qoriq-components/OpenNetworkLinuxOpen Network Linux5 days
qoriq-components/aiopslDPAA2 Accelerated I/O Processing Service Layer8 weeks
qoriq-components/atfUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.5 days
qoriq-components/cantestCAN communication utility using the SocketCAN API15 months
qoriq-components/ceetmCEETM Qdisc implementation8 weeks
qoriq-components/cryptodev-linuxLinux-kernel device that allows user-space access to hardware cryptographic acce...6 hours
qoriq-components/cstCode Signing Tool5 weeks
qoriq-components/dceUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.8 weeks
qoriq-components/dpaa-imUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.7 months
qoriq-components/dpdkData Plane Development Kit2 days
qoriq-components/dpdk-extrasData Plane Development Kit Extended utilities15 months
qoriq-components/edk2-platformsUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.8 weeks
qoriq-components/eth-configEthernet configuration files8 weeks
qoriq-components/flibQorIQ foundation libraries8 weeks
qoriq-components/fmcFrame Manager Configuration Tool8 weeks
qoriq-components/fmlibFrame Manager user space library8 weeks
qoriq-components/gpp-aioptoolUserspace App for Performing Operations on AIOP Tile using MC Interfaces8 weeks
qoriq-components/libpkcs11PKCS libraries8 weeks
qoriq-components/linuxLinux Tree for QorIQ support6 hours
qoriq-components/ls1043a-uefiUnified Extensible Firmware Interface for ls1043ardb6 hours
qoriq-components/mc-utilsManagement Complex Utilities8 weeks
qoriq-components/meta-edgescaleUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.14 days
qoriq-components/meta-qoriq-demosYocto layer of QorIQ demo images and recipes4 months
qoriq-components/odpOpen Data Plane Interface Implementation6 hours
qoriq-components/ofpOpen Fast Path to enable accelerated routing/forwarding for IPv4 and IPv63 weeks
qoriq-components/onieOpen Network Install Environment5 days
qoriq-components/opensslSecure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related cryptographic tools6 hours
qoriq-components/openwrtLinux Embedded Development Environment for QorIQ6 hours
qoriq-components/optee_clientOP-TEE Client API8 weeks
qoriq-components/optee_osOP-TEE Trusted OS8 weeks
qoriq-components/optee_testOP-TEE sanity testsuite8 weeks
qoriq-components/ovs-dpdkOpen vSwitch DPDK6 hours
qoriq-components/ppa-genericThe Primary Protected Application8 months
qoriq-components/ptpdPrecision Time Protocol daemon8 weeks
qoriq-components/qbman_userspaceUserspace application of QBMan8 weeks
qoriq-components/qemuFast open source processor emulator5 days
qoriq-components/rcwReset Config Word (RCW) Tree5 weeks
qoriq-components/restoolDPAA2 Resource Management Tool8 weeks
qoriq-components/secure_obj openssl engine and trusted application for Secure Obj8 weeks
qoriq-components/spcUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.8 weeks
qoriq-components/tsntoolUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.5 weeks
qoriq-components/u-bootU-boot Tree for QorIQ support6 hours
qoriq-components/uefiUnified Extensible Firmware Interface6 hours
qoriq-components/vppOpen Source implementation of Vector Packet Processing6 hours
qoriq-components/yocto-sdkRepo manifest for QorIQ Yocto SDK8 days
qoriq-yocto-sdk/aiopslDPAA2 Accelerated I/O Processing Service Layer15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/asfUnnamed repository19 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/auto-respAuto response Kernel module and User Space applications15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/boot-formatQoriQ PowerPC SD/SPI boot tools15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/cantestCAN communication utility using the SocketCAN API15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/ceetmCEETM Qdisc implementation15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/cryptodev-linuxLinux-kernel device that allows user-space access to hardware cryptographic acce...6 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/cstCode Signing Tool15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/dceDecompression Compression Engine Userspace Utilities15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/dpa-offloadData-Path Acceleration Architecture Offloading User-Space Drivers15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/dpdkData Plane Development Kit2 days
qoriq-yocto-sdk/dpdk-extrasData Plane Development Kit Extended utilities15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/eglibcGNU libc library optimized for embedded systems15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/eth-configEthernet configuration files15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/flashmapFlash Map Configuration Files15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/flibQorIQ foundation libraries15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/fmcFrame Manager Configuration Tool15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/fmlibFrame Manager user space library15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/fsl-ipt-l7pmKernel module using the layer7 filter for the pattern matcher15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/fsl-tluTLU test utilities15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/fsl-yocto-repoRepo manifest for QorIQ Yocto SDK15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/gccGNU Compiler Collection (GCC)6 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/gdbGNU Debugger6 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/hv-cfgQorIQ PowerPC Hypervisor configuration files15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/hypervisorEmbedded hypervisor for QorIQ PowerPC15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/ipcDSP Inter-Process Communication mechanism6 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/kconfigLinux kernel configuration tool15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/l2switch-uioT1040 L2 switch API and examples15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/libosStartup code and library for bare metal software15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/linuxLinux Tree for QorIQ support6 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/ls-dbgLayerscape debug file system module15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-cloud-services control and storage nodes7 days
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-freescale-extraYocto Project Extra Layer15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-fsl-dataplaneYocto Layer for NXP DataPlane SDK15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-fsl-networkingYocto layer for networking support of QorIQ15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-fsl-ppcYocto layer for QorIQ PowerPC SDK/BSP15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-fsl-ppc-toolchainYocto layer for customized toolchain of QorIQ PowerPC15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-fsl-toolchainYocto layer for customized toolchain of QorIQ15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-javaYocto layer containing recipes for OpenJDK and other open source Java- related c...3 weeks
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-linaroLinaro layer for OpenEmbedded14 days
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-oeYocto layer for additional shared OE metadata6 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-securityYocto layer for security tools of Internet connected devices2 days
qoriq-yocto-sdk/meta-virtualization and cloud support2 days
qoriq-yocto-sdk/mux_serverHypervisor byte-channel de-multiplexer15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/odpOpen Data Plane Interface Implementation6 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/opensslSecure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related cryptographic tools6 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/openstack-demoConfig files and scripts for openstack demo of QorIQ15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/ovs-dpdkOpen vSwitch DPDK15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/pkc-firmwareU-boot firmware for c293pcie support15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/pkc-hostPKC host driver15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/pokyPoky Build Tool and Metadata21 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/qbman_userspaceUserspace application of QBMan15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/qemuFast open source processor emulator6 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/qoriq-debugDebug utilities for QorIQ targets15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/qoriq-perfQorIQ extension to perf for supporting non core counters15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/rcwReset Config Word (RCW) Tree15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/restoolDPAA2 Resource Management Tool14 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/rf-utilUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.6 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/scatter-gatherScatter-gather logic for multiple tables15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/skmm-epSKMM application for PCIe endpoint15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/skmm-hostSKMM host driver offload data to PCIe EP and push the data en-decrypted back to ...15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/u-bootU-boot Tree for QorIQ support6 hours
qoriq-yocto-sdk/usdpaaUserspace drivers of Data-Path Acceleration Architecture15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/usdpaa-appsUserspace Data-Path Acceleration Architecture Demo Applications15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/uspdcpUser Space Packet Data Convergence Protocol15 months
qoriq-yocto-sdk/web-sysmon-devWeb application for system monitor15 months