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masterMerge pull request #11 in ~NXA06642/m4ctrl from license to developCosmin Stefan Stoica4 years
0.1.1commit 07efd15c8f...Stoica Cosmin-Stefan4 years
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2017-12-15Merge pull request #11 in ~NXA06642/m4ctrl from license to developHEAD0.1.1masterCosmin Stefan Stoica11-27/+94
2017-12-15Add License text for all filesStoica Cosmin-Stefan11-25/+92
2017-12-15Change CC in order to have immediate evaluationStoica Cosmin-Stefan2-2/+2
2017-12-13Merge pull request #10 in ~NXA06642/m4ctrl from add_license to developCosmin Stefan Stoica1-0/+340
2017-12-13Add license file for GPL-2.0Stoica Cosmin-Stefan1-0/+340
2017-08-31Merge pull request #9 in ~B46902/m4ctrl from README_UPDate to developStoica Cosmin Stefan1-36/+32
2017-08-31README.md: Update the styleStoica Cosmin-Stefan1-36/+32
2017-08-31Merge pull request #6 in ~B46902/m4ctrl from improvements to developStoica Cosmin Stefan-B469026-174/+162
2017-08-31removed unimplemented options on imx6 and imx7 platforms; corrected deploy op...Claudiu Ion Lataretu2-3/+4
2017-08-30Merge pull request #8 in ~B46902/m4ctrl from bugfix/wrong_cflags to developStoica Cosmin Stefan-B469021-1/+0