BranchCommit messageAuthorAge elf: Add -z unique-symbolAlan Modra6 days GDB version number to 10.0.90.DATE-git.Joel Brobecker6 days date update in version.inGDB Administrator6 days date update in version.inGDB Administrator6 days TPREL_HA/LO optimisationAlan Modra9 days advance/until and multiple locations (PR gdb/26524)Pedro Alves4 weeks enum_flags, add unit tests, fix problemsPedro Alves4 weeks mapSimon Marchi6 weeks't let a single unrecognized ELF section break target matching.Roland McGrath7 weeks mapPedro Alves8 weeks
binutils-2_35commit 2cb5c79dad...Nick Clifton8 weeks
gdb-9.2-releasecommit e7fe0803b6...Joel Brobecker4 months
gdb-9.1-releasecommit 899016d49d...Joel Brobecker7 months
binutils-2_34commit d7f734bc7e...Nick Clifton8 months
binutils-2_33_1commit b5624945ea...Nick Clifton11 months
binutils-2_33commit 0231a51ef7...Phil Blundell12 months
gdb-8.3.1-releasecommit ff51bf260c...Joel Brobecker12 months
gdb-8.3-releasecommit 9b40759839...Joel Brobecker16 months
binutils-2_32commit a9d9a104dd...Nick Clifton20 months
gdb-8.2.1-releasecommit 15146ff737...Joel Brobecker21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2020-04-02Merge pull request #57 in AADS/binutils_gdb from S32DSDBG-1054-scr-bbe32 to d...devel-bbe32Gabriel-adrian Oncea1-0/+21
2020-04-01Added SCR (Software Content Register) file for BBE32 GDB client.Gabriel1-0/+21
2020-02-11Merge pull request #51 in AADS/binutils_gdb from fix/tdesc-warning to devel-b...Alexandru Budesteanu3-311/+505
2020-02-10updates to match GTA register setAlexandru Budesteanu1-58/+70
2020-02-07updated bbe32 register orderAlexandru Budesteanu3-653/+413
2020-02-07fixed target description warning by updating register descriptionAlexandru Budesteanu2-3/+425
2020-01-22added rest of bbe32 vector registersAlexandru Budesteanu8-139/+236
2020-01-17updated xtensa ar register set in register mapAlexandru Budesteanu1-32/+32
2020-01-17changed the copyright header back to original for xtensa-config and xtensa-mo...Alexandru Budesteanu2-208864/+208858
2019-12-11fixed wvec register bitsizeAlexandru Budesteanu1-4/+4