BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
la1224rdb-early-accessLA1224RDB: Add new RCWs for recovery clock of 1588 moduleRavinder Bisht5 weeks
integrationlx2160a_rev2 : Add proper dividers for flexspi for top platform freqPankaj Bansal4 months
lx2160a-early-accesslx2160a_rev2 : Add proper dividers for flexspi for top platform freqPankaj Bansal6 months
masterrcw: ls1028a: add 1500MHz cpu frequency supportYuantian Tang10 months
ls1046afrwy-early-accessarm64: ls1046afrwy: Add Support for sd boot with core PLL of 1600MHzPramod Kumar16 months
ls1028a-early-accessRevert "Ls1028a: add workaround for sata errata A-010554"Peng Ma16 months
github.qoriq-os/integrationArm64:ls2088a: Add the workaround of errata A-008851Bao Xiaowei23 months PBI command length for both ls1088ard and ls1088aqds boards.Pramod Kumar2 years
lx2162a-bsp0.1commit 27acf2cf0e...Meenakshi Aggarwal3 weeks
la1224rdb-early-access-bsp0.6commit b981cbf8fd...Zongchun Yu4 weeks
lx2162a-ear-bsp0.1commit fff956e926...Zongchun Yu4 weeks
la1224rdb-early-access-bsp0.5commit c9e6515346...Zongchun Yu8 weeks
LSDK-20.04-update-290520commit e0fab6d9b6...BJ DevOps Team2 months
la1224rdb-early-access-bsp0.4commit f539510ad9...Zongchun Yu3 months
LSDK-20.04commit 5689bf9c9f...Ting Liu4 months
la1224rdb-early-access-bsp0.3commit f539510ad9...Zongchun Yu4 months
la1224rdb-early-access-bsp0.2commit a95943ecc1...Zongchun Yu5 months
lx2160a-early-access-bsp0.7commit ef2bf0f3ea...Zongchun Yu6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-10-15rcw: ls1028a: add 1500MHz cpu frequency supportHEADLSDK-19.09masterYuantian Tang4-0/+171
2019-09-19lx2160a: Add workaround for erratum A-050234Hou Zhiqiang36-0/+82
2019-09-06ls1028aqds: Fix the RCW with SerDes protocol 0x13BBHou Zhiqiang2-2/+2
2019-09-02ls1028a-qds: add RCWs for 65bb, 7777, 9999Alex Marginean3-0/+130
2019-09-02ls1028a-qds: enable RGMII for R_xxxx RCWsAlex Marginean5-15/+15
2019-09-02ls1028a: fix file attributesAlex Marginean32-0/+0
2019-09-02ls1046ardb: Generate swapped output for 5559/1400 and 5506/1600 QSPI binariesVladimir Oltean2-0/+6 Preserve unswapped output when generating swapped binariesVladimir Oltean2-1/+24 : Script to generate hexdump of all RCW binsWasim Khan1-0/+18 Restore per-board default target of "all".Vladimir Oltean1-0/+1