Dash2 weeks
v3.0.11.30commit 49c2707689...Satyanarayana Dash3 weeks
v3.0.11.29commit 6cc29e2ba7...Satyanarayana Dash3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysWlan: Release Dash
2 daysRevert "wlan: update rssi value in adapter's object during scan"Mahesh A Saptasagar
2 daysWlan: Avoid return and send join response with failNitesh Shah
3 daysWlan: Release Dash
3 daysprima: Fix for deadlock during tdls enable linkDeepthi Gowri
3 dayswlan: Stop timers only if they are initialized and startedMahesh A Saptasagar
4 daysWlan: Release Dash
4 dayswlan: If BSS is unreachable remove it from scan cacheAbhishek Singh
4 dayswlan: Add spoof mac in TL if scan is initiated from iwprivAbhishek Singh
4 dayswlan: Avoid dereference of pointer after freeSreelakshmi Konamki