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2018-12-19MLK-20564: Audio Mixer: avoid changing directory to local folder.Viorel Suman1-7/+12
This is needed in order to be able to run the scripts from a slow storage, but play and record files on a faster storage, like: cp <audio.wav> /tmp; cd /tmp; /unit_tests/AMIX/ <audio.wav> <rate> Signed-off-by: Viorel Suman <>
2017-10-20MLK-16481: review tests to be compliant with refactored AMIX driverViorel Suman1-16/+19
Review tests so they are compliant with refactored AMIX driver. From now on the automatic output source selection is removed. Signed-off-by: Viorel Suman <>
2017-08-11MLK-13975: add AMIX testsViorel Suman1-0/+67
Add basic AMIX tests: a) - test playback and record on primary SAI b) - test playback on secondary SAI, record on primary SAI c) - test playback on both SAIs, record on primary SAI d) - a combination of all 3 previous tests e) - test AMIX attenuation on primary SAI Signed-off-by: Viorel Suman <> Reviewed-by: Daniel Baluta <>