AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2022-02-02Back to Müller2-5/+5
2022-02-02Release Müller6-21/+288
2022-01-28rtspsrc: Fix critical while serializing timeout element messageNirbheek Chauhan1-2/+20
2022-01-17multifilesrc: fix caps leakCélestin Marot1-0/+1
2021-11-20shout2: Add compatibility for libshout >= 2.4.2Tobias Reineke1-0/+6
2021-11-20v4l2: Update fmt if padded height is greater than fmt heightTrung Do1-0/+12
2021-11-20v4l2bufferpool: set video alignment of video metaHaihua Hu1-2/+6
2021-11-05qtmux: Fix deadlock in gst_qt_mux_prepare_moov_recoveryErlend Eriksen1-5/+1
2021-10-29matroska: Add support for muxing/demuxing ffv1Sebastian Dröge4-2/+23
2021-10-29qtdemux: Try to build AAC codec-data whenever it's possibleSeungha Yang1-21/+35
2021-09-09Back to developmentTim-Philipp Müller2-5/+5
2021-09-08Release Müller6-13/+764
2021-09-07jpegdec: Fix crash when interlaced field height is not DCT block size alignedSeungha Yang1-3/+8
2021-09-07rtspsrc: Remove some dead codeNirbheek Chauhan1-9/+0
2021-09-07rtspsrc: Do not overwrite the known duration after a seekNirbheek Chauhan1-1/+0
2021-09-07rtspsrc: Just assign the segment instead of memcpyNirbheek Chauhan1-3/+3
2021-09-06rtspsrc: De-dup seek event seqnums to avoid multiple seeksNirbheek Chauhan1-1/+9
2021-09-06splitmuxsink: always use factory property when setMathieu Duponchelle1-1/+3
2021-09-02avidemux: Also detect 0x000001 as H264 byte-stream start code in codec_dataSebastian Dröge1-30/+29
2021-08-28qtdemux: Force stream-start push when re-using EOS'd streamsEdward Hervey1-2/+3
2021-08-24qtdemux: add depth for ProRes 4:4:4:4 variants if availableTim-Philipp Müller1-0/+12
2021-08-24qtmux: for Apple ProRes, allow overriding pixel bit depth for 4:4:4:4 variantsRuslan Khamidullin1-1/+1
2021-08-23rtph265depay: update codec_data in caps regardless of formatNirbheek Chauhan1-29/+2
2021-08-15souphttpsrc: Always use the content decoder but set `Accept-Encoding: identit...Sebastian Dröge1-2/+4
2021-07-08rtpssrcdemux: Remove pads and reset the element also in READY->NULLSebastian Dröge1-1/+1
2021-07-08rtpptdemux: Remove pads also in PAUSED->READYSebastian Dröge1-1/+1
2021-07-08multiudpsink: Fix broken SO_SNDBUF get/set on WindowsSeungha Yang1-25/+22
2021-06-11qmlglsink: Keep old buffers around a bit longer if they were bound by QMLSebastian Dröge3-0/+75
2021-06-03qtitem: don't potentially leak a large number of buffersMatthew Waters1-0/+11
2021-06-02rtpjpegpay: fix image corruption when compiled with MSVC on WindowsTim-Philipp Müller1-2/+3
2021-06-01deinterlace: Drop "field-order" field while transforming capsSeungha Yang1-2/+9
2021-06-01deinterlace: Drop field-order field if outputting progressiveSeungha Yang1-0/+5
2021-06-01wavparse: use g_strndup() for copying text dataTim-Philipp Müller1-2/+2
2021-06-01wavparse: clean up adtl/note/labl chunk parsingTim-Philipp Müller1-4/+2
2021-06-01wavparse: guard against overflow when comparing chunk sizesTim-Philipp Müller1-1/+1
2021-05-14udpsrc: Plug leaks of saddr in error casesJan Alexander Steffens (heftig)1-0/+2
2021-05-14udpsrc: WhitespaceJan Alexander Steffens (heftig)1-1/+1
2021-05-14deinterlace: Plug a method subobject leakJan Alexander Steffens (heftig)1-1/+1
2021-04-30qtmux: Make sure to write 64-bit STCO table when needed.Jan Schmidt2-7/+24
2021-04-30v4l2object: Add interlace-mode back to caps for cameraHou Qi1-8/+19
2021-04-22rtpjitterbuffer: Avoid generation of invalid timestampsEdward Hervey1-3/+32
2021-04-20rtspsrc: Fix race saving seek event seqnum.Doug Nazar1-5/+5
2021-04-14rtpjitterbuffer: Check srcresult before waiting on the condition variable tooSebastian Dröge1-0/+4
2021-04-13rtspsrc: Using multicast UDP has no relation to seekabilityNirbheek Chauhan1-2/+1
2021-04-13rtspsrc: Add more logging for range parsing and seekableNirbheek Chauhan1-1/+9
2021-04-13rtpjitterbuffer: More logging when calculating rfc7273 timestampsNirbheek Chauhan1-2/+8
2021-04-13gst: don't use volatile to mean atomicMatthew Waters14-25/+25
2021-04-01v4l2object: Use default colorimetry if that in caps is unknownHou Qi1-0/+10
2021-03-25v4l2object: Avoid colorimetry mismatch for streams with invalid colorimetryHou Qi1-7/+6
2021-03-25v4l2object: Add support for hdr10 stream playbackHou Qi1-0/+6