AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2021-09-23Release Müller6-17/+1063
2021-09-22rtph263pdepay: flag keyframes on output buffersTim-Philipp Müller1-0/+94
2021-09-15rtphdrhext-twcc: Return failure on map failureOlivier Crête1-1/+1
2021-09-15rtphdrext: Update write() API to return a signed valueOlivier Crête3-4/+4
2021-09-14qtdemux: Try to build AAC codec-data whenever it's possibleSeungha Yang1-21/+35
2021-09-13flv: fix seqnum handling for seeksVivienne Watermeier2-37/+96
2021-09-13isomp4: also allow muxing different h264/5 profiles/levels/etcMatthew Waters1-0/+15
2021-09-13matroska: Add support for muxing/demuxing ffv1Sebastian Dröge4-2/+23
2021-09-12docs: Update cachePhilippe Normand1-1/+4
2021-09-07jpegdec: Fix crash when interlaced field height is not DCT block size alignedSeungha Yang1-3/+8
2021-09-02avidemux: Also detect 0x000001 as H264 byte-stream start code in codec_dataSebastian Dröge1-30/+29
2021-08-31qt: Fix build for Qt 5.9Philippe Normand1-4/+4
2021-08-30rtphdrext-rfc6464: Add test for inserting in payloader using the APIOlivier Crête1-0/+47
2021-08-30rtphdrext-rfc6464: Put max level if the audio is beyond itOlivier Crête1-3/+5
2021-08-30rtphdrext-rfc6464: Add example pipelineOlivier Crête1-1/+8
2021-08-30rtphdrext-rfc6464: Add test for inserting it based on capsOlivier Crête1-0/+34
2021-08-27qtdemux: Force stream-start push when re-using EOS'd streamsEdward Hervey1-2/+3
2021-08-27deinterlace: Use proper ASM output format for *BSD OSBrad Smith1-2/+0
2021-08-27qmlgl: don't critical on input events before input format has been setMatthew Waters1-0/+14
2021-08-25docs: Add `Since` marker to "twcc-feedback-interval" propertySebastian Dröge1-1/+1
2021-08-25docs: update with "twcc-feedback-interval"Havard Graff1-0/+14
2021-08-25rtptwcc: changes to use rtp buffer arrival time and current time.Tulio Beloqui4-46/+125
2021-08-25rtptwcc: add payloadtype to RTPTWCCPacketKnut Inge Hvidsten3-0/+5
2021-08-25rtptwcc: make enabling TWCC stickyHavard Graff1-4/+6
2021-08-25rtptwcc: move TWCC-logic over to the TWCC-managerHavard Graff3-91/+140
2021-08-25rtptwcc: fix warningHavard Graff1-3/+4
2021-08-25rtptwcc: fixes and optimizations around run-length chunksTulio Beloqui2-100/+409
2021-08-25rtptwcc: fix seqnum-wrapHavard Graff2-3/+50
2021-08-25rtptwcc: fixed feedback packet count overflow that allowed lateTulio Beloqui2-3/+75
2021-08-25rtptwcc: fixed parsing of old sequence numberTulio Beloqui2-2/+61
2021-08-25rtptwcc: fixed guint8 overflow of feedback packet countTulio Beloqui2-2/+61
2021-08-25rtptwcc: add feedback-intervalHavard Graff4-2/+109
2021-08-25rtptwcc: remove _set_send_packet_tsHavard Graff2-14/+0
2021-08-25rtptwcc: make twcc-tests more deterministicHavard Graff1-44/+32
2021-08-24qtdemux: add depth for ProRes 4:4:4:4 variants if availableTim-Philipp Müller1-0/+12
2021-08-24qtmux: for Apple ProRes, allow overriding pixel bit depth for 4:4:4:4 variantsRuslan Khamidullin1-1/+1
2021-08-23vpxdec: Fix direct rendering, avoid holding write accessHavard Graff2-0/+14
2021-08-23isomp4/mux: add a function for seeking to a specific output byte positionMatthew Waters1-61/+30
2021-08-23isomp4/mux: don't overwrite with a bigger moov when fragmentingMatthew Waters1-5/+3
2021-08-23isomp4: actually make streamable fallback workMatthew Waters1-5/+8
2021-08-23isomp4: fix trun data offset handlingMatthew Waters1-2/+2
2021-08-23isomp4/mux: fixes for fragmented mp4 outputMatthew Waters2-10/+18
2021-08-20matroska-mux: support H264 avc3 / H265 hev1Mathieu Duponchelle2-8/+79
2021-08-20isomp4/qtmux: allow renegotiating when tier / level / profile changeMathieu Duponchelle1-1/+10
2021-08-20isomp4/qtmux: accept video/x-h264, stream-format=avc3Mathieu Duponchelle2-2/+12
2021-08-20isomp4/qtmux: make sure to switch to next chunk on new capsMathieu Duponchelle1-0/+8
2021-08-20isomp4/atoms: fix multiple stsd entriesMathieu Duponchelle1-1/+1
2021-08-18matroska-mux: Add a timestamp-offset propertyArun Raghavan3-0/+42
2021-08-17matroska: demux: update stream_start_timeStéphane Cerveau1-4/+14
2021-08-17mastrokademux: Remove redundant assignmentNicolas Dufresne1-1/+0