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2017-11-02[MMFMWK-7763] Fix corrupt clips seg fault for dsprel_imx_4.9.51_8qxp_alpharel_imx_4.9.51_8qm_beta1Lyon Wang2-2/+8
Root cause: For corrupt clips, there may set_format() again. if it use dsp wrapper, second time need first get into dsp branch - Add dsp_dec flag, so that 1) it can go into dsp dec branch 2) if set parameter fail in dsp branch, it will have chance to delete dsp wrapper. Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-09-14MMFMWK-7731 [vpudec] Support share buffer with DMA FD.Song Bing5-8/+34
vpudec need support share video frame buffer with DMA FD. physical address share will be phased out. ION allocator will be used for vpudec frame buffer. ION allocator will implement phys memory interface to get physical address. Signed-off-by: Song Bing <>
2017-09-07Revert "[MMFMWK-7674] fix pxp 2d show blurred frame"Haihua Hu3-48/+19
PXP driver add back compatible to legacy pxp usr space code, so revert this commit This reverts commit 986ceafebfe2ee1bb930ffcf86cb70cc5997a9ad.
2017-09-01MMFMWK-7637 [Linux_MX8MQ_Auto]H264Dec:Found "Segmentation fault" log when do ↵Song Bing1-1/+14
FFx4 action, 100% VSI suggest us don't send eos to video decoder when FF/FB. H264 frame buffer management has issue if send eos. Need disable reorder when FF/FB. But seems works fine without disable reorder. Will add disable reorder if find issue later. Signed-off-by: Song Bing <>
2017-08-31[MMFMWK-7681] Enable OPUS support in aiurdemuxLyon Wang1-1/+9
- Enable audio Opus support in aiurdemux Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-08-31[MMFMWK-7674] fix pxp 2d show blurred frameHaihua Hu3-19/+48
On L4.9.11 kernel, need set param.stride to the actual stride instead of width based on new pxp driver. Add kernel version comparison for backward compatibility Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-08-29[MMFMWK-7680] gplay: restore SIGINT handler when got SIGINTHaihua Hu1-13/+12
When gplay receive SIGINT signal, it will call handler to do some necessary work. We should restore the default handler after that to make sure we can use ctrl+c to exit gplay especially when pipeline hang. Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-08-24[MMFMWK-7647] gplay: set glimagesink as default video sink form 8QM/QXPHaihua Hu1-0/+6
Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-08-21[MMFMWK-7673] imxfbdevsink: fix playback fail after play unsupport streamsHaihua Hu2-5/+16
No need to restore var info if haven't got it from fbdev and only blank fb device when it is unblanked. Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-08-17[MMFMWK-7668]imx8MQ:Set imxfbdevsink as default sinkLyon Wang1-4/+8
- Set imxfbdevsink as default sink in gplay as DCSS driver is ready - add gplay_checkfeature() DPU and DCSS Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-08-07[MMFMWK-7618] imxfbdevsink: some little enhancementHaihua Hu1-5/+5
1. don't need 16 bytes alignment 2. remove YUY2 format 2. blank before restore varinfo when stop Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-08-07[MMFMWK-7618] add imx fbdevsink for mscaleHaihua Hu7-13/+1008
Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-08-07[] Update version to 4.3.1 for next releasempummsw1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: mpummsw <>
2017-08-04[MMFMWK-7633] default use glimagesink on mscale for alpha RC1Haihua Hu1-0/+4
in mscale alpha release, dafault to use glimagesink, will change to imxfbdevsink based on dcss later Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-08-03MMFMWK-7378 [mx8mq] Enable Hantro video decoder on GStreamer.Song Bing4-4/+16
Add webp support for Hantro video decoder. Signed-off-by: Song Bing <>
2017-07-31[MMFMWK-7628] aiurdemux add support for AVSLyon Wang2-1/+5
- Add AVS support in aiurdemux Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-07-31[mx8qxp] Update for support hifi dsp audioLyon Wang8-27/+252
- beepdec/aiurdemux enhancement for support DSP audio wrapper Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-07-31MMFMWK-7378 [mx8mq] Enable Hantro video decoder on GStreamer.Song Bing3-15/+34
Add Sorenson and VP6 format and fix bug for Hantro decoder. Signed-off-by: Song Bing <>
2017-07-31MMFMWK-7378 [mx8mq] Enable Hantro video decoder on GStreamer.Song Bing1-2/+3
Remove encoder as Hantro haven't VPU encoder. Signed-off-by: Song Bing <>
2017-06-30[MMFMWK-7567] Fix assert error when connect kmssink to imxvideoconvertHaihua Hu1-4/+1
Fix gst_object_unref: assertion '((GObject *) object)->ref_count > 0' failed when connect kmssink to imxvideoconvert Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-06-28MMFMWK-7378 [mx8mq] Enable Hantro video decoder on GStreamer.Song Bing10-25/+66
Enable Hantro video decoder on GStreamer. Signed-off-by: Song Bing <>
2017-06-28[i.MX8MQ] i.mx8mq bring upLyon Wang2-0/+3
- Add soc_id i.MX8MQ Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-06-26[MX8] Update mx8 Makfefile.amLyon Wang1-3/+1
- Remove overlaysink in for MX8 Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-06-26Revert "[Overlaysink] Update for MX8"Lyon Wang3-26/+8
As overlay will not available in mx8, revert previous commit This reverts commit 8904cbd1cbb9b7cae39eb38bf8bba454c73daf4d.
2017-06-16[Overlaysink] Update for MX8Lyon Wang3-8/+26
- Update for mx8qm / mx8qxp
2017-06-16[soc_id] Update soc_idLyon Wang2-0/+5
- Add soc_id for i.MX8QM and i.MX8QXP Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-05-31Use phymem allocator defined in gst-badHaihua Hu5-0/+20
phymem allocator has been removed to gst-bad Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-05-19[] Update version to 4.3.0 for next releaseLyon Wang1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-05-17[MMFMWK-7572] Add beepdec AAC profile restrictionLyon Wang2-2/+2
- As our aac core decoder only support AAC LC profile for main profile clips, though beepdec will be linked in the pipeline, it will report fail to play the clip. - Add caps restriction, so that if main profile beepdec will not be linked. instead, avdec_aac can deocde the main profile AAC Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-05-10[] Update for consolidate rootfsLyon Wang1-0/+2
- Update for consolidate rootfs Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-04-18[MMFMWK-7529] Fix meta data GDate tags infomation printLyon Wang1-2/+26
- Refererce to gst-discover tags print Use gst_value_serialize() to transfer tags value to string - for GST_TYPE_SAMPLE type data, print the caps Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-03-31[gplay] Update set audio/text sink APILyon Wang1-2/+8
- Add set audio/text sink API Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-03-29[MMFMWK-7478] Support Track select when rate >2 or <0Haihua Hu1-0/+54
When rate >2 or <0, turn off subtitle and just record track num when do track select. Will do the pending select when play rate set back. Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-03-28[gplay] Fix subtilte track selection issueLyon Wang1-1/+1
- Fix typo in subtitle track selection Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-03-14[gplay2] Add eos_found flag to quit wait_seek_doneLyon Wang1-1/+7
- Add eos_found to quit wait_seek_done to avoid long time wait until time out Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-03-10[MMFMWK-7510] Fix wait_for_seek_doen dealy too long issueLyon Wang1-3/+3
- The sleep time is too long in poll function. Need sleep less time so that it can quit as soon as possilbe Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-03-09[gplay2] Add wait seek / set_rate syncLyon Wang1-5/+44
- Add wait seek/rate seek_done sync function Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-03-08[MMFMWK-7452] Remove playengine and expose gstimxcommon.hHaihua Hu5-7/+12
1. Remove playengine and old gplay from build folder 2. expose gstimxcommon.h and add extern "C" for C++ Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-03-08[MMFMWK-7492] fix gplay ctrl-c hang issueLyon Wang1-14/+15
- If ctrl-c immediately after gplay, there might be chance the signal_handle caught the signal before main_loop run Therefore, main loop will never have chance to quit. - Solution, if caught signal, mian_loop should not run Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-03-01[MMFMWK-7472] Fix http streaming seek deadlock issueLyon Wang2-3/+13
- Root cause: loop_push thread hold the lock and waiting for gst_pad_push() finish, however, in new gstplayer seek API, it will first set state to PAUSED before start actual seek. and in PAUSED state, gst_pad_push() will be blocked by downstream, and the lock never have chance to be released. -Solution: move the flush_start event before the g_mutex_lock(), so that it can flush the data and unblock the pipeline. meanwhile we need another lock for the flush event Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-02-23[MMFMWK-7451] Fix gplay-1.0 seek issueLyon Wang1-35/+59
- It will report get seekable error if seek immediately after play - Use gst_player_play/stop/pausel_sync() to realize sync invoke these syc API need to be implement in gstplayer lib - Modified tag print by printf instead of g_print for Chinese charactor issue Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-02-22[] Update version to 4.2.1 for next releaseroot1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: root <root@mantis>
2017-02-08[gplay2] Update for typoLyon Wang1-1/+1
- Update for subtitile track select typo Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-01-24[MMFMWK-7356] add gplay2 using gstplayer APILyon Wang8-7/+1875
- Add gplay2 which using gstplayer API Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-01-23[MMFMWK-7442] Fix Ogg cann't play issueLyon Wang2-2/+2
- The clip include apetag in the header before ogg data - So should not using our ape parser otherwise ogg parser cannot be linked - Remove application/x-apetag mime tyee in the aiur register file Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-01-16[MMFMWK-7434][7ulp] Use fb1 for video displayHaihua Hu2-6/+16
1. Use fb1 for video render divice on 7ulp 2. Not use memset to clear framebuffer to set per pixel alpha chanel Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2017-01-09MMFMWK-7435: Add "foreign" option in configure.acLyon Wang1-2/+2
Previously commit remove COPYING in the repository, however, autoreconf will automatically generate GPL license file "COPYING", so below update is done: - Add optino "foreign" in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to avoid generate default GPL license file - Update package name in AC_INIT Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-01-05[MMMFMWK-7435] Remove GPL license file COPYINGLyon Wang1-340/+0
- Remove GPL license file: COPYING Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2017-01-03[MMFMWK-7421] Remove FIXME and add framebuffer setting in displaysfb.c for ↵Haihua Hu1-29/+24
i.Mx7ULP 1. Remove FIXME and add framebuffer setting in displayfb.c 2. Don't do BLANK to close screen if the background device and foreground device are the same Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2016-12-19[MMFMWK-7418] aiur add ape supportLyon Wang2-2/+2
- Add aiurdemux support mime: application/ape in regsitry file Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>