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2016-12-15[MMFMWK-7418] aiur add ape supportLyon Wang4-1/+20
- Update and aiur registry file - Add aiurdemux ape support Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-12-14[MMFMWK-7420] Support i.MX 7ULP in imx-gst1.0-pluginHaihua Hu8-45/+82
1. Add CHIP_CODE CC_MX7ULP 2. Add platform MX7ULP 3. Add USE_FB_DISPLAY to configue overlaysink display 4. Add protection for xoverlay->disp to fix seg fault when call XCloseDisplay Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2016-12-14[MMFMWK-7420] Change ion configure methodHaihua Hu13-50/+146
1. Check ion headfile to decide whether to enable USE_ION 2. Add paddr query support in gstimxcommon 3. If ion open failed, fall back to not use other allocator Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2016-11-21MMFMWK-7394 [ion] Refine ion allocator.Song Bing6-6/+5
Move ion allocator into gst-plugins-base. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-11-18[] Update version to 4.2.0 for next releaseroot1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: root <root@mantis>
2016-11-18MMFMWK-7402 [8dv] verify dual camera case.Song Bing2-1/+12
Dual camera case works after fixed some issue. Virtual address to physical address for physical continuous memory need memory size alignment to page. V4l2src will set stride on gstbuffer meta. Need check meta stride in overlaysink. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-11-17MMFMWK-7399 [MX8D] Sanity test dual_display overlaysink case meet Caught SIGSEGVSong Bing1-2/+2
Need copy video frame back for composite when play multi stream with overlaysink. Need set right virtual address and size for FB buffer for g2d copy. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-11-15[MMFMWK-7379]Add vertical and horizontal flip support forHaihua Hu7-20/+124
overlaysink and imxv4l2sink 1.Add vertical and horizontal flip for overlaysink and imxv4l2sink 2.Change playengine set rotate interface to set enum value Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2016-11-14[MMFMWK-7395] move functions in gstimxcommon.h to one C fileHaihua Hu4-213/+236
Functions in H file will has difference copies in different libs This will cause run time error such as GType register only need call once. Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2016-11-11[MMFMWK-7376] aiurdemux add wma voice supportLyon Wang2-2/+18
- Add wma voice support Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-11-11[MMFMWK-7392] Add gst_phy_mem_meta_init()Lyon Wang1-1/+8
- Add gst_phy_mem_meta_init() to avoid critical warning as gst_meta_register add critical check for NULL init_func Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-11-07[MMFMWK-7386]optimize imxv4l2sink and overlaysink to makeHaihua Hu2-3/+4
them work with qmlglsrc more effective 1. Add RGBA format support the two sink 2. Reduce the interval to 1ms when do dequeue retry in v4l2 Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2016-10-28[MMFMWK-7380] Remove mx8 g2d support format YVYULyon Wang1-1/+0
- Remove dpu g2d support format YVYU as mx8 hardware doesn't support YVYU Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-10-21MMFMWK-7274 [mx8dv] Enable camera on mx8dvSong Bing4-13/+35
Use g2d API to convert virtal address to physical address for physical continoues memory to share buffer. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-10-17[] Add PLATFORM MX6SLLLyon Wang2-5/+18
- Add PLATFORM MX6SLL for mx6sll build Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-10-17MMFMWK-7370 [LMX8DV]Subtitle:A/V freezed and found kernel hung errorSong Bing2-0/+5
log when loop play a test clip with out of band subtitle, 2/2 Has memory leak when software video decoder with subtitle. overlaysink copy video composition meta. which will cause video composition add one ref. Should remove the video composition meta and unref video composition. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-10-14[MMFMWK-7371] Add i.MX6SLL chip code / soc_id for 6sll boardLyon Wang1-0/+3
- Add i.MX6SLL chip code and check soc_id for 6sll board Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-10-14[] Update version to 4.1.6 for next releaseLyon Wang1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-10-08[MMFMWK-7359] Add an interface in playengine to set video sink using GstElementHaihua Hu2-0/+24
This interface is for qmlglsink use or something like that Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2016-09-29MMFMWK-7336 [mx8dv] Update overlay sink based on FB driver feature update.Song Bing1-4/+0
Add support multi-buffer with PAN_DISPLAY. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-09-08MMFMWK-7336 [mx8dv] Update overlay sink based on FB driver feature update.Song Bing2-0/+3
Multi display works after add BGRA format support in overlaysink display. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-08-31MMFMWK-7319 [LMX8DV]Video:Blurred screen appear when combined image with 3 ↵Song Bing1-0/+1
videos, 100% Should clear physical address for every sink pad process. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-08-29[MMFMWK-7334] Fix composit failed issueLyon Wang1-0/+1
- Need initialize sufface buffer fd when add surface Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-08-26[] Update version to 4.1.5 for next releaseLyon Wang1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-08-19[] Update version to 4.1.4 for next releaseLyon Wang1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-08-19[vpudec] initialize handle when init and closeLyon Wang1-0/+3
- If close vpu before open, it might be chance handle is not initalized - So intialized handle to NULL at the beginning and after close. Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-08-16MMFMWK-7314 [mx8dv] Clear the last video frame when stop playback.Song Bing1-0/+5
Clear the last video frame when stop playback by set the alpha to 0. Signed-off-by: Song Bing <>
2016-08-16MMFMWK-7300 [LMX8DV]H263Dec:A green square appear at the right topSong Bing3-3/+13
of the screen when play a test clip for about 45s, 100% The green box is caused by GUI time update as video and GUI use the same video layer. Changed video playback use overlay can fix the issue. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-08-16[MMFMWK-7311]fix imxcompositor CRITICAL issue: assertion 'gst_caps_is_fixed ↵Haihua Hu1-1/+6
(caps)' failed Add caps_is_fixed check before get videoInfo from it Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2016-08-15[] Update version to 4.1.3 for next releaseLyon Wang1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-08-11MMFMWK-7290 [mx8dv] imxcompositor will hangSong Bing2-4/+26
Need convert DMA FD to physical address when fill back ground color. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-08-09Fix dependence issue between gst-plugin-bad and imx-gst1.0-pluginHaihua Hu20-5812/+15
1.Move physical memory allocator to gst-plugin-base 2.Change to use gstaggregator and gstvideoaggregator in gst-plugin-bad Signed-off-by: Haihua Hu <>
2016-08-09[MMFMWK-7263] Add check DPU for 2d-device libsLyon Wang3-17/+66
- Add DPU feautre - Add CHECK_DPU() macro - Split g2d_fmts_map table to 2 with/without DPU Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-08-03Revert "MMFMWK-7257 [DMA_FD] query physical address from ION."Song Bing4-7/+0
This reverts commit 0d4d4f8440af6483db047f688bfa5827953f33e7.
2016-08-03Revert "[physical_address] work round for get physical address from ION."Song Bing4-14/+0
This reverts commit fe1a48b168003fe21eaf0210c54ab354e9388414.
2016-07-29[] Update version to 4.1.2 for next releaseLyon Wang1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-07-22[beepdec] Update Wang1-2/+2
- If aacplus decoder exists, using aacplus decoder first Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-07-22[dma_buf] link dma_buf library for all platform.Song Bing1-3/+2
link dma_buf library for all platform. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-07-22[physical_address] work round for get physical address from ION.Song Bing4-0/+14
Will revert it if can get physical address from G2D API. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-07-22[header file] Update header file to fix warningLyon Wang12-2/+14
- Update included header file to fix warning to avoid potential issue in mx8dv Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-07-21MMFMWK-7248 [g2d] Check DPU supported video format and set right plugin caps.Song Bing2-5/+11
Add YUV422 packed output format support. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-07-21MMFMWK-7247 [displayfb] Add get stride from FB.Song Bing7-13/+32
Add get stride from FB. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-07-21MMFMWK-7257 [DMA_FD] query physical address from ION.Song Bing4-0/+7
As convert DMA FD to physical address still has issue. so work around to query physical address from ION. Will revert it after convert DMA FD to physical address works. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-07-21[g2d.h] Sync g2d.h with latest versionLyon Wang1-0/+27
-Sync g2d.h with latest version Signed-off-by: Lyon Wang <>
2016-07-18Add G2D version check.Song Bing1-0/+3
Add G2D version check. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-07-18Update configure file.Song Bing1-1/+1
Update configure file. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-07-18Add compile micro for enable feature only for mx8.Song Bing6-0/+16
Add compile micro for enable feature only for mx8. Signed-off-by: Song Bing
2016-07-15MMFMWK-7245 [overlaysink] Use displaysfb on mx8dvSong Bing1-0/+6
Add display configure file for fb. Signed-off-by: Song Bing <>
2016-07-15MMFMWK-7245 [overlaysink] Use displaysfb on mx8dvSong Bing3-7/+32
Use displaysfb.c on mx8dv. Signed-off-by: Song Bing <>
2016-07-15MMFMWK-7163 Buffer sharing with DMA FD in video pipelineSong Bing14-44/+170
Buffer sharing with DMA FD in video pipeline Signed-off-by: Song Bing