alb-demosLinux example code for S32 devices3 weeks
alb-fb-appsDCU configuration example code for s32v2xx3 weeks
auto_yocto_bspAutomotive Linux BSP for NXP S32 Release Yocto Project manifests3 weeks
extra/gmacS32 GMAC Linux Driver6 months
extra/radar_drvRadar accelerator kernel modules for s32r6 months
extra/sm_drvSecure Monitor driver7 days
extra/vision_drvVision accelerator kernel modules for s32v2xx9 months
extra/wolfsslWolf SSL38 hours
freertosAutomotive FreeRTOS Tree3 weeks
galcoreGPU kernel module for s32v2xx3 weeks
gpuUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.3 weeks
icc-linuxInter Core Communication Linux driver for s32v2xx3 weeks
ipcf/ipc-shmLinux Inter-process(or) Communication over shared memory drive3 weeks
linuxAutomotive S32 Linux Kernel38 hours
meta-adasADAS Vision Yocto Layer3 weeks
meta-albAutomotive Linux BSP Yocto Layer3 weeks
sja1105xsja1105x kernel module for Auto BSP3 weeks
u-bootAutomotive S32 U-Boot38 hours
vnetVirtual Ethernet over PCIe driver3 weeks